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 Lesson One
Charles Reynolds
 Posted: Oct 26 2017, 11:33 PM

Adult Wizard

Nicknames / Charlie

Age / 27

Occupation /

Post Count / 14

FC /


Muggleborn / Single / Unplotted

Charlie pushed back his light brown hair and ignoring his nerves, he pushed open the door to his classroom. He was right on time and he had to be, unlike his younger years where he would often be late to his classes. Of course, things had certainly changed, but he couldn't help but give the new Professor role a slight sense of humor. It was just part of his personality and he could only hope his new class would find History just as hilarious as much as it was serious and dull.

He slammed his briefcase onto his desk, which echoed across the room. With a small smirk which turned into a warm smile, he flickered his bright blue gaze around at his students. "Welcome to the History of Magic, my name is Professor Reynolds! Today, we're going to talk about classroom expectations, but before we delve into that, please introduce yourself to your classmates and explain your opinion on the History of Magic and what you're hoping to get out of this class."

(OOC: Make sure you've signed up, read the rules, and have the History of Magic textbook, along with your supplies for the class! Any questions, please PM me.)
Kate Babson
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 11:06 PM

Gryff 3rd Year

Nicknames / Katie, Princess

Age / 13

Occupation / Student

Post Count / 75

FC / Avril Lavigne


No-Maj-born / Single / Unplotted

Kate rolled her eyes and sighed before she stood up. She had enough of introductions this year. She wasn't even surprised. That was the habit of professors around here lately. 'Hello, Professor, my name's Kate Babson, I'm a 2nd year Wampus. I only hope that you can make this subject interesting for us, otherwise it only remains a bunch of dates, names and places we'll surely forget... ' - she said in a quite annoyed tone before she plopped back to her seat, making it creak. She didn't want to say anything offensive to the Professor Reynolds, however it was him who asked what they expect of this class.

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