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 EHC Announcements
Deputy HM Zoe Benfield
 Posted: Sep 25 2017, 02:13 PM


Nicknames / Zoe

Age / 26

Occupation / Deputy HM

Post Count / 2025

FC / Adelaide Kane


Pureblood / Dating / Plotted

Anything pertaining specifically to EHC will be posted here!

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Mora. @Shadowplay

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Headmaster Emile Rousseau
 Posted: Oct 30 2017, 04:21 PM


Nicknames / None

Age / 27

Occupation / Flying Professor & Quidditch Coordinator

Post Count / 2085

FC / Theo James


Pure / Not Telling / Plotted

I have tallied the final scores for Pre-Task, it is a combined total points of all Seven judge's scores. There are six sections with a possible of ten points each, meaning you have a possibility of earning 420 points total. Final Scores for Pre-task:

Roseanne Virelli: 398
Enoch Thaxter: 384
Audrey Evans: 379
Abby Wilson: 377
Theresa Rubel: 359
Bellaluna Mckenzie: 359
Isaac Hardy: 347
Kirsten Gilette: 333
Jerome Olivier: 332
Rory Bennett: 330
Fabian Adair: 288
Larissa Opali: 262

If you are curious about how the judges individually judged you please contact me and I will send you a breakdown of your scores. The plan was to eliminate two people this task, however with Bellaluna McKenzie's recent departure from the site a total of three were eliminated. Below are the house with their Champions who will progress to the First Task.

Gryffindor House
Abby Wilson
Roseanne Virelli

Ravenclaw House
Enoch Thaxter

Slytherin House
Audrey Evans
Jerome Olivier
Theresa Rubel

Hufflepuff House
Isaac Hardy
Kirsten Gilette
Rory Bennett

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Zoe blessed me with this sig because she's madly in love with me.
I have bragging rights // Lightning
Please follow the links before you ask me questions!

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