Hogwarts Chatter Rules!

Below are listed the main rules of the Chatter Box. We can't list out every minor detail because it would take forever!

  • The Shoutbox is IN CHARACTER if you wish to speak OUT OF CHARACTER please use cbox on the sidebar ONLY.

  • Though the shoutbox is in character, it is up to you as your character if you wish to use things that happen in the shoutbox towards your character development. (Not all people will agree that what happens in the shoutbox is what happens to their character on the board, so you may want to make that clear).

  • Please try to only start light RP in shoutbox, we have an open RP topic on the board for short, live rp and main threads for actual Roleplaying, please use these.

  • You may use the shout-box for both IC (in character) IM (instant messaging) and RP (roleplay). It is best to use - (dashes) or *(asterisks) for actions to differentiate between RP and IM.

  • Be kind to others using the Chatter Box (however, please note that as this is IC, your character may be rude or nasty to other characters. Do not take this personally).

  • Do NOT cuss or use bad language

  • Respect everyone and treat the forums with care since it took a good amount of time to create

  • The administration and staff, can and will ban you from the shoutbox for any disrespect or breaking of rules.

  • Be active and have fun!

Those are just the main features.

Remember to abide by these so you dont get banned!

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ooc cbox
Cbox Warning - Strictly for OOC chat. there will be no IC on here. Use the Great Hall Chat for IC.. Any member caught breaking the rules will be punished by fluffy the 3 headed hell hound. Thank you :]