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 Alchemy Lesson 1: The Ladder of Magic
Professor Emma Baldwin
 Posted: Sep 7 2017, 12:01 PM

Deputy HoH

Nicknames / Ems

Age / 22

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Post Count / 38

FC / Bella Hadid


Half-blood / Single / Unplotted

(Please read the RULES before posting in my class)

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Emma sat patiently on her leather chair behind the wooden desk, eyeing every student that dares step a foot in her class. It's not like this is Defence Against the Dark Arts so normally, there was nothing to be scared of but aren't people scared of the things they can't see? And Alchemy was the art of investigating further on those things. Taking the top of her quill between her lips, she just shook her head at a sixth year that winked at her and got back to reading the no-maj romance novel on her desk.
Charlie Blaire
 Posted: Oct 15 2017, 01:55 AM

Puff 4th Year

Nicknames / Char

Age / 13

Occupation / Student

Post Count / 68

FC / Annalise Basso


Half-Blood / Single / Unplotted

Charlie walked into the dungeons once more this week as she had already been to potions. She decided on Alchemy as an elective because it gave her more time in the dungeons.

She looked up as she walked in at the Professor. Charlie didn't know what to make of her and so Prefect or not she stepped in and took a seat in silence. She started to unpack her supplies and waited for class to begin.

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Set Made By the Wonderful Audrey Evans user posted image
Ryker Carson
 Posted: Oct 15 2017, 07:40 PM


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Age / 17

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Post Count / 42

FC / Thomas Doherty


Pureblood / Not Telling / Unplotted

Ryker walked into the classroom and took his seat. He noticed that there was another girl already in the room so he was glad that he wasn't the only one. The girl seemed to be younger than him so it felt awkward being the only older guy in the room awkward. He got out all of his books and supplies and set them out in front of him. He looked over at the girl and gave her a small smile. He waited patiently for the class to start.

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