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Posted by: Deputy HM Zoe Benfield Aug 29 2017, 05:52 PM
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Posted by: James Ozen Oct 27 2017, 10:52 PM
One would ask the Ozen boy what he was doing spending the Christmas break in the States while his family expected to see him home. Well, more than three people in the family already asked that and he had his own excuses to avoid the nosy women of his family. In a suit like he was going to a serious meeting with some serious people, he walked to the end of the bar and got seated to one of the tables by the back. Honestly, he wasn't going to meet with anyone in a bar but had this thing going on where he forced himself to act like nothing was wrong because the best he could do was fool himself, as he couldn't fool his cousin. At least he didn't look like the wanker from the Slytherin house anymore, the boy that was easy to dump and fool around with. While he still preferred fooling around rather than trying the shit show commitment was, now everything was happening on his terms, no more loophole for someone to sweep in and hurt him. Taking a sip of his whiskey on the rocks, he placed the glass on his table and looked over to the stage as the band got ready for a soundcheck.

Posted by: Ginger Wadsworth Oct 28 2017, 05:26 PM
House traits were ingrained in a person, including Ginger, and she was truly a Slytherin, but more importantly, she was a Wadsworth. So, when Emerald Wadsworth invited her only daughter for lunch on a random Tuesday, Ginger prepared for the worst. For years, the Wadsworth family had instilled the importance of family and her familial duties, and her trust fund, that Ginger spent many days annoyed and rebellious. What she had expected was another full on rabid spiel about Ginger’s duties, marriage, and procreation, but that didn’t happen. For once, Emerald took a different approach, one that would appeal to any logical creature, and deep down underneath the boobs, makeup, and fluff, Ginger was logical. She was her father’s daughter, after all. Ginger listened with interest as her mother outlined a future that seemed plausible, if not stifling. They both knew that Ginger’s career would be limited and without filling the terms of her trust, her funds would be limited no matter how wisely she invested her money. Between Ginger’s shopping addiction, her constant need for new art supplies, and the pets hidden in Ireland, she knew she needed to contemplate her other options, including the one her mother offered. Her father had presented a man, twenty years her senior, and yet, still conventionally attractive, if not a bit boring. The man was filthy rich and looking for a trophy wife, a piece of eye candy to hang on to his every word during stuffy parties and such, and Ginger fit the bill. A marriage to him would solve part of her trust fund issues, and spawning a spawn (Ginger’s words), would ensure that she would forever be tied to the man’s overflowing vault. Her mother promised that if she spawned the man would be contractually obligated to get her body back in shape no matter the costs. Her parents would, in fact, ensure the best nannies so Ginger never had to deal with the evil thing. Emerald had wised up when dealing with her daughter and made several valid points, things that Emerald wanted her daughter to take time to consider fully.

Business, not love. Those words bounced around her brain as she entered the American bar to find a drink. Emerald had suggested she take a holiday to think over the proposal, and with that, more galleons than most wizards made in two years time to spend as she wished. Maybe it was a bribe; a reminder of the money she stood to lose if she didn’t take up the offer on the table. Ginger had taken the money, and the proposal to heart before packing up and heading to another country to think things over with no distractions. She had shopped and visited the beach, one of her favorite places with the thoughts of business. Ginger had her heart broken once and that was all it had taken for her to stop believing in it, but it did make her question if her parents really loved each other or if it had been a business deal, as well. She swore they did love each other, but then again, her mother had reminded her to fake it, much like she already did in life. Ginger reached the bar with her thoughts, requested a whiskey on the rocks, and looked around. Clear across the ocean and she managed to spot a familiar face. She paid for her drink and headed over to the table with the familiar man, dressed, for once, in suitable attire. “Did you have a court appearance or did someone die, Ozen?” Ginger nodded to his attire before dropping gracefully into the chair next to him, without an invitation.

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