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Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Jul 29 2017, 08:56 PM
The final task was here, and at this point it was a sure thing a lot of people were happy about that. It meant the end of the school year was also here as well, it seemed fitting the task was right before finals. Why not stress the Champions out a little more? They were all on edge this time though, waiting for the other shoe to drop and the final task to happen. Emile made a point to randomly pop up here and there in their paths, just to keep them ready but never taking them. He had a better plan than that, one they weren’t going to like. It was a Friday morning, very early when he’d sent the Professors out to the remaining Champions. One by one they were snatched out of their beds by darkly dressed figures, and it was made sure that the faces of the Professor taking them couldn’t be seen. They were then brought down to the tent where they all met before the tasks started, hopefully none of them had embarrassing PJ’s or everyone would know. Inside the tent the Champions would find the Headmaster at the head of a table full of breakfast food. A portion of the tent was sectioned off for each of them, it had a cabinet, a bed and a curtain they could pull for privacy. “You have a few hours left before dawn, you may sleep a little longer or use the time to prepare. In each of your spaces you will find some of your clothes so you don’t have to go about the arena in your pajamas. Whatever you choose to do is fine, I suggest you eat though, you’ll need your strength.” He told them, allowing them to make their own choice. They could dig all they wanted in their sectioned rooms but all they would find in the cabinet was their set of clothes, no wands and no extras. If they tried to take anything else from the tent to help them in the task they wouldn’t be able to leave the tent until the item was removed from their persons. Emile tucked into some pancakes as if it was a normal morning and waited for the time it was time to start the task.

As the Champions went about their business in the tent the rest of the Castle awoke, getting ready for the day and going down to breakfast to start their morning. Once everyone had finished they were brought to the stands to see the final task of EHC this year, the one that would decide who won it all. It would be funny to see if the winner still thought the glory, the galleons, and the fame would be worth everything they had endured during the Tasks. Soon everyone was settled into the stands, quiet and waiting for the champions to appear. Emile got them ready after their morning in the tent and lead them to the arena, a few professors trailing them in case someone tried to make a break for it. As soon as the crowd spotted their friends and loved ones they erupted into cheers, ready to see what the arena would mean for the Champions this time. Once they were settled in as per tradition the choking cloud of smoke enveloped them as the crowd disappeared and the arena took its form for the challenge. As soon the smoke began to dissipate you noticed a sulfurous rotten-egg smell, it wasn’t pleasant that was for sure but at least it didn’t smell like forest and that had to be a nice change. Slowly the smoke cleared and it revealed the landscape in front of you, which some might now consider better. Ahead of you all you could see for miles was a marsh, and even in you turned around you would find it behind you as well. It is like they had set you right down in the middle, and with how this tournament worked it couldn’t mean anything good.

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Posted by: Fiona Macleod Jul 31 2017, 01:05 AM
The end of fifth year meant two things for Fiona, knowing that at some point, the final task of the eternal house championship loomed ever nearer, and the other was ordinary wizarding levels on the horizon. The latter would not have been nearly so distressing for our dear Princess Prickly Pear had it not been for the former. Being with Luke since the Sadie Hawkins dance head been both a source of comfort and some slight annoyance. Getting him to understand her study habits had proven difficult, yet her was sweet ad's kiss to her. When she couldn't sleep, he'd taken her down to the kitchens for hot chocolate and pie, and even when he swore not to, he did let her girl bite. On Hogsmeade weekends, they spent time together, sometimes with Keagan and Evie, and occasionally she had convinced him that Alec and Dulci should be there with them too. It didn't feel odd. She felt protected from too much noise, too many people, laughter that set off memories sometimes. Luke spent time protecting her from all that. As much as he played the role of King Peacock, she had started to see him as her knight in shining armor. She was living some fairy tale, twisted though it may be. On nights when she had studied late, he'd stayed up with her, often quizzing her, and therefore studying himself, an ulterior motive that she'd tricked him into. She wanted him to succeed well. Often when she read he sat with her. When Rousseau had begun turning up everywhere, incessantly terrorizing the champions, Fiona hadn't wanted to interrupt her hero's life more, so she hadn't told Luke how much distress it had caused her. When she could sleep, she had begun having nightmares. They would wake her sobbing or screaming, because she began to wonder if the task was to start right then. She never found out how, although she had her guesses, but Luke had refused to let her suffer alone. And so often he curled up with her on a large couch in the common room. He had never taken advantage or pressed her for anything more. He would never accept anything as thanks. Fiona found herself falling in love with him. It was on this couch that the dark figure found her. Rousseau had popped up three times that day, once after transfiguration, once after potions, and once after arithmancy. The first two times, Fiona had been with Luke, holding his hand and he had quickly distracted her, making her laugh and kissing her soundly, the kind that pulled those little gasps out of her and made a risky choice to do in the hallway without a ready escape for continued affections. The third time however, he was not there and Fiona, stressed after a difficult class, worried about exams, hungry and tired had gone into a full panic that was only cured after a trip to the hospital wing. So Luke had brought her down for hot cocoa and then they had sat, Fiona reading aloud from Shakespeare's the Merchant if Venice, which was humorous and relaxing until they curled up and fell asleep in front of the dying fire. The hands had plucked her from his arms and replaced her with a doll roughly the same shape and size. She kicked out, enraged and violated, but ultimately powerless against the arms of the captor that held her. A hand clamped over her mouth prevented her from screaming aloud to wake her knight in shining armour and the whole of Gryffindor tower.

Fiona struggled and fought the whole way down to the tent, the tent that signalled to her the rude awakening, that this unceremonious capture was part of a task. At least today, win or lose, it would be finished. Fury burned within her. She was angry at this intrusion into the one place she had felt safe. Her common room would no longer feel like a haven. She was angry at how Rousseau had messed with weeks of study time with his little appearances, as if his stupid sadistic game was somehow more important than her examinations, than her whole future. As if his ability to keep her on her toes, second guessing when it could happen, was the most important lesson. She had fecking understood loud and fecking clear. She was not a dunderhead. She was out there doing it. Hell, she still played quidditch, he just taught flying, the most useless subject on the face of the fecking planet. There wasn't even a real test! She had been subjected to petty ridicule for her crush, as if that was the thing that could break her, and brushed that off, because in the end, it had been a means to an end, the catalyst that made her realize that hiding what you felt was silly. When all the champions finally arrived, their coward of a headmaster finally spoke. Fiona's face was passive, but for her, that was who he was. A coward. Because only a coward stood behind twisted storybook creatures to torture children into insanity, then continued it himself, and couldn't simply do it himself in the arena. There were for in number. She was the Gryffindor. Of Rousseau's own house.

No wands, again. Surprise. No test of magical skill or wits. Just blind torment. They could do what they needed to prepare, he suggested they eat. No hints, no anything. She hoped he was proud, this sorry excuse for a teacher. He had simply taught her that adults rarely knew anything other than how to make mistakes and pretend they knew best. She was unlikely to be able to sleep without Luke there so she sat and began to load her plate. The man looked not only content, but fairly joyous at the occasion, the bastard. As she loaded everything she enjoyed onto a plate in quantities that indicated she might be preparing for a final meal, she spoke in a light a mild voice, rather as one might if discussing the weather, addressing the headmaster. "I do hope you realize that if your insistence on terrorizing and being a general sadistic nuisance during prime studying months and my O.W.L.s has caused me to fail from mental distress that wasn't present prior to you appearing at random times, I will stop at nothing until I destroy everything you know, love, and hold dear." She smiled brightly, but her eyes were hard and cold before adding, "Please pass the marmalade." she began to load a piece of toast with it humming to herself. Then, as she loaded a scone with clotted cream and began to eat more than she had at breakfast in quite a while she looked, the same odd smile with cold eyes on her face. "Incidentally, if you really feel the need to torture your students because you're bitter and resentful that you never achieved your dreams and merely settled, you may want to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. You know, the muggle kind. Just because we have all our lives ahead of us and your dreams are dead and gone doesn't mean you need to continue to excessively punish the champions outside of the tasks. Just like because it took you a million times to understand you should always be ready at any moment doesn't mean the rest of us are so stupid. Some of us Gryffindors have more skill than flying going for us. Or perhaps that's a Durmstrang thing." Her tone stayed light, a skill the fifth year had mastered in word sparring honed with those who saw her as an easy target. Perhaps the headmaster shouldn't have tormented them, tortured them, woken them from the little sleep they could get and then sat down to breakfast with them. Or perhaps he expected a ribbing. Either way, he could try to kick Fiona out of the tent, but she doubted he would. She turned back to her plate, eating until it was empty, and then walked away without a backwards glance from the head of house and headmaster who had lost all of her respect. Perhaps one day that would change, but for now she would rather have a meal with anyone else.

She went to change and sat in the room, waiting, listening. Her preparation was simple. Put in her head to win at any cost. She didn't care about galleons and glory, she just wanted to prove she could. She be first done in the last two tasks and the first place point score in this most recent task. Most of all, she wanted to prove it to herself, to the little nagging voice that told her she wasn't good enough. When they marched the champions out, she looked for Luke, for Evie, for Keegan. For anyone she might recognize, but the noise was overwhelming and it was all she could do not to let it get to her. And by the time she had gotten her wits back about her enough to hold her head up high and look confident, the new bobbed ends of her haircut swinging at her chin, the smoke was engulfing them. She coughed at choked as before, silently cursing Absolem and his secret blend. She was expecting the smell of forest, but the unmistakable stench of sulfur overtook the sickly sweet smell of the smoke. So not a forest. It smelled like rotten eggs. Fiona waited for the smoke to clear, wondering what on earth could produce such a smell. As the fog cleared, Fiona was presented with a marsh. She began to wrack her brain, knowing that while nothing here was exactly like the story, it couldn't hurt to be prepared for what might arrive.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 1 2017, 03:29 PM
It was hard to say if the marsh was any better than the forest, it promised to be packed full of horrors so you really couldn’t snap to a judgement yet. You had learned not to trust anything, or if you were smart you hadn’t because coming in with trust and preconceived notions just landed you in a ton of trouble.Thankfully this was the last task though, it was the last time you would have to endure the horrors you’d come to know in this arena. Even though the crowd couldn’t appreciate it you surely did, you’d likely had enough. The only problem was you couldn’t unsee or undo what you’d endured already, it was going to be something you had to live with the rest of your life. At this moment in their lives the Champions certainly had to be wondering if everything they were going through was worth it, if everything that had changed about them was worth all the shit. The answer would likely, and overwhelmingly, be no. Perhaps they would learn not to dive into things blindly, then again they were given no false pretenses about what would happen to them during EHC. Whether they had been naive, or stupid, enough to believe nothing bad would happen then they had made a grievous mistake. With any luck at least one of them wouldn’t go insane for once and maybe pass on something good about the tournament. Okay so maybe that wasn’t realistic but one could hope, not that anyone actually cared what happened to them after. Nothing about their experience or what happened to them in the future would change EHC and how it worked, it was a tradition and one that would not be changing over a bunch of whiney pukes who had gotten exactly what they signed up for. Now that probably wasn’t comforting to the Champions but it wasn’t supposed to be, it was well past time they grew up and faced the realities of the world.

Fiona was constantly pissed off at the world and blaming everyone else for her problems, and actually it was kind of pitiful. Although no one really expected “perfect” Fiona to own up to her mistakes or fault, because she didn’t have any. It was much easier to blame others for your mistakes and shortcomings so you didn’t have to do anything about them. No matter how many times she could be reminded she was in this mess because she chose to be didn’t matter, Emile was always the villain in the scenario because she wished it to be that way. He smirked at how she was trying to be catty at breakfast, he honestly hadn’t expected any less of her. “It’s always a pleasure to be around you Fiona.” Was the only response she got to her childlike tantrum before he went back to ignoring her again. Some people would never learn, and her burning hate for him over this whole thing amused him to no end. All she was proving, again, how bratty she was and how far she had her head stuck up her arse which was pretty damn far. All everyone was learning from this tournament was how bratty she was and the fact she’d never grow up and accept responsibility for herself.

The stench of the bog only seemed to be getting worse and to be honest you caught an under hint of something else in the smell as well but you couldn’t place it as much as you tried. The beauty of marshes was just because a path looked stable that didn’t mean it was, one simple step and your foot would be soaking wet and god only knows what was in the water out here considering what you’d endured with the puddles you didn’t trust the water now. In fact it seemed like here and there something appeared to be floating just under surface, however when you looked closer to try and determine if it was real or not it was gone. Of course that wasn’t really surprising considering how everything in the arena was designed to fuck with you and make you think you were crazy even though you weren’t, at least not yet anyways. Further on down you noticed one of the splotches under water that looked differently than the others before, you slowly approached it and this time it didn’t disappear. It wasn’t clear at first but soon enough you realized there was a face in water, in fact it appeared to be a body.

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You were examining the body in the water when you noticed there were more of them now, in fact any place you looked that had water had a body in it. More faces stared back at you, not all so serene either and it gave you the chills as well as had you wondering what happened. However, you were soon interrupted by a familiar voice. “You are a cheater! You must still pay for your trespasses against me.” Now that you heard the Queen’s voice you didn’t know how you’d missed the rocky outcropping she and her guards were standing on. Looks like you were back in trouble again.

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 2 2017, 08:06 PM
Fiona’s eyes flashed open as she had thought through things. There were no marshes in Alice’s world. But as she had assessed, she remember the Nazghul. This was from Tolkein’s universe. Tolkein who had critiqued Carroll’s literary work. She laughed aloud. ”You tricky bastard!” At the moment that hadn’t seemed to matter, but that nazghul had come back to mean something. Perhaps understanding that these were the dead marshes would help her somehow. She couldn’t really see how, but it couldn’t hurt. She had come into this feeling exhausted and partly dead and this one thing, this one little piece of knowledge had her feeling revived in a way that was probably remarkably unhealthy. She peered at the face she could see, not recognizing it and breathed a sigh of relief. ”For now” She thought to herself. She was not as naive as she had been before. The reality of what a child believes to be torture and what an adult believes to be torture are very different things, and discount it or don’t, that makes a difference. Fiona felt more secure in her knowledge now and she was sure this would be arduous and difficult, but she was ready. Sort of.

Emile could think she was child-like all he wanted, there was some grain of truth to it. It was one thing to torment them in the tasks, it was another to continue to mess with them constantly outside, especially with exams looming. He had used it as revenge while blaming them for being children and doing child-like things. Children do childish things. Because they are children. Shocking. Or not. Talk about not taking all things into account. It seems Emile was in the wrong field if he didn’t expect children to act like children. Perhaps he should consider that before teaching. Fiona didn’t respond again, merely ignored the geezer in front of her and ate, preparing to face what was surely going to be the worst of all the tasks yet. There was no way it wouldn’t be, it was the last one. It had to be, it would be silly to build up and then make the last one easier than the rest. Besides, what good could be had from responding to him. All she’d learned from Rousseau was that he was a failure who wanted to punish those who had futures in which they might actually achieve their dreams. He’d clearly not learned how to achieve his.

The smell of this place was more overwhelming than the house from the pretask, which was really quite impressive. Fiona didn’t bother to pull anything over her nose. The olfactory sense is the first to shut down, and she knew that after about thirty minutes in the place, she would grow immune to it. She stepped carefully, because although the path looked stable….SPLOOSH! And there it was. As a marsh, while the reeds and grasses and dirt tended to form a very firm area to walk on, sometimes it wasn’t. Fiona’s foot sank through and she got wet. She sighed and shook it out, not stopping but continuing forward, stopping every now and then to examine the area. More faces, but then they would be gone. They didn’t all look as though they had died peacefully, and given what she had seen in other tasks, if they had met the other characters she had, she would guess they may not have. She moved closer to the edge when one of the floating things looked different. She looked carefully and saw it was...a body. It confirmed her theory of where she was.

She studied the thing when she saw another. She walked towards it, being careful to test areas before fully putting her weight on them. It was slow going. As she cast her eyes around, she noticed that any area with water contained them. What had happened in this universe. She heard the voice of the queen and shivered. Sighing, she decided cowering would just make it draw out. ”Did they trespass too?” She gestured around to the bodies. She’d just run if she had to. She had already gotten one shoe wet. What was another shoe.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 3 2017, 04:39 PM
At this point in the tournament it seemed like it was a lot of “let's just get this the feck over with” coming from the Champions, if they were so unhappy they just should’ve quit. Then again they may not have been aware that quitting was an option, and they probably would’ve gotten a whole bunch of crap from pretty much everyone everywhere but that had to be much better than suffering in the arena. However, at least they’d be free of all the suffering in the tasks. Guess it was just a matter of perspective, and how bad the Champion wanted to win everything at the end of the day. They might deny it but they were still doing this because they wanted to win to prove they were the best and could beat everyone else, not for the money or the shiny cup or the notoriety or whatever bullshit reason they might claim. In fact it was the same way every time they held EHC, even after witnessing the horrors or being told of them people still entered. The people who ran EHC were crystal clear about the event and what occurred, people just didn’t seem to listen or believe it. If it was truly so awful then why would students keep putting themselves on the line for this year after year? There had to be a reason, you know besides sheer stupidity and wanting to possibly ruin their lives forever. It would be more understandable if they were forced to partake in this but they weren’t and never would be, something drove them all to take part and it was coming from something inside of them. What the reasons were didn’t matter, EHC had always been and would likely always be-just with a new set of participants. For these Champions it was almost over but all too soon it would be starting for another set who willingly entered.

Fiona really needed to learn to watch her mouth, I mean she wasn’t Dulci who was beyond help but it wasn’t becoming at all. She kept that up she’d manage to run Luke off which was the only boy who ever had bothered to notice the mousey girl, and we couldn’t have that now could we? The only thing understanding these were the dead marshes would do for her is keep her out of the water, at least hopefully but god knows she wasn’t the smartest kid out there. Her assumptions about the Headmaster were cute, but incorrect because of her misplaced anger. It was easy to blame others for what you didn’t understand and your own shortcomings, so if she wanted to do that then she was welcome to but that didn’t mean she was right. Clearly, she was too stupid or simply blind because she had an inability to see things for what they truly were but that wasn’t a problem for anyone but herself. Being young didn’t entitle you to being a dumb feck, but apparently she thought so. Either way she was making a good show of things, but that was all she managed to do while bumbling around the arena like an invalid. The foolish girl wasn’t smart enough to keep herself from getting wet, and where it had gotten wet a red rash appeared with what looked like oversized blackheads. Should the girl desire to pop them she could, but leeches would erupt from it and attach to her skin. For supposedly being so smart she didn’t act like it, she dipped her other foot in the water but it was only her own problem.

The Queen looked down at you as if she could sense your death coming, whatever she had in mind for you it appeared she didn’t plan on being on the losing side. There was some shuffling in the back between her guards, ironic given they were cards, and then a familiar face appeared. This face was likely to cause a great deal of cussing from the Champions and was probably why the queen looked so smug. Hatter was her Ace in the hole, no pun intended. Even if you didn’t want to partake in whatever she had planned for you she would have Hatter compel you to take part in whatever fiasco she had planned, didn’t that just figure? Then again did you really expect anything else from EHC? You had no control in here and whatever they wanted to happen to you did, kind of sucked honestly but they had to put on a good show to make things interesting. Besides it’d be far too boring just to let you walk through a field of flowers where your biggest worry was if you were allergic to the plants or not, it’d be terrible and no one would watch it honestly. “You will face my champion. Defeat him and I will let you go, fail and I will kill you.” At least she told you what was going to happen, but you knew there had to be a twist to the whole thing. There was always a catch, it was just how EHC worked. Suddenly something metallic was flying through the air at you. Panic gripped you but somehow you managed to miss the flying object, however it landed in the water which meant you’d have to retrieve it. Once it landed with a splash you were able to see it was a sword, you’d definitely be needing that. “Prepare yourself you fool, I am going to summon my champion.” The Queen smirked. “JABBERWOCKY!” She wailed.

[[OOC: You can say the creature flew in but not describe it. You have to go after the sword or you will be compelled to do so by Hatter.]]

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 8 2017, 05:49 PM
Fiona wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this task, but she just wanted it to be over. The advantage of being unceremoniously dragged out of bed was that she knew it would be done soon. Very soon. It would be done, Luke would come to the triage to comfort her after whatever hell lay ahead, and then he would take her down for cocoa and pie and whatever other comfort might seem best. She had to keep that hopeful picture emblazoned in her mind as she waited to find wheat fresh challenges, foes, and horrific visions this task would bring. From the mundane and tedious to the fantastical and portentous, she was sure this task would be harrowing. She was ready to see what was coming so she could get through it and move on with life. She was sure she’d be sitting in the stands next time shaking her head at the madness of whoever signed up. Why they kept doing this was beyond her, but then she’d signed up as well, so who was she to really talk. She could feel the ending looming ever closer, it was almost like something she could touch or taste the possible victory. She wasn’t sure if the flavor was really to her liking, which was odd. Fiona liked to win, but this one came at a great cost. She felt like she’d found gaping holes in her own life, things from the previous task that didn’t make sense, the memories that had been dragged up in the second task. She had to wait to do research really until she went home, but she was suspicious. And that was never good. Over all, she knew there had to be an answer, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to know what it was. She wasn’t sure it held good things for her.

As far as her mouth was concerned, it was 2042, if you were so misogynistic and convinced that women should be demure and quiet and pretty and polite as to constantly watch their mouths you had another thing coming as far as Fiona was concerned. And to say Dulci was beyond help was rude and untrue, Dulci was a wonderful person who had many wonderful qualities, including her potty mouth. And Luke was not the only boy who managed to notice her, where as Zoe was the only woman who would have Emile, so he should be the one watching out, because he was lucky she was willing to stick around. It was amazing with his own shortcomings, but then, Fiona wouldn’t know about those, she’d never seen inside anyone’s pants. Being old didn’t entitle you to being a dumb feck either, but that never stops the majority of adults, that explains pretty much all of the wars and catastrophes in history. Children don’t cause war, famine, and political upheaval, after all. She kept intelligently not dipping her feet in the water after the first mistake, because she was checking to make sure the path was stable. At no point would she put her weight onto the marsh until she assessed it would hold. She wasn’t stupid. She didn’t want her legs covered in blackheads when Luke liked them so much.

Fiona looked up at the queen and saw the look on her face. Was she going to die? For the first time since the start of this tournament, she wondered vaguely if there was the possibility that champions could die. There had been champions who died in the triwizard after all. She hadn’t thought to research if champions died in the EHC, which was odd, given her propensity for over-researching things. She felt real fear strick her heart and shook her head. ”I am not going to die today. I have too much to do.” She told herself firmly. She saw and heard the shuffling about, wondering what was going on, and then she saw the hatter. She groaned. ”Are you bloody damned serious? Didn’t you fecking chop his head off last time? What is this shit?! And you!” She looked at the hatter, throwing her hands in the air. ”Are you going to put up with that abuse?! Let her abuse you and then come right back? The sex can’t be that good. If you’re getting any at all.” She wasn’t looking forward to him compelling her to do anything, so she decided she might as well just go ahead and do whatever it was. At least then she’d be in control of however she did it, at least at first. Whatever came, she’d go up against it without the Hatter forcing her to face it this time. She’d do it. And apologize later. That was her plan. It may change when it came time, but right now that was what it came to it. The queen told her what the plan was and she rolled her eyes. ”Cause that’ll be a fair damned fight with Mr. Compulsion and Mind-Control up there at your side. But it’s not like I’ve got a choice, ole’ Queenie Big Head. It’s not my fault you were jealous of me the moment I walked in. My beau doesn’t slip into other people’s minds and feel up their thoughts.” She shot back. She was so done with this place and this bull shit. She just wanted to be done and be out of here. ”And even if you didn’t cheat, I doubt you’d let me go unscathed. But then this metal thing was flying at her. She ducked covering her head. She saw after it splashed that it was a sword. She heard the screeching again and felt her heart fall to her stomach when she heard the name. And in that moment she was sure again that this was the end. She remembered the Jabberwocky poem. She ran towards the sword. She stared at it and thought. She didn’t want to touch the water. But how? No helping it. She plunged her hand in, wrapped her hand around the hilt and yanked it up, turning to where the creature was flying in, her stomach turning in fear. She stood, as firmly as she could, preparing herself to strike.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 9 2017, 02:14 PM
This certainly wasn’t what you expected the last task to be was it? It seemed like there was so much more they could do then just having you fight a Jabberwocky, admittedly you didn’t likely know what it was and you were sure if you did it likely wouldn’t behave or be like it was “supposed” to. This had gotten you out of the forest though and that definitely had to be a nice change of pace though, even though it was certain no one would likely favor the marsh over the forest. Either way you were here now and like all the previous tasks you had to make the best of everything, while it might seem like a hard thing to do it wasn’t impossible. Impossible was just a state of mind, and if you believed it then things would follow suit. Although to be fair no one really expected any of the Champions to be smart enough to realize such a thing, they were all rather stupid at best and that was actually putting it rather nicely. The Queen watched you from her vantage point smiling, this was all just entertainment for her and it wasn’t likely to change. Refusing her would be ideal but you knew you didn’t have a choice with Hatter present, not being able to make your own choices about things actually sucked. Although, it was a good measure put in place to ensure that you behaved during the tasks and performed as expected, they couldn’t make a big spectacle of this whole thing if you refused to do the tasks. That still didn’t make it right though, but as you had learned everything in this tournament seemed to fall into a gray area- it wasn’t considered right but it wasn’t far enough that it was over the line that they’d get in trouble.

It seemed like sweet little Fiona was rather anxious to get this task over with, it was rather ironic considering the girl had come into this whole things guns blazing and determined to take over the world. Funny how the foolish fell in EHC. It seemed like she was a little bit torn on continuing, like she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to but at the same time felt a driving need to finish. Must be that reckless streak that came with being a Gryffindor, maybe she more like Luke Childs than she thought. Her implications that only one woman wanted the Headmaster were incorrect as always, she let her biased blind her to how things truly worked and that was exactly why she got into trouble. Being blind to things just because how you felt was foolish and stupid, the world didn’t revolve around Fiona and she needed to wise up to that fact. Of course she preferred to keep her head in the sand, so in this case you couldn’t fix stupid. “Look how it talks to itself, how fascinating to watch how lowly creatures behave.” The Queen commented with a smirk, she was just trying to get Fiona worked up. The ignored the rest of her mindless banter though, the only one she was trying to impress was herself. Fiona slipped into the water to get the sword and she’d instantly notice an itch that wouldn’t go away, and blister rising on her skin. Something was swimming in the blisters, but what couldn’t be determined. If she was smart she’d do her best not to rupture one.

The flapping of wings was clear overhead and the wind created by the wings was overpowering, if you didn’t grab ahold of something you’d surely get knocked over. The beast landed nearby, the ground shook with the force and the weight of the creature’s touch down. It stood a good deal larger than you and had three heads containing sets of vicious looking teeth, you had the sneaking suspicion that you had better be careful. The sulfur smell that had permeated the air was now replaced with the smell of decay, and of course the only clear explanation of why was the Jabberwocky. Each head likely had a purpose and function, and it was almost certain that you would find out soon enough what each one did whether you wanted to or not which just had you filled with exhilaration. The Creature ignored you right now for the time being, which you weren’t sure if it was a blessing or intentional. Either way your odds of fighting this thing didn’t seem great even if you had your want, no wonder the Queen was so smug about this whole thing. Her intentions of killing you had been clear since she’d seen you, while you may not have realized it that was certainly the case. “You should probably just quit now.” Her sweet voice called from her vantage point, obviously it was just meant to try and screw with your head. You knew you had no choice now, even if you refused she would make you take part in this asinine charade. “Prepare yourself or if you’re too scared give up now.” She called. Everyone stood staring at you, waiting to see what your decision would be.

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 12 2017, 07:17 PM
Fiona hadn't expected the Jabberwocky, to be certain, but now that it had been summoned, she felt simultaneously resigned, terrified, and somewhat...prepared? She had loved the poem as a child. It was one of the few pieces of nonsense her mother could get her to enjoy. It was the only thing that it seemed the overtly practical girl would giggle at. She smiled at the little memory tucked back into her head. Something else caught her as a odd sensation of something wriggling in her ankle that had dunked in the water hit her. Her mind swam slightly. The woman, that smelled like that sickly pink smoke from the second task, her trying to take Fiona from her mother and father. "She has magic, she needs to be raise by us not by a filthy... By sheer force of will and strength of mind, Fiona pulled herself out of the odd vision and back to the present-ish. It wasn't really the present then, was it? It was...the whatever it was. The hodgepodge of literary bricka-brack. It really was a brillig world, this. And as much as it was terrifying, Fiona thought that if she were to write a story and publish it in a muggle publishing company, the muggle world would quite enjoy it, although surely she would be arrested for breaking the international statute of secrecy if she did. But maybe, just maybe, if she changed enough, she could get away with it. The muggle world would thing she was bloody barmy of course, or brilliantly creative, or both. She'd have to be sure she changed enough not to be stealing from Alice and Lord of the Rings and all that, but it could make quite a...she shook her head to clear it. Lord, she was gone quite as senile as Rousseau. Perhaps it was all the time spent trying to figure out what was inside the man's brainless, if pretty, mind. She'd be glad to be done with that, for certain. Fiona looked around, thinking about what the best thing to do might be, and then smiled slightly.

Fiona looked down at where her skin had touched the water and had to suppress a scream and the desire to rid herself of the large breakfast she had consumed. As soon as her skin had touched the water, blisters had popped up and there were...things swimming in them. It was thoroughly horrifying. Tamping down the absolutely understandable reaction, she turned her attention back to the creature flying in. The Jubjub bird itself, the Jabberwock, the frumious Bandersnatch, she told herself in her mind, recalling the familiar words with a near feral smile. She let the frustration and the anger of the past weeks start to bubble and roil inside her guts, all that which had been seething this morning sitting across from the headmaster this morning, come to life as she listened to the queen. Instead of shouting back, she gritted her teeth and watched the thing fly in. She watched and waited for it to get closer, and closer, to get her first look at what these wizards had dreamed up, because surely, as nothing here had truly been Lewis Carroll’s Alice, this would not be the real Jabberwocky. They would get it wrong, not that it would be admitted. And for Fiona, she would find some pleasure in defeating whatever in correct beast they had created and then telling Luke later about how very wrong it was. And he would probably roll his eyes at her and tell her that she was mad and that the whole thing was silly, and that she should focus on more important things. And she would say that those things should be her studies and he would probably disagree. She nearly smiled at the thought. Nearly. But she had found a focus now, and foolhardy though she might have been, eager to get it done, she would complete the task and live to tell the tale. And make Rousseau’s life hell.

As the Jabberwocky got closer, it became apparent the wings created overpowering gusts of wind, and Fiona didn’t particularly want to start a fight from flat on her back. So she found a large marsh plant, winding her hand in part and another part around her leg, standing and the ready as it flapped toward her. She kept her knees bent, bracing for impact, and even still, when it landed, she stumbled some, nearly finding herself face first in mud. She used the sword to prevent it, glad that none of the blisters had popped. She studied the thing carefully from her distance, wanting to assess it before she approached, because she had a feeling that once she had approached it, it would not be so ignorant of her presence. It had three heads, and stood taller even than the tallest of all the teachers and students at Hogwarts, even than all of the people she had ever seen. The thing smelled rank, even from here. It had managed to cover the overpowering smell of sulfur with an odor of decay that was unmistakable, but neither of these features was as amazingly unexpected as the three heads. Every illustration she had ever seen of the Jabberwocky showed it with one. But then, it shouldn’t surprise her, the possibility of three. It was supposed to be terrifying and dangerous. What purpose each could serve was beyond her at the moment, but she couldn’t imagine that any of them would mean anything good for her. The body was very like that of a dragon in the wizarding world, which meant it was likely to be difficult to kill, but the underbelly was likely to be the softest, or the inside of one of its mouths. Would she have to stab it through each brain though? Did it have more than one heart? These were things she had to decide. Her thoughts were punctured by that smug, sweet voice. The queen wanted Fiona to give up. Like that was really an option. If Fiona tried, the hatter would compel her to walk towards the doom monster. ”Feck you, ya bobble headed, miniature zombie screwing tart. I’d rather die fighting than cower in front of your ugly arse. You’re just mad because someone prettier, with a normal sized noggin and body showed up, you wee little crack pot.” And she took a step out, unwinding her limbs from the bush, holding the sword aloft, eyes shining with crazed exhilaration and daring. Fiona was fairly certain she had gone mad. But right now, each of those ugly ass heads looked exactly like Emile Rousseau in her mind, and she was going to chop them the feck off.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 14 2017, 04:01 PM
The moment of truth was here, no matter what you wanted to believe you had to fight this monstrous creature, it wasn’t a matter of choice in this case. How they actually expected you to win you couldn’t be sure, but then again like most things in EHC they probably didn’t want you to win and that was the point. The Jabberwocky roared fiercely as if waiting impatiently for your answer, like it or not you were stuck here right now and everyone was waiting on you. It was nice to have a moment to gather yourself together and prepare for what was coming, however you knew it couldn’t last and if you didn’t get a move on soon they’d force you to like it or not. Looking at the majestic Jabberwocky you couldn’t help but notice how the sun reflected off it’s grey scales, even if you had your wand it was very likely the spells would just rebound off those scales. The last thing you needed to happen was to be shooting off a spell and it rebound on yourself, maybe it was better you didn’t have your wand in this case even if it would bring you some comfort. You looked over the beast trying to assess it for any weakness while you had the time, it would be a lot harder to try and find something on the fly but then again you would be able to see more of it as it was moving around. From your current vantage point you couldn’t make out any besides the eyes, perhaps the webbing of the wings if you could manage to cut them. Grounding the beast would be a definite advantage for you but in order to do that you had to be able to get close enough to do it, and that would bring you in direct range of the heads which just seemed like an all around bad idea. No telling what any one of those heads could do, but you had the sinking feeling you’d soon find out.

Oh. My. God. Could Fiona be anymore annoying? The answer was clearly no at this point but there was still a lot of time left in the task and if there was one thing you could say about her it was she was constantly pushing things to new heights so anything was possible at this point. Dear god it was a wonder anyone could tolerate the awful girl, although she should be thankful that no one had attempted to muzzle her before even though she clearly deserved it and had it coming for some time now whether she realized it or not. The girl was nothing but an ingrate so it wasn’t likely she took the time to notice the other nice things people did for her, unless it benefited her or was what she wanted she was far too selfish to notice other people restraining themselves from giving her exactly what her tart ass deserved. In fact it was a wonder the girl had any “friends” or interested “suitors”, she was far too brash and selfish centered but there was a new sucker born everyday it appeared. For someone who thought so highly of herself she had at least be knocked down a few pegs during EHC but it was unlikely that long term the effects would do very much good because of who she was but it was nice to dream. To put it nicely the girl was a headcase and completely helpless at best. As she was focused on the Jabberwocky flying in some of her blisters erupted and the leeches instantly attached themselves to her skin and began sipping her blood, trying to focus while they feasted on her was going to be tough but she would have to figure something out because no one was going to wait around for her to get her shit together. “So says the little hussy that has more than one male clamouring after her. I have nothing to fear from you twerp.” The Queen responded sweetly to her bout of verbal diarrhea.

The Jabberwocky shift back and forth clearly impatient for the command from the Queen to attack, you had to admit she had the beast under her thumb. It was clear the beast was anxious to come after you but wouldn’t until she commanded it to do so, so you were safe until she gave the order then all feck would break loose. The Queen looked at you, eyes clearly filled with loathing for you and it was clear to see she was ready to begin this. “Attack!” She cried, voice shrill with excitement. The Jabberwocky didn’t hesitate and launched itself in the air at her command, that made it difficult to fight but you had expected that as soon as you saw it could fly. Soon it was circling you above, it was clear at this point it was just wanting to toy with you. It was likely it would continue to do so until it was bored then it would get serious about finishing you off, and that was certain to be a rip roaring good time. Speaking of roaring the middle head of the beast did that exactly, causing drops of green to rain down on you from above. While it was just annoying at first it soon began to burn you like acid and eat away at your skin, well if that wasn’t just wonderful. Glaring up at it you locked eyes with the head on the right which turned out to be a bad choice, as soon as you did your head was filled with awful screaming. It took a moment for you to realize what it was but when you did it surely made you wish you hadn’t, it was the screams of people you loved and it was clear they were being tortured. Gods you just wanted it to stop.

[[OOC: You have to get hit by some of the acid, how much is up to you. Please describe in detail who your character hears screaming, you can include specific dialect if you wish. Make sure you RP out your character breaking eye contact with the head on the right. Also make sure you try and entice the beast down so your character can engage it. You cannot pick what the third head does, that will be revealed later.]]

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 15 2017, 03:44 PM
Fiona looked up at the thing, amazed. Never in her life had she thought she would meet such a creature, let alone the one from the poem she had requested her mother read to her again and again as a child. Now that she had seen it though, she very much wanted to hide from it, because it was clearly very lethal. She’d read about dragons upon finding out they were real. There were not a whole lot of ways to defend against them and clearly this thing had a lot in common with them anatomically. The scales looked hard, steely, a pewter-y grey, metallic looking, it was actually rather pretty, except for being attached to a beast that clearly wanted to eat her. She wasn’t going to have a choice but to fight the thing, she knew that much, so she tried to figure out what the best way to handle it would be. Clearly, with it that far up in the air she wasn’t going to be able to get to it. Fiona could neither fly, nor launch herself at it with any kind of physical means that she was aware. At least not any that she had yet discovered. If she could not find a way up into the air with it, she had to find a way to get it down onto the ground with her. And keep it there. The eyes were a dragon’s weakest part, but she had no wand for a conjunctivitiis curse. Perhaps she could damage the leathery wings? Or stab it in the eyes? But this thing had six so surely by the time she got to eyes two through six it would see her coming. Heh. And then, once grounded, there came the reality that she would be in arm’s reach of the heads, which meant she was in arm’s reach of the heads, and that seemed like an altogether awful idea, and there weren’t very many places to hide around here. Not at all. But she had to try, and had to deal with it, because she’d rather just accept it and do it on her own terms than have the Hatter deciding how she did it.

”Oooooo jealousy, it suits you! Because unlike your suitor, mine is alive, and has a mouth that doesn’t have to be sewn shut. Just a singular suitor though, and he doesn’t go rooting around in other people’s minds.” She added, for interest. The statement was fairly toneless. She was taunting the queen, to be sure. Why, she wasn’t entirely certain. Mostly because the Jabberwocky looked like it was probably going to kill her anyway and she was going to enjoy trying to piss the bobble head off if she could. Looking down, she could see the the blistered had erupted and leeches had burst out, and attached themselves to her hand, as leeches do, she held her hand up to examine it. ”Oh, leeches, how very medieval and quaint. You seem to have a pest problem with your march. And then there’s the leeches.” She added, conversationally. If they really expected the leeches to do her a freak out, then that was quite cute. The bugs freaked her out in the tea party, yes, but that’s because bugs coming out of food is not normal. Leeches in naturally occurring bodies of water is. She’d had them before when swimming in Lochs and the like as a kid. You simply deal with them later. Sure, they’d get annoying and squishy and squelchy, but she wasn’t about to try and remove them, or flip her shit. Although she’d hazard a guess that some of the other folks would. That, she would pay to see. She could imagine that a constant drain of her blood would get inconvenient though, as the task wore on, and thought it might be a good idea to try and wrap this nonsense up quickly. ”Let’s get this show on the road, Hat Hog.”

Fiona heard the queen yell and saw the thing launch into the sky. ”Well that answers that question.” It was going to stay up there and tease at her, which was not helpful to her at all. She’d have to figure out how to get it down to her. For now she had to avoid it killing her. Right, that was easy enough, surel---”Ouch! Bloody...feck….what is…..” Something had singed a hole in her shirt and then….she looked down and gasped. Not just her shirt but clean through to the flesh below her skin. Drops of bright green acid were raining down on her from the middle head. They peppered her shirt until it looked like it was polka dotted. She only managed to protect her face and head because she threw her arms above them, shielding them from the acid. When the drops stopped falling, she looked down. It seemed the acid had gotten one of the leeches, so there was that. Hah. But her shirt really did look like a myriad of polka dots of missing fabric that happened to match up with missing flesh. She glared up at the thing, at a different head, the one on the right, and instantly regretted it. Her mother’s voice filled her ears. She was in distress! Why was Fiona here, fighting this creature when her mother needed help? It kept happening over and over and then, out of nowhere, her mind went into one of those weird trance things again. ”She’s coming with us, do you really think a squib like you can prepare her for our world?” “You’re welcome to come too, darling, but he is not. You know the family rules, we don’t allow filthy muggles, we still can’t believe you married one.” “No, you’re not taking her, you disowned me, you sent me to a muggle boarding school when you realized I was a squib. Get the bloody hell out of my house and our lives.” Fiona wrenched herself back to the marsh. Looked around, ignoring the salt sting of tears streaming to the exposed flesh of the wounds in her neck. She found a stone. A stick. She picked them up. ”OY! YOU! UGLY.” She threw the stone in the air and hit it with the stick, like a bludger in the quidditch match. WHAM It slammed into the side of the things face. She found another thick stone. ”GET DOWN HERE AND FIGHT ME FACE TO THREE FACES YA COWARD She bellowed at it.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 15 2017, 04:36 PM
The Champions were now past the point of no return whether they liked it or not, the Jabberwocky was after them and it was, thankfully, the final task. It had taken monumental effort to get here but you had to wonder if after everything they even considered it worth it after everything, probably not but that was their fault for entering. Perhaps next term everyone who considered entering would heed better than these Champions had, and they would truly consider the risk. Then again the promise of Eternal Glory blinded many people until it was far too late, it was a beautiful thing in most cases honestly. Of course anyone participating might not agree with that assessment but that didn’t matter, you reaped what you sowed whether it was a good or bad decision and all you could do was own what you’d done. The Queen was watching the Jabberwocky circle overhead, she cackled as the acid landed on your skin. Of course she would be pleased to see you maimed again, she had been plotting your demise since the moment she saw you so you really shouldn’t be surprised. Then again all the characters here seemed to relish in your pain, it wasn’t the most pleasant thing and surely made you a touch irritable. However, it just went to show you there were awful people in the world who would take joy in your failures and pains. It didn’t necessarily make it right but it still happened whether you liked it or not, the world was a rough place and you needed to be prepared for whatever it chose to throw at you.

If Fiona hadn’t realized she was in over her head yet then she never would, this tournament was too much for her and even if she did survive she was likely to be clinical. That was only her own problem though, and honestly it wasn’t a very big stretch from where she was to begin with so no one would see it as a major loss. The Queen was considering having Hatter command Fiona to sew up her own mouth so no one would ever had to be assaulted by her verbal bowel movements again but decided she didn’t need to at this point, but the option was always there is she chose to utilize it. The girl continued to act like she was bulletproof and the Queen smiled, the mighty always fell in this tournament it was just a matter of time. It was disappointing she didn’t try and dislodge any of the leeches, if she managed to she’d only do so by removing a hunk of her own flesh. It seemed like Fiona was even less intelligent than everyone originally thought, insulting the Queen was one thing but insulting the Jabberwocky was likely suicide. In fact in response to her insults the Jabberwocky flew lower and relieved himself on her in a show of distaste.

It seemed like for the time being the head on the right had to be the worst, but then again if the one on the left was waiting to reveal it’s powers then it had to be infinitely worse. The Queen hooted, cheering on her champion and the guards joined in with her. Of course Hatter was silent again, it seemed like someone had sewed his mouth back up so he wasn’t spitting bugs anymore. Even still you knew he was dangerous if he decided to use his telepathy, that was a constant threat you had to be aware of. If you hadn’t figured it out by now you would soon learn the Queen would not give you a fair fight, she would cheat or do whatever she had to if it assured she was the one who came out victorious. But then again wasn’t that anyone at the end of the day? That meant you had to do everything you possibly could to tip the scales in your favor, even though the Queen would surely cry foul if you did it. Now that the beast had released you from the horrible screams of your loved ones you did your best to avoid it’s eyes. As it flew around you stepped around, trying to follow it so it didn’t come down and surprise you. Unfortunately that meant you had to keep your eyes on the sky and not on where you were stepping, that made things extremely tricky given the terrain of your battlefield. Your left foot slipped into the water and suddenly it was seized by one of the bodies in the marsh. The faces in the water had now changed from humanoid to something more sinister and it was clear you had to get away because if you didn’t they would pull you in and drown you.

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[[OOC: RP out getting away from the bodies in the marshes, be creative in how you do it. Remember even as your character struggles they still face the threat from the Jabberwocky above who can rain acid on them on torture them with the screams.]]

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 16 2017, 05:47 PM
Fiona stood there brandishing the sword now that she’d made what she felt was a fairly good attempt to get the Jabberwocky’s attention. She’d see what happened and try again. But she wasn’t going to stand there and let it just fly at her and keep throwing stones. That would be stupid and foolhardy on a level that even she wasn’t. She was trying not to think about the repressed memory that had finally been completed from the second task, but couldn’t help mulling it over some in her mind while she waited. A squib. Was her mother really? But could they have children with magical powers? She hadn’t ever….at least she didn’t….but she’d never looked into it because there had never been a reason. But she was muggleborn...wasn’t she? She was proud of that...she had been proud of that...And those...those old people, her...her grandparents. They seemed downright...awful. Old school prejudiced...loons. Muggle-hating, magic makes us better, holier-than-thou loonies. She griped the sword tighter. How could she be related to people like that. No, it wasn’t possible. It was fake, it was this damned world making shit up to feck with her. She held it at an angle meant to defend and prepared herself, knees bent for the thing to come racing in.

Fiona felt a little in over her head, but she was pushing that feeling down to prevent herself from getting overwhelmed. She took a deep breath, pulling from somewhere deep inside, some kind of reserve of strength she hadn’t really realized she had. She talked a good game, but until she was under pressure, she didn’t really see it. Part of that was this bravado. It helped her stray from being terrified. Had she known the queen was considering having the Hatter force her to sew her own mouth shut, she would have informed the miniscule bobble headed tyrant that she was too late, been there, done that. During the first task, in fact. The Jabberwocky seemed to like Fiona’s insults even less than the queen, because he flew over her and urinated right over her head. The steaming stream of piss covered her and she was glad her mouth was closed. It reeked of decay and stung. She hoped that like creatures in the human world it was sterile. He hadn’t gotten close enough to swing the sword at him. Fiona stood, sputtering and choking on the stench, hoping that wouldn’t happen again.

Fiona could hear the cheering of the queen and her henchmen. She tried to tune it out, but she couldn’t help but start to wonder if she was going to die here. Was it a possibility? If it looked like death was looming, would they pull her out early? She wasn’t so sure. Even if she did win, would she really win? Would the Queen allow her to be victorious and walk away? The reality was the Hatter was right there, the man would likely force her to throw herself into the bog or something and become one of the bodies. Wait...was that how these things had gotten there? Had they...had they too been in a fight with...Nope. Nope. Nope. Fiona shoved the thought away, because if she went there she was never going to stop fearing it, and that would throw her off her game in a way that would be wholly detrimental to her fighting ability. The thing had revealed the powers of two of the heads, and she was terrified to discover what the powers of the other head were, but until such a time as they were revealed, she was going to focus on the first two as much as possible. The screaming had stopped and she was thankful for that, because it meant she didn’t have to revisit anymore of those memories, whether they were real or fake. She tried to keep her eyes on anything but its eyes while still watching it. She moved with it, not really noticing where she was stepping and her left foot slipped into the water. She went to pull it out with a groan, but something had wrapped around it. She looked down and screamed. One of the dead things, now an Inferi, she realized had grabbed her. She realized that she would have to get it off to do anything. She struggled to get away, trying not to fall over, but it had quite a strong hold. She tried to pry it off with the sword, but was worried she’d cut her foot off. Then it hit her. The acid hadn’t burned through the sword, but it had burned through flesh. She could direct the acid at the wrist of the thing with the sword and then it would eat away at it! Yes! She skewer the wrist of the thing. The looking up she made eye contact with the middle head and it began to rain acid down. She flung her free arm up trying to protect her face, and laughed to herself as the acid trickled down the sword. She felt the thing release her and gave the sword a sharp tug to release it from the bone. She shifted her eyes away so the acid would stop. Spots where it had found the already skinless parts of her stung worse as it ate down farther. It really hurt, and she was not happy about how much she was already bleeding. By mistake her eyes trailed to the head on the right. Her mother’s screaming filled her ears again. ”Muirin, I’m taking Fiona with me. You lied, You’ve lied to me for fifteen years.” “Giles, I didn’t know...I didn’t know she would...I’m sorry. Please don’t.” “She’s not she’ll grow up...normal…” “Giles, it won’t just go away.” “If I make her stop it will, Muirin.” “No, Giles, no it won’t. It could kill her.” She wrenched herself back to the present and looked back at the things stomach, she picked up a rock and threw it as hard as she could, wanting it to come down so she could get a swing in at it.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 16 2017, 06:14 PM
It was an unbelievable moment for you, as the earlier tasks had progressed you had grown to loathe the forest and everything it represented. However, now you likely were longing for it. The terrain would’ve offered you cover from the nasty Jabberwocky and you wouldn’t have to worry about your footing either, but then again everything in the Tasks were by design so you knew picking the marshes was no accident. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse they managed to somehow, and in the end it always screwed you over. Okay so maybe that was a little harsh but it certainly seemed true in this case, and after everything you’d endured thus far you certainly reserved the right to be as harsh as you wanted. In fact you certainly deserved to be as fecking insane as dramatic as you wanted when this was over, because this entire thing had turned into an epic shit show just to amuse everyone else. The idea that you, as a Champion, might get something out of this was absolutely ridiculous and just something they were using as a cover to get away with everything they were doing to you. Not to mention the Ministry was involved too, how they didn’t see past the bull crap the Headmaster was spewing about EHC you would never know, either way you’d be glad when the entirety of this thing was finally over. However, in order for that to happen you had to get finish up this task. Then you’d be free forever and they could never hurt you again as you assumed a reclusive lifestyle to deal with the trauma you endured.

Fiona might have thought she looked like Xena Warrior Princess as she brandished the sword but the truth was she looked like a five year swinging a toilet plunger around. What was certain is that she needed to focus on the task and not her precious Mum, distractions would only cost her dearly but if she was stupid enough to be distracted she’d get exactly what she had coming to her. In this case this was really not the time for an existential crisis, she had more important things she needed to focus on at the moment. After a brief freak out it seemed like she was maybe able to pull her head out of her ass and get it together, but whether it was legit or not remained to be seen. At least the girl had enough dumb luck to have her mouth closed when the Jabberwocky relieved himself on her, she could’ve drowned if she hadn’t had it closed. Talk about a big plot build up to a disappointing ending, luck was on everyone’s side though. It seemed like she didn’t really care for the magical abilities of the two heads thus far, and honestly those were the minor ones. She was in for much worse when the third one decided to enlighten her on it’s gifts.

As the Champion escaped the water and got back on solid land, well mostly solid, the Jabberwocky soared overhead occasionally releasing a roar to remind you of it’s presence which in the scheme of things seemed extremely unnecessary because it was highly unlikely you’d forget a giant flying monster who was trying to kill you was there but hey whatever they needed to do. You had learned for sure now you had to be careful of your footing, a swim in the water would only end badly if you weren’t careful. Then again everyone but you wanted this to end badly so you could be turned into a big show, even if you were taken down it wouldn’t change anything about this tournament or stop it from happening again so there was no point in trying to play martyr. Suddenly the Jabberwocky dove down at you, the left and right head remained in the air but the middle head’s mouth was dripping acid again as it’s jaws snapped at you before it resumed it’s position overhead. Great, now it wanted to make a snack out of you. You couldn’t wait to make a freaking shishkabob out of the damn thing, that would bring you some peace for once. You stepped into a soft spot again but didn’t sink into the water thankfully by some miracle of god (or whoever you prayed to), however while you checked your footing you managed to briefly make eye contact with the left head, and what a mistake it turned out to be. As soon as you made eye contact you were paralyzed and couldn’t move as much as you might want to or tried to, once you were fully paralyzed the racking pains of the spell crucio took over and you were helpless to do anything but endure it. The Jabberwocky dropped down and flew directly at you, when he was in range he used his tail to hit you. So much for avoiding the water.

[[OOC: After you are hit by the tail, this isn’t optional, you will obviously be knocked over at least, possibly go flying. This means you will have broken eye contact with the left head.]]

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 17 2017, 06:54 AM
Fiona would like nothing more than to curse Rousseau and whoever else had planned this blasted awful place. There was no cover, no anything, the ground was unstable, and the watery bits full of dead people and the leach things that got into her skin. It was horrible. She’d welcome the reeking house or the godforsaken forests. Maybe not the blood-filled lake, but there were lots of things that would make this much easier. Fiona scanned the sky, watching the Jabberwocky carefully and thinking about this whole ridiculous situation. She was ready for this thing to get down here so she could get at it.

Fiona was getting irritated with this stupid thing. Enough with the taunting, it was like that annoying person who would taunt but not actually fight. She would rather it just eat her rather than play with her. Of course it was probably following the Queen’s instructions. It seemed all these detestable things relished and thrived on toying with their prey. Perhaps that was why the thing smelled so thoroughly of decay, was this playing with its food first. But she wasn’t going to let it get her, no, she wouldn’t. She didn’t know how, but she was going to find a way to survive and get out of this nonsense. She kept her eyes on the stomach, trying not to wander too far with her feet. She kept her wrist strong, anytime it looked close enough, she thrust it up, trying to get a good swing or stab at the Jabberwocky, but no such luck. She scowled, frustrated, wishing she could levitate herself to his height, or get to him on a broom or something.

When Fiona found herself fully back on the squishy, vaguely permeable land, she was breathing hard, but didn’t take time to catch her breath. The Jabberwocky was roaring and screeching incessantly, much like its mistress. It was so obnoxious. They both were. It was like listening to nails on a chalk board. The Jabberwocky dove and she ducked, stabbing the sword blindly up in the direction of the dripping acid, hoping that it would make contact with the roof of the mouth. ”Please God, let me get one head, just the middle one, if I can get rid of that one.” The acid covered her right hand as she did so, and she clenched her teeth against the scream of pain. She wouldn’t give the Queen the satisfaction of loud screams. It wasn’t enough to eat fully through, but it was red and raw. It hadn’t eaten her, but she stumbled back, and felt foot make contact with a soft spot. When it didn’t sink through, she breathed easier. She looked to check footing and made eye contact with the one head she hadn’t looked at yet, and found herself frozen. The left head. She couldn’t move, no matter what she tried. It was pain beyond all other pains, worse than everything from the tea party. Tears began to flow down her cheeks. She couldn’t scream, couldn’t cry out, nothing. And then the thing, the massive three headed thing was flying right at her, and it used its tail to slam her off her feet. Her eyes broke contact with the left head and she went flying. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty feet, over the rock outcropping the queen stood on, and to the other side and splashed down into the water. And discovered the hard way that this was a saltwater marsh. She cried out in pain, not that it was heard. It stung and burned all of the acid burns. She struck out, trying to swim to the top, wanting to get out before any of the dead things started to drag her down.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 17 2017, 02:16 PM
If the Jabberwocky could laugh you were sure it would be, but it couldn’t so you had to use your imagination at this point which shouldn’t be too hard. However the beast still was in power when it came down to it and if you weren’t careful you were going to end up as Jabberwocky chow which wouldn’t be the highlight of your day or anyone else’s for that matter honestly. It roared overhead and you couldn’t be sure at this point but it looked like the middle head actually spit acid at you this time as opposed to just having it drip down on you. As if the festering, stinking marshes wasn’t enough now several puddles of acid were beginning to appear around you so you now doubly had to watch your footing or else you were in even worse trouble than before but when wasn’t that during EHC? However, it was rather difficult considering there was a giant beast above you in the sky who wanted to make dinner out of you, for you were crunchy and tasted good with catsup. So maybe that was a bad joke but still, the Jabberwocky wouldn’t be content until it had taken you down at least. “Do you give up yet you pathetic creature?” The Queen called, obviously still hell bent on taunting you through this whole process. Of course it was probably just a distraction technique so you’d do well not to fall for it, but then again none of the Champions were what anyone would call shining examples of intelligence so it was more likely they’d fall for it and shoot their mouth off at the Queen and leave themselves vulnerable. One thing could be said for the Champions and that was that they were a bunch of suckers, it was a given they’d fall for just about anything thrown in front of their face while ignoring the important things they needed to pay attention to.

The point of this setting to battle the Jabberwocky was to make it hard, of course that didn’t mean any of the Champions would appreciate it but the whole idea behind EHC was to challenge anyone who wanted to partake in all manners possible. One would figure fickle Fiona would realize that by now but apparently she was happy to keep her head in the clouds about...well everything. Her growing annoyance was becoming clear, and it was amusing both to the Queen and the beast taunting her. She really needed to be careful what she wished for, if she wasn’t careful the beast would swallow her without a second thought then she’d really be done for. Her swinging the sword was a great source of amusement to everyone, and the Queen doubled over in laughter. “Toddlers could do better than that.” The woman managed to force out between fits of laughter. Fiona definitely needed to do something now, being a laughing stock was not how she wanted to end this thing for sure. Not to mention it’d be an embarrassing way to go out, it’d also be disappointing after everything she’d endured. Her attempts to stab the beast where haphazard and resulted in a glorious miss. She landed in the water with a giant kerplunk and sent water spraying in a wondrous fashion, although her attempts at a quick escape were useless as she was soon mobbed with bodies. One began choking her as the other’s worked on dragging her down into the abyss.

The laughs of the Queen echoed through the area, you were getting really annoyed with her (likely surely everyone else) but as it was she was untouchable and there was nothing you could do about it right now or likely ever. The Jabberwocky dove at you again but it seemed more like a taunt then actually trying to get you or harm you, likely it was a matter of trying to keep you off balance at this point so it could continue toying with you. Well it seemed like that until the right head’s eyes locked with your’s and you got hit again by the tail. This was getting rather old and it didn’t seem like you were getting the upper hand, but you had to go on. The tail didn’t hit you as hard this time thankfully as you surely had a mark from last time but you still got knocked into a puddle of acid, but since you weren’t paralyzed you were able to scramble out quickly and break eye contact with the right head. The sword had flown from your hand and panicked you looked around for it, searching it was nowhere to be seen at this point which didn’t bode well for you but then again nothing in this tournament boded well for you. As the panic threatened to overwhelm you that was when you spotted it, well not the sword you were seeking but something else. In a deep watery area on the marsh next to you was a bubble of acid under the water, and in the bubble was clear as day your wand. However, it was surrounded by more bodies then you’d seen thus far. As you spotted you wand you noticed a glint about thirty yards from you in the opposite direction that appeared to be the sword, it looked like it was decision time. The question was which one did you pick, and was that really your wand?

[[OOC: RP out your character going after your wand, sword or both. You are not allowed to decide if the wand is really there. Remember the Jabberwocky is still overhead so make sure your character interacts with him.]]

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 17 2017, 05:47 PM
Fi was disappointed that the sword hadn’t made contact, it would have been great not to have to deal with the acid anymore, just to have two things to deal with. Sure, they were the two that could really get inside her head, but at least then it would be one less thing to deal with. She was starting to feel really frustrated. How was she supposed to kill this thing if it just stayed up in the air all the time? The acid was building up in puddles, so she was going to have to watch her feet, and the jabberwocky, and the dead things, and try not to trip, and try to kill it. It was just ridiculous. Then the Queen’s annoying voice cut through the air again. Fiona decided not to waste her breath this time, she’d been silent this whole damn time, so clearly, the woman was just taunting her. She gave a thumbs down instead. A silent indicator, not taking her eyes off the creature. She was wishing she had her wand, because if her theory was right, dealing with these damned eyes would be the way to go and it would possibly prevent the stupid thing from being able to make eye contact with her and enchanting her. She frowned, debating what to do if no such opportunity became available. Rousseau hadn’t mentioned one, so she assumed one wouldn’t come.

The queen was bent double with laughter, and her comment had Fiona glaring. ”Well, you would know wouldn’t you, since you’re roughly the size and temperament of one.” She called back. At least she had tried, had a chance to attempt to injure the stupid thing. The trip into the marsh was far from ideal, Fiona had not intended to become the wizarding world’s version of Evel Knievel and go flying across the sky. Fiona was swimming up towards the surface when that first hand caught her. She inwardly cursed, not wanting to open her mouth to the water. She struggled when another hand wrapped around her throat and began to choke her. She was quickly running out of air. Some of them started dragging her back, and she kicked out. She felt the heel of her shoe come in contact with one head, and hoped it had done something. She brandished the sword, stabbing the one choking her through the eyes, effectively stabbing it in the brain, rendering it fully brain dead. She’d read the book “World War Z” a few times. She assumed inferi were like Zombies. It seemed effective enough, so she stabbed at the heads of those dragging her down. It was like an extra-violent version of whack-a-mole. She rather liked it which was kind of terrifying. As soon as she had freed herself, she kicked out for the shore, swimming up and up. She grabbed ahold of the bank and got far enough away from the hands reach, not wanting to be dragged back in. She coughed and spluttered, sure that her skin was covered in the blackheads and blisters, but not wasting time to check, She wanted to get back to her feet before the Jabberwocky got too much more of an advantage.

The Queen’s laughter echoed in a grating manner, and her guards’ laughed sycophantically. She would have loved nothing more than to ride the Jabberwocky like a vigilante up over her and spray acid over her, but it was not to be. She saw the thing headed at her fast again, had no time to move and go slammed into again by the tail, after the right head made eye contact. This time, it was Luke screaming in her ears, which was quite a nice break from insanity, as there were no memories, although it did nothing for her peace of mind, as she could not stand the sound of him crying out in pain, begging her for help, to save him. She wanted to go to him, but she was going straight back in the air, until she landed with a thump and a splash, all the air knocked from her lungs, feeling a rib or two crack on impact, just glad she hadn’t broken her spine.. She had landed in a puddle of acid, grunted in pain, but got up, breaking eye contact, glad it hadn’t been the left head. As she did, something caught her attention. Floating in a bubble, full of acid was….her wand? Was it her wand? Rousseau hadn’t mentioned it. She hesitated and then saw a glint...the sword. On the opposite side. If it was her wand she could have both. If not...would she be able to get to the other. She grabbed for a rock, chucked it over the beast’s head and ran towards her wand as fast as she could, diving in and immediately striking out towards it.

Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Aug 17 2017, 06:10 PM
It seemed like no matter what you were trying to do and focus on there was always something happening to distract you, this was the second task they had offered up your wand out in the task after taking it before it started. However, like last time going after it would be difficult and dangerous even moreso this time considering the beast above. On top of that you couldn’t even really be sure if the wand was actually there and would it be worth it to actually have it? Sure you could shoot spells off at the Jabberwocky for afar but you had seen the beast’s hide up close and knew the spells would only rebound off of it but it may make it possible to hit the vulnerable areas of the beast. They always seemed to throw a monkey wrench into your plans, just when you seemed to have things in the task figured out they did everything in their power to make it difficult and throw you through a loop. One thing was sure that you would be glad when this god forsaken tournament was over, you’d had enough of being a celebrity and Eternal Glory to last you a lifetime-or if you were smart you had. Although no one could argue anyone who entered this tournament willingly was smart, this whole thing was like a giant suicide mission meant to push you over the edge of sanity. One could foreseeably argue that being insane wasn’t that bad actually because you didn’t know you were insane, but you lost who you were and everything about you so it came at a high cost. On the plus side you’d never have to work another day in your life, but early retirement wasn’t all it was cracked up to be when you were living in padded walls with a hug yourself jacket.

Fiona didn’t take kindly to the Queen’s mockery of her, sour grapes but no one consider the girl to ever take things gracefully. A hippo doing a swan dive had more grace then Fiona, but that was a story for another time. The Queen decided not to respond to the idiot girl, she had better things to do than mince paltry words with her. Well it was more like she refused to have a battle of wits with a clearly unarmed person. It seemed like Fiona hadn’t lost her taste for violence after the last task, she handle the bodies like a pro. Soon she was back on mostly stable land but like all good things in life, or EHC, it couldn’t last. Catching sight of her wand she was now willingingly diving into the water. As soon as Fiona touched the water the bodies went into a frenzy, they all began grabbing her in various places by the dozen. A few took the time to bite her while others tried to choke her, the rest just were intent on trying to drown her and dragging her further away from her wand. The boy was seriously out numbered at the moment, perhaps if she had the sword he could manage the bodies but right now she was sinking like a rock. [[OOC: RP Out dealing with the bodies, you can’t get rid of all of them though unarmed. It is your choice if your character goes after their wand still or flees from the water.]]

The Jabberwocky caught your eyes with both the left and right head, it was double the torture and it was completely awful. Hearing the pain of your loved ones was bad enough but mixing it up with your own and being paralyzed completely while enduring your own pain was nothing short of utter hell. At least the Jabberwocky decided not to play tail ball with you again, of course you were sure it wasn’t because the beast felt bad for you but because it had some sort of other plans for you. Then again what didn’t have other plans for you on this wild ride they called EHC? “You suffer because you deserve it!” Hissed the Queen. “Give up now, you will never defeat my Champion you helpless child!” The woman was obviously gleeful at the idea you wouldn’t be successful in this endeavour. Although she hadn’t used Hatter to force you to do anything yet which was a nice change, but that didn’t mean she would if she felt like she was losing this game. It was like her own personal threat to hold over your head during this entire thing, and you weren’t foolish enough to believe that should the tides turn in your favor that she wouldn’t use Hatter to tip them back to her favor like the conniving bitch she was. As you writhed in pain the Jabberwocky landed in front of you causing the ground to shake and you to topple over, the middle head dripping acid on you briefly. You lost eye contact with the heads so you had your freedom again, but at the price of being directly in range with the beast as the mouths of each of the heads snapped at you hungrily.

[[OOC: Whether you flee or try to fight the Jabberwocky is up to you at this point, if you run though it will give chase. If you fight remember you have three heads with razor sharp teeth after use and the beast can use the rest of it’s body to try and take you out. Be realistic though, either way you won’t come away completely unscathed.]]

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