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Posted by: Artemis Fowl Feb 17 2013, 08:24 PM

HSO Rules


Governors and Professors seem to be able to punish students with relative impunity and can hand out detention, even for unsatisfactory grades. Enforcement of rules outside of class mainly falls to the caretaker, with the assistance of the prefects. A student's Head of House usually has the final say in disciplinary matters. Admission to Hogwarts & Ilvermorny is selective, in that children who show magical ability will automatically gain a place, and squibs cannot attend the school as students (though they can work there in other roles. A magical quill at Hogwarts detects the birth of magical children and writes their names into a large parchment book, but there is no admission test because "you are either magical or you are not." Every year, the deputy head professor checks this book and sends a letter to the children who are turning eleven. Acceptance or declination of a place at Hogwarts must be posted by the 31st July. The letter also contains a list of supplies like spell books, uniform, and other things that the student will need. The prospective student is expected to buy all the necessary materials, normally from shops in Diagon Alley, a concealed street near Charing Cross Road in London found behind a pub by the name of The Leaky Cauldron or from an equivalent Wizarding town. Students who cannot afford their supplies can receive financial aid from the school.


Cyber bullying and site concept.

    1. Our site is first and foremost a role playing site. Which means, your account is a character that was created to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. This is not real life and should not be taken personal.

    2. There will be no attacks against other members. This will not be tolerated by anyone of the staff. Please do not confuse this with in character, we are speaking strictly out of character. At no point is any member allowed to harass another member, upset them, talk down to them, give false accusations, attempt a cyber fight, bully them or goad them. Any of these behaviors will most likely result in a ban from the site. This includes any bullying from anyone staff or other wise.

    3. Self-Promotion is strictly prohibited. We hold many contests and competitions on this site, and at no time are you ever allowed to harass other site members for their votes. If your character is nominated for any sort of poll, award, or prize, please allow all other site members to cast votes as they choose. Any attempts at coercion will result in consequences.

    4. We strictly forbid any discrimination of any kind. This includes but is not limited to, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, medical disabilities and racism. Again this is all out of character. Please keep in mind these rules apply in the chatbox or cbox, as well as on the site.

Staff of Hogwarts.

    1. We do not tolerate arguing with Staff members. If a staff member or admin have taken an action against you either in character or out of character it is final and they are just doing their job. Please do not attack them for doing their jobs. If you feel that this was not fair there is a chain of command you must follow in order to report it. Here is a list of all the jobs staff members do. It will help you with who to go to if you have a question or want to report a problem. Please keep in mind that if you cannot find the person that handles your problem, to please report it to your head of house first, and then a governor last. If you are placed on posting moderation, you must wait until a moderator approves your posts. Do not harass them into doing so for you. The moderation is a consequence, not an inconvenience to you.

    2. The staff of Hogwarts includes Moderators, Prefects, Professors, Ambassadors, Governors and Admins. It means that at any time both in character and out of character, those groups will be monitoring you and your character on the board. If we feel you are not playing fairly, we will not hesitate to take house points or warn you in real life regarding your account. These groups are the ones you should go to for questions. If you ask someone what the secret phrase is, they will not give you the answer. You must look through the rules to find it. If someone asks a general question and a regular member does not know the answer, they are to seek out help from one of the above member groups. The staff expects you to play fairly. This means during voting, during quidditch game time, no spamming and during dueling.

Swearing and inappropriate behavior.

    1. We are a rated pg 13 site, and we expect you to behave accordingly to this rating. We do not have a filter on curse words, however please limit your curse words or you will ruin the experience for everyone else and force us to employ filters. There will be no sexual content, in anything regarding posts, signatures, avatars or the likes. There is a dating guideline which can be read here Please follow it, we do not expect first year students to date. Any adult content must be kept to password protected forums and both parties involved must be over the age of 18 in real life. Just to clarify, when you first join you are playing an eleven year old. Please keep that in mind and act like one when Roleplaying. Do not confuse it with real life and act all knowing that includes inappropriate behavior. As is Hogwarts school online is a safe and fun place to roleplay and at times some of our members are as young as 13 year olds. Please be respectful when roleplaying on the forums.

Drama and all the jazz.

    1. Hogwarts school online is a drama free zone. We have various members from different sites. We expect the drama to stay out of our site. Please take it elsewhere. Though we cannot control the content you post on social networks and or messenger. We expect you not to bring it to the forums themselves. No drama = no arguing about he said, she said and no grudges. While on that note, please keep in mind something that is posted IN CHARACTER should be kept to in character and not taken personal OUT OF CHARACTER. If you are ever confused as to if something was IC or OOC politely PM the member and discuss in private. We have members from all over the world so there are often cultural and language differences and some things get lost in translation.

Advertising, stealing, god-modding and other methods of absolute rudeness.

    1. Phishing is not allowed. It is the illegal attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. In this case Phishing also means that if you try to collect members for another site that you own, are on, or admin on you will be BANNED. There is no chance of this being a warning. We will not tolerate it at all. No linking in personal messages on the site or linking in the shoutbox. If we catch you doing either one you will be removed from the site no questions asked. And yes we can see if you do it in personal messages. If you must advertise we have an advertising section on the board free to use or you can find another way to connect with members that aren't on the site of hogwarts school online.

    2. Stealing, Ripping etc is not permitted. Whatever is on HSO is the property of HSO, that goes for the characters that are on here, that is their property. If a member sees someone stealing material that was created by the HSO staff or members without giving credit please inform a governor. If caught with stolen material you will be banned as well. We the governors have zero tolerance for this. If you wish to use something from HSO you must ask a governors permission. That being said we do not want to see you stealing or else.

    3. God-modding. This is just rude. We do not tolerate god-modding of other characters or powerplaying. What is God-modding and Powerplaying? To God-Mod someone is to basically write their reactions for them. Say you are in a fight and you throw a punch in your post but you ALSO add that the punch connected breaking their nose. Not very fair to not give them a chance to react. Maybe they dodged and got caught in the collarbone instead, maybe you missed altogether. Everyone has the right to react. "But what if they refuse to take a hit? Can I, then, God-mod them being struck to be fair?" No. And that brings us to our next instance of rudeness: Powerplaying. Most of you will start out as 11 year old children... kids who have never been allowed to use magic until you got into Hogwarts. There is no way you will dodge every (or even MOST) of the curses or hits thrown your way. You are not a god, you are not invincible. Even villains have their weak spots. If you post that you never lose, you are not only being unfair to those playing with you but you are also proving to be a dull and downright boring character. It's all give and take.

Owl/PM System

    1. This system is used for many purposes by our staff, but mainly to get vital information out to you our members and speak with you regarding rules infractions and disciplinary actions.  Bearing that in mind, should we discover you have blocked one, multiple or all of our Admins, Govs, Site Owners, Ambassadors, HoHs, DHoHs or advisers from sending you PMs you will be banned no questions asked no warnings given.  This is a flat out sign of disrespect for our hard working admin team and won't be tolerated.  If you cannot respect and abide by our rules while respecting the administrators and staff of the site then you do not belong here.

    2. When someone asks you to stop contacting them personally stop.  Period.  End of sentence.  If you have a problem with someone who sends out mass PMs, then speak to someone up the chain from them about it.

    3. Using the PM/Owl system to bully someone else because you think the Governors can't see it, will also result in your being banned.  No questions asked.

Signatures, Face Claim, Awards, Images oh my!

    1 The governors and staff occasionally hand out awards which are yours to keep. They are displayed in your mini profile and post. These awards are for members that have either won polls or have displayed something of which we like to honor.

    2. You MAY NOT put up a signature or an avatar until you have been APPROVED AND ADDED to the Face Claim. (check the faceclaim to see when you're been approved, if you do not comply your signature or avatar may be removed). Your signature is not to exceed 500 px in width. It may also contain no more than ONE (1) Signature and ONE (1) Pride banner. Please keep total height of signature to a reasonable size.

    3. Your avatar by default is 300 height by 200 width. You may change it however we wish to have you actually crop it to fit the screen as it looks best.. If you need a signature or avatar made for your character please visit the graphic club and request one.

    4. We on HSO ask that you use either an actor/actress/model or singer as your face claim. It means you pick someone famous to pretend to be. Do not use their names, make up your own name. And then you claim it on the face claim. In order to do this you must have at least 10 posts (your post count will not go up in the games forum) before making your face claim. Make sure no one else is using that face before you make your claim or you will not be approved.

    5. We do not and will not allow the use of your own face, cartoon characters or porn stars. This is a pg-13 site after all. All signatures, Avatars and any images posted by the members on the site must be age appropriate, this includes any images for events as well as games forums and such. In other words, we do not and will not tolerate an 11 year old showing cleavage, a shirtless picture. Keep it age appropriate, we will remove any images we see do not comply with these rules. 6. Please keep in mind that though you are playing an eleven year old to start off as a first year. We ask that you do not use a celebrity that is under the age of 16. Also if there has been a recent celebrity death please do not ask to use that face. For a while we like to keep those off limits on the board for simple respect.

Your account and second characters.

    1. In order to make a secondary character, your first character must be active for 90 days. For your third character and more, you don't need to wait for a certain number of days. If the governors feel that you have not developed your most recent character properly, have not been active with your first account, or have shown a lack of respect towards our site rules you may get denied on your secondary characters. The secret phrase is glitterfarts. Because of problems in the past, if there are multiple accounts registered on the same IP before the first 90 days, the newest account will be denied and suspended for the 90 day period. No exceptions, we have been burned too many times. In any case you must have admin approval for your new account BEFORE registering it to the site.

    2. You cannot have your first character as an adult. So don't ask.

    3. Hogwartians are all around the castle. This member group is controlled by admin and staff and include, famous creatures, portraits of ghosts from the Harry Potter series. Do not ask to play a Hogwartian you will be denied.

    4. You cannot simply create a creature or claim to have an ability when applying. Doing so in your sorting quiz will mean nothing as you MUST fill out the appropriate applications for skills and abilities/creatures. Without approval on these claims, if you are caught posting the use of an ability or that you are living as one of the creatures, you will receive disciplinary action.

    5. We have a character limit. You cannot create more than 15 characters. Please keep that in mind as admins know how many character's everyone has. Proxies and getting around this rule, should we come to find out you will be banned. Please ask an admin if you need another character for plot purposes, if it goes over your limit.

Character registration guidelines.

    1. This Harry Potter site takes place 30 years after the defeat of Voldemort. Which means that the governors have decided against canon names (a last name of a character from the Harry Potter book or movies). If you register with any name from the books or movies, you will be denied and not sorted. Be original (some canon names you see on site have been here since before the rule and is grandfathered in. NO EXCEPTIONS FOR NEW MEMBERS) Do not use your real life name. This is not a safe practice and we will not sort you. Celebrity names are not allowed.

    2. To register please visit this link ( and register with a First and Last name in proper capitalization. BEFORE YOU REGISTER YOU MUST READ ALL THESE RULES! WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT HERE YOU MUST NOT REGISTER WITH A SCREEN NAME. (example: Hpotter2015). INSTEAD register a First and Last name with SPACES for your character account. (example: John Smith) In proper capitalization. No canon surnames. No ridiculous names like Misty Meadows or Electroslicer Potter. If the name makes even one Gov roll their eyes, it will be denied. If you fail to comply with any of this, you will not be sorted!

    3. The welcoming Governor will send you a personal message (an owl) on the forum, which will link you to the sorting ceremony so that you can get sorted into the house you will belong to for seven roleplaying years. Do NOT register a screen name EG: harryP1234. Register a First and Last name in proper capitalization. EG: John Smith. DO NOT send an owl to the headmaster asking questions about when you'll be sorted, you will be ignored he is a very busy man.

    4. There is no need to validate your account once you register. However you do need to keep an eye on your email folders or your personal message (owl folder) on the board, in case you did not do your registration correctly and the sorting hat changed your username.

    5. Correct Username = John Smith
    Incorrect Username = Harry Potter, John Potter, harryP1234..

Tagging vs. Alert system.

    1. We have an alert (tagging system) on the board. In other words if you wish to alert someone to a certain post or tag them in it you can by using the @ symbol and placing their name as written on the board between square brackets. Example:
    @[Headmaster Artemis Fowl]

    2. If you wish to tag a member in a private rp where no one else joins you must do so in areas of the board that are for tagging only and creating your own topic (Outside hogwarts, other places in the wizarding world and or time turner). Basically if you are in a public forum IE: The castle or areas of the common rooms, you cannot expect for it to be private considering that anyone can walk in at any time. Now it is up to you and the person you're rping with to ignore or roleplay with someone that joins a public forum or topic.

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