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Hogwarts School Online has been open since 2008 and we have been accepting members to our post-potter roleplaying site ever since. Thanks to our active members, we now have a new school on HSO, Ilvermorny! We wish you a fun journey on HSO and if you have any questions, just write in our OOC Chat Box and we’ll be happy to answer.

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Liam Archer
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Samuel Silvera
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Anastasia Gray & Gabriel Bourgeois
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Ancient Runes
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Iris Callahan
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Tom Ozen
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Chief Healer Nelluna Lufkin

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Member Name Rep Rep, given
Ebrar Ozen 16 pts [Details] Empty
Mizarwen O'Connor 14 pts [Details] Empty
Randall Brooks 11 pts [Details] Empty
William Adams 11 pts [Details] Empty
Governor Oliver Gibson 10 pts [Details] Empty
Kenzi Heart 10 pts [Details] Empty
Deputy HM Artemis Fowl 9 pts [Details] Empty
Headmistress Jessica Ashley 8 pts [Details] Empty
April Jeanette Levesque 8 pts [Details] Empty
Riva Sokolova 7 pts [Details] Empty
Athene SilverRaven 7 pts [Details] Empty
Marcus Henderson 7 pts [Details] Empty
Midge Mangrum 7 pts [Details] Empty
Senator Irial Ossiriand 6 pts [Details] Empty
Ryland Mrotek 6 pts [Details] Empty
Kiara d'Aurora 6 pts [Details] Empty
Esteban Ernesto Echevarria 6 pts [Details] Empty
Sabeana Hansen 6 pts [Details] Empty
Christian Grey 6 pts [Details] Empty
Charlotte August Lovelace 6 pts [Details] Empty
Nana Weisman 6 pts [Details] Empty
Lucy Avery 5 pts [Details] Empty
Arabella Gibson 5 pts [Details] Empty
Nikolai Sokolov 5 pts [Details] Empty
Addison Carter Luxenburg 5 pts [Details] Empty
Delilah Whittleton 5 pts [Details] Empty
Lyra Fowl 5 pts [Details] Empty
Robelia Chan 5 pts [Details] Empty
Kate Power 5 pts [Details] Empty
Duncan McCauley 5 pts [Details] Empty
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