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 The Swings
Stella Silvera
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 03:22 AM

Sly 2nd Year

Nicknames / Stella, Ella, El

Age / 12

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FC / Sabrina Carpenter


HalfBlood / Single / Unplotted

Stella scooted over more, sensing Theo's hesitation to sit, so she could make more room for him. "I really hope you don't mean that. She looked across the lawns and over to the lake there were a few couples over there as well.

"My father lives in Brasil. My mum left us early on. Stella nodded. "Yes I remember you saying your father is from Brasil. I'm sorry about your Mum. Mine also left early. I know nothing about her and most of the time I just tell people she's dead because it's easier than having to explain she left. Stella had turned through her response to take her eyes away from Theo and she started to trace the wood grain in the arm of the swing.

"It's nice your family took you in but why doesn't your father just move to England? Or is that where you live and you stay with your family while you're here at Hogwarts?" As Stella spoke she felt like her question didn't make sense but that was the trouble with words, you couldn't take them back.

Theodore Newell

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Theodore Newell
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 04:24 PM

Puff 3rd Year

Nicknames / Theo

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FC / Hunter Parrish


Pureblood / Nope / unplotted

"We could start a club," Theo rolled his eyes when she mentioned her mother left, too. "I don't know much about mine either. I usually just say that I never knew her and people look with pity." It hurt, sometimes, but he got used to not having two parents in his life. He barely had the one.

"'It's tradition, Theodore, it will teach you to be self-sufficient and resourceful.'," he drew air-quotes as he spoke, mimicking his father's deeper voice. "That's what he says. Also some stuff about how he is unbelievably close to a breakthrough with the Brazilian wizarding government and Castelobruxo board of governors. His research always came first. I was... a distraction. A form of relaxation, when he was burnt out or had some extra time that needed to be filled." He was used to that, being mostly on his own, and he didn't mind - he wasn't that sociable anyway - but being dropped off at a house of a stranger, albeit related by blood, hurt. The Hufflepuff sighed. "Cousin Penelope really tries, I know she does, but she's not much of a people person either. Social skills just don't seem to run in the family." The few times they actually talked were stiff and uncomfortable. Neither of them was sure what to say, what to ask, how to act.

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