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 Lesson One: Love Potions Do Not Equal Consent, Advanced Potions
Professor Alden Conroy
 Posted: Sep 2 2017, 01:23 AM

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Alden had spent the entire summer pondering how to start the lessons for his new Advanced Potions students this term. There were a lot of options, each one important in their own way: they certainly would need to be able to brew a Draught of Living Death. The Wiggenweld Potion would be important for future healers, while Felix Felicis was always a fun choice. But no, he had finally settled on a different opening lesson, one that he hoped the students wouldn't need to use on themselves here at school, but...better prepared than not. He had erased the blackboard entirely from his previous class, and on it, he had attached a simple poster distributed by MACUSA. On his table, he had a small cauldron slowly steaming away, its contents shimmering slightly. His preparations finished, he sat down in his chair and waited for his students to arrive.

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Ryker Carson
 Posted: Oct 15 2017, 09:32 PM


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Ryker walked in feeling rather a confused maybe it was because he had a dream that confused him. He was excited to learn about potions since it was one of his favorable subjects. He always did have a liking for potions since he spent some of his free time reading about it. He sat down and took out all of his supplies. He gave a small smile to the professor as he waited for the class to start.

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