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Hogwarts School Online has been open since 2008 and we have been accepting members to our post-potter roleplaying site ever since. Thanks to our active members, we now have a new school on HSO, Ilvermorny! We wish you a fun journey on HSO and if you have any questions, just write in our OOC Chat Box and we’ll be happy to answer.

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HSO Rules ¾

BEFORE YOU REGISTER YOU MUST READ ALL THESE RULES! WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT HERE YOU MUST NOT REGISTER WITH A SCREEN NAME. (example: Hpotter2015). INSTEAD register a First and Last name with SPACES for your character account. (example: John Smith) In proper capitalization. No canon surnames. No ridiculous names like Misty Meadows or Electroslicer Potter. If the name makes even one Gov roll their eyes, it will be denied. If you fail to comply with any of this, you will not be sorted!

Cyber bullying and site concept.

1. Our site is first and foremost a role playing site. Which means, your account is a character that was created to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. This is not real life and should not be taken personal.

2. There will be no attacks against other members. This will not be tolerated by anyone of the staff. Please do not confuse this with in character, we are speaking strictly out of character. At no point is any member allowed to harass another member, upset them, talk down to them, give false accusations, attempt a cyber fight, bully them or goad them. Any of these behaviors will most likely result in a ban from the site.

3. We strictly forbid any discrimination of any kind. This includes but is not limited to, sexual orientation, religion, medical disabilities and racism. Again this is all out of character. Please keep in mind these rules apply in the chatbox or cbox, as well as on the site. Cbox Rules link

Staff of Hogwarts.

1. We do not tolerate arguing with Staff members. If a staff member or admin have taken an action against you either in character or out of character it is final and they are just doing their job. Please do not attack them for doing their jobs. If you feel that this was not fair there is a chain of command you must follow in order to report it. Here is a list of all the jobs staff members do. It will help you with who to go to if you have a question or want to report a problem. Please keep in mind that if you cannot find the person that handles your problem, to please report it to your head of house first, and then a governor.

2. The staff of hogwarts includes Moderators, Prefects, Professors, Ambassadors, Governors and Admins. It means that at any time both in character and out of character, those groups will be monitoring you and your character on the board. If we feel you are not playing fairly, we will not hesitate to take house points or warn you in real life regarding your account. These groups are the ones you should go to for questions. If someone asks what the secret phrase is you will not find it here instead if someone asks a general question and a regular member does not know the answer, they are to seek out help from one of the above member groups. The staff expects you to play fairly. This means during voting, during quidditch game time, no spamming and during dueling.

Swearing and inappropriate behavior.

1. We are a rated pg 13 site, and we expect you to behave accordingly to this rating. We do not have a filter on curse words, however please limit your curse words or you will ruin the experience for everyone else and force us to employ filters. There will be no sexual content, in anything regarding posts, signatures, avatars or the likes. There is a dating guideline which can be read here LINK. Please follow it, we do not expect first year students to date. Any adult content must be kept to password protected forums and both parties involved must be over the age of 18 in real life.

Drama and all the jazz.

1. Hogwarts school online is a drama free zone. We have various members from different sites. We expect the drama to stay out of our site. Please take it elsewhere. Though we cannot control the content you post on social networks and or messenger. We expect you not to bring it to the forums themselves. No drama = no arguing about he said, she said and no grudges. While on that note, please keep in mind something that is posted IN CHARACTER should be kept to in character and not taken personal OUT OF CHARACTER.

Signatures, Face Claim, Awards, Images oh my!

1 The governors and staff occasionally hand out awards which are yours to keep. They are displayed in your mini profile and post. These awards are for members that have either won polls or have displayed something of which we like to honor.

2. You MAY NOT put up a signature or an avatar until you have been APPROVED AND ADDED to the Face Claim. (check the faceclaim to see when you're been approved, if you do not comply your signature or avatar may be removed). Your signature is not to exceed 500 px in width. It may also contain no more than ONE (1) Signature and ONE (1) Pride banner. Please keep total height of signature to a reasonable size. Click for signature rules

3. Your avatar by default is 300 height by 200 width. You may change it however we wish to have you actually crop it to fit the screen as it looks best.. If you need a signature or avatar made for your character please visit the graphic club and request one.

4. We on HU ask that you use either an actor/actress/model or singer as your face claim. It means you pick someone famous to pretend to be. Do not use their names, make up your own name. And then you claim it on the face claim. In order to do this you must have at least 10 posts (your post count will not go up in the games forum) before making your face claim. Make sure no one else is using that face before you make your claim or you will not be approved.

5. We do not and will not allow the use of your own face, cartoon characters or porn stars. This is a pg-13 site after all. All signatures, Avatars and any images posted by the members on the site must be age appropriate, this includes any images for events as well as games forums and such. In other words, we do not and will not tolerate an 11 year old showing cleavage, a shirtless picture. Keep it age appropriate, we will remove any images we see do not comply with these rules.

Your account and second characters.

1. In order to make a secondary (or subsequent) character, your most recent character must be active for 90 days. If the governors feel that you have not developed your student character properly, have not been active with your first account, or have shown a lack of respect towards our site rules you may get denied on your second character. Under special circumstances, the administrators might be willing to allow you another character or adult, depending on your activity and your experience in rp. If they say no, the answer is no and you must wait for the 90 days. The secret phrase is glitterfarts. Because of problems in the past, if there are multiple accounts registered on the same IP before the 90 days, the newest account will be denied and suspended for the 90 day period. No exceptions, we have been burned too many times.

2. You cannot have your first character as an adult. So don't ask.

3. Hogwartians are all around the castle. This member group is controlled by admin and staff and include, famous creatures, portraits of ghosts from the Harry Potter series. Do not ask to play a Hogwartian you will be denied.

4. We have a character limit. You cannot create more then 10 characters. Please keep that in mind as admins know how many character's everyone has. Proxies and getting around this rule, should we come to find out you will be banned. Please ask an admin if you need another character for plot purposes, if it goes over your limit.

Character registration guidelines.

1. This Harry Potter site takes place 30 years after the defeat of Voldemort.[b] Which means that the governors have decided against canon names (a last name of a character from the Harry Potter book or movies). If you register with any name from the books or movies, you will be denied and not sorted. [/b]be original (some canon names you see on site have been here since before the rule and is grandfathered in. (NO EXCEPTIONS FOR NEW MEMBERS) Do not use your real life name or a real life celebrity name. This is not a safe practice and we will not sort you

2. To register please register with a First and Last name in proper capitalization.

3. The welcoming Governor will send you a personal message (an owl) on the forum, which will tell you how to fill it out in order to take the sorting quiz and get sorted into the house you will belong to for seven roleplaying years. Do NOT register a screen name EG: harryP1234. Register a First and Last name in proper capitalization. EG: John Smith. DO NOT send an owl to the headmaster asking questions about when you'll be sorted, you will be ignored he is a very busy man.

4. There is no need to validate your account once you register. However you do need to keep an eye on your email folders or your personal message (owl folder) on the board, in case you did not do your registration correctly and the sorting hat changed your username.

5. Correct Username = John Smith
Incorrect Username = Harry Potter, John Potter, harryP1234..