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 Lex Solano [Claimed], Involved in Bella's plot
Bellaluna Mckenzie
 Posted: Aug 4 2017, 04:16 AM

Claw 1st Year

Nicknames / Bella and Bells

Age / 12

Occupation / Student

Post Count / 339

FC / Natalie Dormer


Pureblood / Single /


The character of Lex Solano, Lex's Profile, is up for grab if you want to join in Bella's awesome (and extensive) plot.

He's best friend with upcoming student Brandt Reid and his family is working for the McKenzies, therefore he's already got some strong bond with both Bella and Kieran, as well as the Reid brothers. Some of Bells' entourage know him too, such as Cami, Fox and Stefanie.

He's a Ravenclaw and of Spanish origins so if you don't mind speaking/the challenge of translating the language at times, he might be fun!

Oh and he's also at equally at ease in Muggle and Wizarding settings, his mom being a Muggle and dad a pureblood wizard.

He's also gaga about Archery, practicing the sport religiously. He'll definitely have fun continuing to see Bella improve and teach his friends.

PM me if you want to give him a try or want to discuss adapting some of the information in his profile. I am open to ideas. Only a few things are set in stone. biggrin.gif

UPDATE: Lex has been claimed!

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