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Posted by: Jace Lancaster Sep 26 2017, 06:43 PM
Jace Lancaster was working, and he was succeeding as well. Even though his dad refused to see the job for what it is and always made snarky remarks on how he only applied to see more of women body parts, Jace knew this would be a good idea. And by the time he was telling a couple what gender their baby would be, he knew it was the best job for him. So, after a long morning of striking through every task his Virelli boss listed for him to do, he went upstairs to eat something before his hands tremble. Only fifteen minutes into his peaceful lunch break and two bites into the delicious sandwich, one of the assistants told him he was needed back in the ward for an appointment. It wasn't his appointment, it was his boss' but who was he to say he couldn't do it? The assistant blabbered something about his niece entering the EHC and stuff but Jace didn't really listen as he read the file about the woman. Fifth time here since the beginning of the month, she was claiming to be four months pregnant, again. He did hear about this before so not a stranger to the subject, he walked through the corridor, going into the fifth room to his right like the assistant told him so. There was a woman lying on the table like everyone does in their examination. Stepping closer, he gave a warm smile at the woman. Girl. Women... According to the file in his hand, she was thirty-three but nothing about the woman in front of her looked like thirty-three. "Sorry, my boss couldn't be here so I'll be handling your examination for today."

Posted by: Ginger Wadsworth Sep 26 2017, 07:44 PM
Time stood still when anyone went for a medical exam. It was a fact of life, one that Ginger hated, and as she waited for the healer to show for her stupid yearly appointment, her patience seeped from her body. She laid back on the most uncomfortable table, in the most uncomfortable gown, and examined her manicure. The colors glowed brightly and in her frustration and boredom, she really wanted to pick at the perfection that were her nails. She sighed, glanced at her ornate watch again, and kicked out one leg. Boredom led to bad decisions or worse for her. Right now, she was frustrated, which led to a snarky attitude.

Ginger pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, pulling the curl and watching it bounce back. The door swooshed open, distracting her. “Finally!” Ginger leaned forward, resting her weight on her elbows and raising an eyebrow at the guy standing in the doorway. A delicate snort escaped when he spoke, unamused. “Are you even old enough to see my parts?” Not that she had room to talk. Many people thought she was still in school as it was.

Posted by: Jace Lancaster Sep 26 2017, 08:10 PM
Jace was snarky too, more than he would like to admit. But when he started here, he realized how he should keep his mouth shut around the pregnant woman. That is if this woman is pregnant at all. Why she kept coming here with the claim of carrying a baby for four months, he had no bloody idea. He always heard the stories from his boss and from around the ward but never met the woman himself. And maybe he shouldn't have met her in the first place. He fought the urge to roll his eyes as she asked that question. He had a baby face, what could he do about it? Plus, she was just going to show him her tummy, it's not like he asked to grab her boobs for Merlin's sake. Blabbering to himself mentally, he pretended to read the file again before meeting the girl's gaze. She wasn't thirty-three. "I'm old enough to pull a baby out from your parts. I'm sure I can handle a standard examination, Miss." He told her with a close-lipped smile plastered on his lips in an attempt to be nice. "Shall we proceed?"

Posted by: Ginger Wadsworth Sep 26 2017, 08:33 PM
Ginger grimaced at the thought of the fresh faced man child checking out her girl parts. He made her think of the boys she used to date back in school, all eager to get in her pants, except she wasn’t wearing pants or real clothes of any sort. She let out a groan and flopped back on the table. Of course, a man child would be the one to handle her check up. Maybe she should have listened to her mother for once and used another healer. Her groan turned into a shriek when he spoke of the nasty heathen things. Ginger shot up, swinging her legs to sit up on the table. “You’re never going to pull on of those things from my parts. Ever. Merlin’s pants, what do you think I am? One of those...ew, mother people.” Ginger glared and clamped her knees together tighter. “Not if you think you’re going to find one of those alien shrimp things in me. Nope. Not in this lifetime. Yearly check up with someone, an adult, so everyone can know I’m healthy and my girl parts are healthy and give my family some ridiculous sense of hope that I’ll spawn one of those things in the future even though it will not happen.

Posted by: Jace Lancaster Sep 27 2017, 02:01 PM
As surprising as it sounds, Jace wasn't there to check out her girl parts. He wasn't interested either. Not because she isn't pretty, he just learned about all the job ethics shit they showed them before getting hired, he wasn't going to fantasize about a patient. However, this girl made him fantasize about the perfect murder. She was here to get a simple examination to prove she isn't pregnant once again, what was the problem with her? Listening to her rant about babies with a raised eyebrow, Jace considered taking a step back. He could easily let old Johnny handle this but for some reason, he doubted the pervy man would stop at her tummy. As crazy the girl is, Jace felt the responsibility to protect her from the man. "So, you don't want a baby? Who made your appointment, your mother?" He asked with a serious expression, concerned for the girl's mental health. "According to your file right here, you are four months pregnant." He added slowly, starting to doubt himself too. "Look, I don't have time for this childish act. I'm your only option now, however you can get another appointment for three months later if you wish." He finished, staring at the girl as he waited for her answer. They were never that busy to delay appointments for three months but the boy could dream... And exaggerate, right?

Posted by: Ginger Wadsworth Sep 27 2017, 05:39 PM
Ginger originally thought that the appointment would be quick and then she could shop for the rest of the day, but no. Instead, they kept her waiting, and then, sent in a twelve year old to check out her girl parts. He had to be a virgin, probably never saw girl parts in his life, and she felt he would run screaming from the room if he did. Ginger couldn’t believe her ears when he spoke again, rattling off something or another and then an appointment by her mother. “Of course I don’t!” Hadn’t she clearly stated that heathens would never ever happen? Her mother, though, made the appointment as a precaution or some such shit due to Ginger’s current schedule. Her tightly clamped legs swung freely until he spoke again. She stilled, the color draining from her face, and her heart racing in her chest. He spoke of her worst nightmare. Ginger jumped from the table, her ass hanging out from the gown, as she strode to the little man boy. “Of course my mother would say that. She needs mental help. Let me see that!” Color returned to her face along with frustration at her family’s need to meddle in her life. “Childish? At least I’m old enough to be out after dark!” Ginger growled and reached for the file. “Sorry...sorry. I can’t wait months for another appointment, my schedule is booked for months!” She squeaked and ran her hands through her hair.

Posted by: Jace Lancaster Oct 7 2017, 04:20 PM
Jace was an eighteen-year-old boy who had to see different women's parts every day for a job. And usually, Virelli took the younger girls' appointments whereas he was left with women her mother's age (and older). Which was much better than being in this position. It's not like he was going to look down her fanny, all she had to do was open her tummy so he can prove once again that she wasn't pregnant. Thankfully, she didn't make the virgin comment out loud because Merlin knows what he could say to that without getting fired. But for the audience in the back, no, he wasn't a virgin. "Look, my schedule is booked and so is yours. I've examined hundreds of people over the past few months and you are the only one being a drama queen. Just open up so we can get this over with. Or you can leave and I can continue eating my sandwich." He replied sternly, for once in his life looking & sounding like a professional. The girl's need to hide her tummy from him made him wonder what she was hiding there. Maybe she was one of the Paxton Virelli fans and had a lace bodysuit or something underneath, all ready for the man.

Posted by: Ginger Wadsworth Oct 20 2017, 08:07 PM
To be honest, the only reason why Emerald Wadsworth made the appointment for Ginger was due to the fact that the woman didn’t trust the Gypsy healer that Ginger preferred. Nope, dear Emerald wanted to make sure that Ginger’s girl parts functioned properly, verified by a “real” healer since Ginger had yet to reproduce. The woman also hoped for an engagement ring and wedding for her only daughter, but there would be no way a healer would be able to produce that for her. Either way, Ginger didn’t really care if her girl parts worked, only to get the appointment over with as quickly as possible. For her part, she had yet smacked the little boy who held her chart. When Ginger looked up, she realized that he might be as young as she originally thought, and not nearly as goofy looking either. She sighed, her eyes rolling hard to the left. “You can eat this file for all I care! I’m not pregnant. I’m only here to make sure my girl parts work!” Ginger growled before turning her back to the male, her ass hanging out as she stalked back to the table. “My mother would like more spawns, I do not. Please tell her my girl parts work and then, if you could be oh so kind, give me preventatives, so I don’t spit out spawns.” Now, if she knew that Pax was there, she would high tail it out of there without any answers. She had met the man once, and no matter how hot he was, it would still be weird.

Posted by: Jace Lancaster Oct 26 2017, 11:52 AM
Unlike Ginger's family, the Lancaster's had no check-ups forced upon them for some reason. Maybe because his dad had a Quidditch team of children and his grandparents too, they believed everyone would be able to bear a child easily. And that seemed to be true so far with William knocking up Angela (their cousin's girlfriend, awkward) & Jace's brother, Alec, casually knocking up his teen girlfriend. Everything was just fine and dandy in the Lancaster World. They were having babies all around while Jace had to deal with this woman's baby problem. She said she didn't want a baby, yet what were all the rumors of her coming here twice a week for her unborn baby about? She told him he could eat the file and he scoffed. She could be old enough to have a baby but her mental age definitely showed she would need some guidance throughout the pregnancy. Jace bit back a smartass comment but as if to answer his prayers, the girl turned around, her arse hanging out as she walked back to the table. Why the fuck was she naked? Putting the file on the counter at the back of the room (in case the woman tried to get it), he walked back to the table uncomfortably now that he knew she was naked under that thing. He saw many naked women, and compared to the old ones, at least this one had a tight ass. But still, it didn't make it easier on the boy the first few minutes. "Okay, let's get this done with then." He shrugged off her comment. Simple ultrasound and he would be done in this room, she could flaunt her naked arse after he was gone.

Posted by: Ginger Wadsworth Oct 26 2017, 06:45 PM
Truth be told, Ginger didn’t care if her ass hung out. Her family might, but she didn’t. Due to her career choices, she spent many days in different stages of undress. A healer appointment didn’t mean any different to her other than they were probably more used to seeing ass and boobs. None of that changed the fact that the healer today seemed off his rocker. She was not, nor would she ever be, with spawn. In a moment of weakness she had agreed to the appointment her mother had demanded, and here she was arguing with a pip-squeak. She flipped her hair on her way to the table, her eyes rolling hard to the left as she muttered a multitude of curse words that would make her older brother blush. Ginger reached the table, turned, and pushed herself up with general disgust. “Let’s get this over with. The sooner you can tell my mother that I am not with spawn, but could feasibly be in the future, the better.” Ginger sighed and rolled her eyes again as she flopped back. She had hoped for a quick appointment, reassure her mother, and then, drown her annoyance in cupcakes. That plan had gone south in an instant, and now, she only wanted a pint of whiskey and a beach. “Merlin knows, though, that it won’t stop her from harping about actually spawning. Like Michael’s five brats aren’t enough in the grandspawn department.” Ginger glared at the ceiling, refusing to look at the man who would check out her girl parts. “Hurry it up, yeah?”

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Jan 15 2018, 02:47 PM
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