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 Rules and Supplies!, Important- MUST READ!
Professor Felicity Quinn
 Posted: Sep 6 2017, 03:11 AM

Deputy HoH

Nicknames / Fi

Age / 29

Occupation / Slytherin DHOH/Arithmancy Professor

Post Count / 180

FC / Melissa Rauch


No-Maj Born / Single / Unplotted

Supplies Needed


Arithmancy Pack pack, which can be found in the Pandora's Box in the IBStore

Other Supplies

- Quill, Ink and Parchment




- Always bring the required supplies to class. Inventories will be checked thoroughly. If I find that you do not possess the items needed for your level, you won’t be added to the roster and your posts will be deleted.

- Please, arrive on time. Students who are late will incur a deduction of 5-15 points for their house.

- Follow instructions given by the Professor and behave. If you are caught misbehaving, points will be deducted as seen fit.


- No spamming.

- No tagging, unless specified by the Professor.

- No godmodding. Let your classmates react however they want.

- Take the time to read your classmates’ posts and try to interact with each other, not just one or two specific people. Be aware that this class will sometimes pair you up randomly.

- If you join later than the start of the term, act as if your character has been there all along. Tardiness will result in loss of points.

- One-liners are not appropriate answers. Please, post at least a paragraph of 4 lines.

- Quizzes, Mid-Terms and Finals are optional. You don’t have to complete them but if you do, you earn house points. Same applies with answering questions and posting/participating in activities/assignments.

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Please follow the links before you ask me questions!

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