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Posted by: Daniel Lancaster Aug 27 2017, 01:55 PM
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You can see a collection of items on the shelves & racks like Herbology gloves, Quidditch clothing and others. You are free to try things on however they are not sold separately.

Posted by: Daniel Lancaster Sep 16 2017, 06:28 PM
Daniel hasn't been the best father ever since he opened the restaurant. In a way, he was trying to avoid the obvious problems that lie within his marriage by ignoring his family altogether. Divorce wasn't an option in the family and he's been wondering whether his current feelings would change or not so he still tried to keep it civil with Vanessa. He's been out of town for over a week now as he checked the final design of the Mount Greylock shop. Having just arrived in the UK, he sent an owl to Alec saying he should floo to the Pandora's Box. Knowing his family a little too well, he knew no one would snoop around to learn what he's been dealing with for the past month. As long as he's out of their way and his nose out of their business, they were pleased with ignoring his existence. Greeting the parents that came to get stuff the last minute, he walked behind the counter and looked down at the papers he brought with himself, reading over them to make sure everything is clear.

Alec Lancaster

Posted by: Alec Lancaster Sep 18 2017, 05:30 PM
Alec had a lot going on right now but that didn't mean he couldn't make time for his father, who's full plate was ever increasing. Alec was trying to learn as much as he could about babies so he could be a good father, but perhaps he just needed to look to his own father more and he would do just fine. Daniel was by no means a perfect man and his son knew it, sometimes it was about making the best of the hand you were dealt. Alec knew there wasn't anything the man wouldn't do for him, and at the end of the day that was what mattered most to him. Alec had never seen Daniel so elated when they told him Dulcinea was pregnant, since then he was fully convinced Daniel was more excited about the baby than he and Dulcinea were. He appeared via floo like requested and scowled as he brushed the ashes off his jacket, his father knew how he felt about his clothes but Alec didn't dare disobey him. "Father." Alec greeted after approaching the counter.

Posted by: Daniel Lancaster Sep 20 2017, 04:55 PM
Not having the peace he used to have back home caused him to actually be an adult & work. Well, he obviously didn't have to work but even being a boss was harder than he thought it was. At first, he thought the restaurant & the new shops can be manageable considering how much time he has in his hands. But the restaurant was becoming a hotspot right now for most of the teens who loved sharing everything they eat on their Momentowlums so it made it harder for him to play the boss in everywhere. He was ready to give a position to Fae in the restaurant, make her the boss of her own job but Fae being herself, laughed at his face when he mentioned it. And Jace was so eager to work as a healer under a Virelli that Daniel assumed only his love to see women's body parts drove his kid to that job. Alec was the first one he wanted to go to for help but hearing the baby news, he felt a grandfatherly responsibility to not bother the father of his grandchild as he struggles to learn fatherhood. No one asked Daniel for advice, therefore, he didn't bother telling them he is here if they need help. "Son." he greeted shortly before taking the papers from the counter and walking to the front to properly greet him. "How is Dulcinea?" He asked while patting his shoulder lightly. This was his kind of greeting, his pregnant daughter before his own son. It drove William mad too as he found new ways to poke him about Angela's health, forcing him to go to the appointments and all that stuff he has to do.

Posted by: Alec Lancaster Sep 20 2017, 06:31 PM
Alec tried to keep a steady head but trying to keep up with all the things he was going to need to know to take care of his kid was a struggle, he wasn't sure he could do it all and be a decent father. Thankfully he had a good family to help him and wonderful woman to do this with him so he was far from alone. Although in order to help from his Father he would actually have to see the man, the restaurant had turned into a trending place and it seemed like that was the only place Daniel ever was. Alec wondered how the man could handle the stress, but that was the magic of Daniel Lancaster wasn't it? Although upon hearing there would be another grandchild, his especially, the man came alive with an energy like no other. Alec watched as the man patted his shoulder, smiling. "She's been sick, it's awful to watch. Does it end?" He asked Daniel, he was a man of infinite knowledge when it came to children. Alec was not at all offended her asked about Dulcinea first either.

Posted by: Daniel Lancaster Sep 25 2017, 06:27 PM
When he first learned Vanessa was pregnant with their very first child, Alec, Daniel had no idea what to do either. He freaked out, literally. After talking to his dad and getting no good suggestions whatsoever and not having many resources to learn from, he hired himself a mother of seven to teach him her techniques. You can say the education was... very detailed. Maybe that's why Vanessa left the kids to him when they were whining or crying because Daniel always understood what's bothering them. "It only goes downhill from there, son." He admitted truthfully. Maybe Alec wouldn't feel it but if Dulcinea is like his mom, she would make sure he feels the same amount of pain she does. Daniel also knew how important the baby and the mother is to Alec, therefore wondered whether he'd be willing to take on a job or leave it to the man like his siblings. Turning to the boy as they walked away from the cashier, he searched for the right words and spoke slowly "I have a business proposal for you, Alec. But I would understand if you wish to stay out of it."

Posted by: Alec Lancaster Sep 28 2017, 03:14 PM
Alec was going to need Daniel more than he ever imagined as this whole thing progressed, between advice and just being his dad. It was a funny thing to think about, him needing his dad, because he'd been a pretty independent child for the most part but if he had needed comfort it had always been Daniel he'd come to. Vanessa was a good mother and he still loved her, however he had always preferred Daniel for some unknown reason. "Don't tell me that, this is already awful enough for her and I can't do anything about it." Even though he said not to tell him Daniel was always honest about things and he appreciated that, even if it wasn't what he wanted to hear. Alec was trying his best to be strong for her but seeing her sick like that was wrenching out his insides, and he was barely sleeping he was so worried. Daniel lead them away from the register and Alec matched his pace, something was on his mind and Alec would listen. "I'm curious, however if it means spending major time away from my family the answer is no." Alec replied levelly.

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