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Posted by: Minister Julian Carusso Feb 1 2018, 01:57 AM

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Posted by: Logan Plaskett Feb 11 2018, 08:56 PM
As Logan's parents wanted to attend the Annual Ministry Ball, he also had to come as their only child they were so proud of. He didn't mind it, as it was another place where he could meet future schoolmates, and he liked all kinds of elegant events. In these places, he didn't need to hide that he was the child of a quite wealthy family. Otherwise, he didn't want to brag about it all the time, just wanted to fit in his actual environment, and keep his good manners.
He was free to mingle with the younger kids while his parents tried to get new - and of course, useful! - acquaintances. His stomach was growling, so he made his way straight to the buffet to check what kind of delicacies he could taste there.

Vincent Anthony Nieche

Posted by: Vincent Anthony Nieche Mar 22 2018, 07:59 AM
Van was tired from walking up and about the place, smiling and charming everyone he meets. It was a lot of effort but one he enjoyed thoroughly because he knew he had gained allies from these people. If there was one thing he loved more than himself, it was power. The power to overrule anyone. The power to be untouchable. The power to be above any weakness. He was always one for high social functions like this. His mother might have dragged him along but that doesn't mean he didn't want to be dragged. Meeting useful people is something he always look forward to.

His mother is a socialite and his father is a business man. Both came from a well-off family, but not quite as wealthy as some of the people here. see that's what he learned from a young age, money, power, charm, as long as you have these cards, you are untouchable. And that's what he wants. He was a proud person, but he never boasts. It ruins his image. His family wasn't famously wealthy but they were known well enough to be invited to certain high social functions of which they never miss to attend. His parents didn't marry for love, a fact Van is very proud of. They married for money and lust. Overtime, his mother fell in love with his father, something his father didn't reciprocate. He was led to believe love ruined their family.

With her mother disappearing into the crowd to boast about their 'perfect' life, he decided to get a platter. Luck was with him as he saw the son of the Plaskett family. Van knows everyone who has a high social standing, a wealthy family and has a powerful background. The Plaskett family, as he remembered, is a wealthy family. Van decided it was a perfect opportunity to introduce himself. Mr. Plaskett, how lovely to see you have graced this event with your presence. My name's Vincent Anthony Nieche. He flashed him his million dollar smile and offered his hand for a handshake.

Logan Plaskett

Posted by: Logan Plaskett Mar 22 2018, 08:21 PM
Logan suddenly turned around, plate in hand, as someone addressed him with such politeness. He was always a bit bothered whenever he was called Mr. Plaskett, but he had to bear this little awkwardness inside, as his dad was part-owner of Potions Lady, one of the biggest beautifying potions businesses in the wizarding world.
Nieche... He could swear to Merlin's beard that he'd already heard this name, and as far as he could remmber, it was an important last name to know in high circles. He accepted the handshake with a polite smile and nodded. 'Nice to make your acquaintance, Mr. Nieche. As we are both young men, what about calling me Logan?' - he asked, with a widened smile, as the Nieche-boy didn't really look older than him. Hopefully he would accept his offer, as they could still stay polite with each other, even if their speaking style wasn't that official.

Vincent Anthony Nieche

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