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 The Tables
Professor Felicity Quinn
 Posted: Sep 29 2017, 02:32 AM

Deputy HoH

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FC / Melissa Rauch


No-Maj Born / Single / Unplotted

"Miss that is the best idea I heard all day, you bet I do."

Felicity could tell she hit the nail on the head. His demeanor changed dramatically and she couldn't help but giggle when he agreed. She placed her small hand in his when he reached out to help her up and Felicity gave a small curtsy when she did. With her other hand, she grabbed her empty latte cup after slipping back into her tan pea coat so when they headed out the door she could toss it in the garbage.

"Great it's only a few blocks away. So we can walk. It is a no-maj place though, just so you're aware." She smiled up at him as she opened the front door of the shop, the brisk wind of the arriving winter smacking her in the face. "Oh! and they have the best Chili." The thought was brought on by the fact that she was suddenly hungry. Maybe she would have to order some to keep the alcohol at bay.

Professor Duke Wylie

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Duke Wylie
 Posted: Sep 29 2017, 03:05 PM


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Duke was of course more relaxed now that he was getting out of the fancy to do coffee shop, he was sure it was a nice place with nice people but it just wasn't for him. Her hand seemed so delicate in his and his cheeks went a little pink at her curtsy, however he thought he managed to keep it together pretty well. "I'll be on my best behavior Miss." He told her with a crooked grin and tip of his hat. She opened the front door herself and he frowned at her, that was his job as the guy here because it was respectful not because he didn't believe she couldn't manage it. "Bet it aint like Mama fixed it." He told her, amused that some city slicker thought they might be able to make better chili then a Texas cattle rancher's wife. Heading out the door he plodded down the street in his boots, following her.

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