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Hogwarts School Online has been open since 2008 and we have been accepting members to our post-potter roleplaying site ever since. Thanks to our active members, we now have a new school on HSO, Ilvermorny! We wish you a fun journey on HSO and if you have any questions, just write in our OOC Chat Box and we’ll be happy to answer.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
A Howler Hogwartian 22-April 11 1 Photo
a.i Adult Wizard 9-May 11 129
Aaera Moon Adult Wizard 17-July 13 0
aakriti lodha Validating 29-September 15 0
Aaliyah Summers Puff 3rd Year 12-October 15 0
Aam Ena Adult Wizard 20-April 13 0
Aaralyn Livingston Unsorted 24-February 11 292 Photo
aaron darkheart Adult Wizard 1-August 11 0
Aaron Galinsky Claw 3rd Year 31-July 15 10
Aaron J. Averdry Adult Wizard 9-April 13 0
Aaron James Averdry Adult Wizard 9-April 13 0
Aaron Lochrin Adult Wizard 4-December 11 247
Aaron Snow Child 21-December 13 1
Abbagail Taylor Adult Wizard 27-March 14 0
Abbey Foxworth Adult Wizard 9-June 13 3
Abbey McGill Adult Wizard 27-April 14 0
Abbey Smith Adult Wizard 20-July 13 0
Abbi Rose Adult Wizard 5-December 12 0
Abbie Wachs Puff 3rd Year 16-February 16 0
Abbigail Overstrand Adult Wizard 26-January 14 0
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