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 Potions Rules All Levels, MUST READ AND SIGN
Professor Elisabeth Matheson
 Posted: May 10 2018, 02:09 AM


Nicknames / lis

Age / 27

Occupation / Ilvermorny Herbology Prof

Post Count / 243

FC / holland roden


muggle / Dating / plotted

IC Rules

1. Prompt arrival is expected. Be on time. Better yet, be early. Queue outside. If you are late, I will take off points and probably assign you detention.
2. Have your materials. Your lack of preparedness is not my problem. I will not be lending you things for class. And you will lose points. And get a detention.
3. Disrespect is not tolerated towards the professor, other students, or people not in the class. That includes spoken aloud or facial expressions. Rolling of eyes, sucking of teeth (you know, that american thing that kids do, I taught at Ilvermorny, it's a thing). Don't do it.
4. Follow directions. The first time. Mistakes are okay, arguing is not.

OOC Rules

1. Don't tag people. Seriously. We don't need all the notifications
2. You have to get the materials in the IBS store. They're listed below. Yes, I will be checking.
3. If you rp coming in late, you will lose points. It starts at 5. If I'm rping Elisabeth in a tetchy mood, it might be more. I wouldn't test her. She will probably also give you detention if you are not a first year and if it is past the first class. If we're past the "start of the lesson" and you haven't posted you can just say you were there.
4. IC disrespect and stuff will result in IC consequences and can be rp'd just be ready to lose points and have detention.
5. ACTUAL harassment and bullying is not tolerated and will be reported.
6. If something is confusing, pm me. Even if you have my RP facebook, PM ME ON THE SITE, that's so I can keep track, I forget stuff. It's a legit side effect of a medication I am on, so when it comes to things like this, I much prefer PM.
7. Get the supplies. It's here twice. I'm serious.


1. Your wand. Duh
2. Parchment, quills, ink (Elisabeth will let you use pencils and pens but SHHHHH)
3. Basic Potions box, Intermediate Potions box, or advanced potions box depending on your level.

Please write "I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO FOLLOW THE RULES" below if you have read, understand, and agree to follow the rules for basic and intermediate potions

user posted image
thanks to Audrey Evans
Meadow Rivera
 Posted: May 11 2018, 03:08 PM

Puff 2nd Year

Nicknames / Mia, Doe

Age / 12

Occupation / Student

Post Count / 99

FC /


Muggle-born / Single / Unplotted

I have read, understand, and agree to follow the rules.

user posted image

Meadow Rose Rivera

Theresa Rubel
 Posted: May 17 2018, 11:08 AM

Sly Prefect

Nicknames / Thessa, Trouble

Age / 15

Occupation / 6th year Sly, Hissing

Post Count / 507

FC / Simone Simons


Halfblood / Single / Unplotted

I have read, understand, and agree to follow the rules.

user posted image
By winterfall@shadowplay
user posted image / user posted image by Rosie
Klaus Sether
 Posted: May 26 2018, 04:21 AM

Gryff 5th Year

Nicknames /

Age /

Occupation /

Post Count / 16

FC /


/ Single /

I have read, understand, and agree to follow the rules, Ma'am!
Frarica Lou Green
 Posted: Jul 13 2018, 06:18 PM

Puff 2nd Year

Nicknames / Nope

Age /

Occupation / Student at Hogwarts

Post Count / 33

FC /


Half / Nope /

I have read, understand, and agree to follow the rules.
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