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Posted by: Headmaster Emile Rousseau Oct 30 2017, 04:36 PM
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Posted by: Theresa Rubel Nov 2 2017, 08:43 PM
Thessa wanted to get rid of David, Jai and all the drama with them, so she decided to invite Dan to the ball. At least he didn't seem to think that she was the worst person in his life. She put on a long, elegant, leaving her hair let down. As she usually wasn't good at making buns or doing any kind of hair styling, it wasn't worth the pain of trying, only to end up the same way: letting her hair down. She was sure that even if she tried try some Sleekeazy's Hair Potion, that wouldn't help.
She was waiting for Dan at the balcony, as since the start of the EHC, she could really appreciate some time alone, some private time, when nobody watched her.


Posted by: Tom Ozen Dec 8 2017, 01:04 AM
Tom didn't know why he decided to come to the EHC ball. He was dateless, as he felt weird about asking Flare and he just didn't support the EHC in general. Oh yeah, he was here because his parent's told him he had to go on their behalf. They donated a lot of money towards the games and with Eb no longer at school, Tom was the face of the Ozen Family at school. He loved his parent's but he just didn't understand them.

When Tom arrived, he headed straight to the balcony. No one would really look for him to talk to him about his parent's money so he'd stay for a bit then head back to the Tower. Though, when he got outside, he noticed he wouldn't be alone. Which was fine by him. "Hey" He greeted the red-headed Slytherin as he stepped up next to her.

Theresa Rubel

Posted by: Theresa Rubel Dec 10 2017, 11:27 PM
Thessa quickly turned around, hearing and unfamiliar voice. What a surprise: it wasn't Dan, but - thank Merlin! - neither David. Another boy greeted her, that she could see here and there during classes, but didn't talk much to him. To be honest, she didn't remember talking to him ever. As far as she remembered, he was a Gryffindor. 'Hey!' - she answered, stroking some red locks behind her ear. 'Where's your date? Or you're just looking for random lonely girls?' - she asked with a smirk, to cover up her disappointment and the acknowledgement of her own loneliness. Maybe Handsome Seeker decided to bring someone else to the ball, completely forgetting Thessa's invitation.

Posted by: Tom Ozen Dec 11 2017, 12:16 AM
'Hey! Where's your date? Or you're just looking for random lonely girls?'

Tom smirked back and chuckled. He turned to lean his back against the rail, watching the dancing going on inside through the large windows. "No date tonight. Unfortunately, on family business. I personally didn't want to come, but my parents donate a lot of money to the games." He sighed, deciding to keep his own personal view of the games to himself. Most likely they would be opposite to most who attended tonight's event. "And what's your story? Aren't you a contestant this year? Where's your date?" Tom had never spoken to the girl but they shared classes, he knew her name and her house but that was about it. He spent most of his time fooling around with Luke and Rosie and the other Gryffindors. He wasn't prejiduce against Slytherins, his sister and parents having been one, they were just a different circle.

Theresa Rubel

Posted by: Theresa Rubel Dec 16 2017, 10:50 PM
Thessa nodded at his story about family business, feeling a bit ashamed of her own financial situation. She didn't really know rich people, but knew about remarkable family names, as some of their kids were runnig around Hogwarts. 'I bet you don't really like the games...' - she said as the boy sighed. Thessa was on the same opinion since she entered; but she wanted to persist, to be able to do her best before she falls out. As the EHC made her ridiculous and made her tell all her secrets, she simply lost her pride of being a contestant. It was rather a burden...
'Yes, I'm one of the participants... I guess ou know every little detail of my private life since the Pre-Task, just like the whole damn school does...' - she said and quickly looked away, feeling the disppointment and anger rising inside her again. - 'Maybe that's why I have no date at all, but I don't really mind it, to be honest. I only came here because, as a contestant, I had to.'
She wished she could go back in time to see David and Jai happily together, accept it and finally let David go.

Tom Ozen

Posted by: Tom Ozen Dec 17 2017, 03:50 PM
'I bet you don't really like the games...'

Tom felt bad. He didn't want to offend her but she had been correct in her statement. "Not particularly. I think it's just an easy excuss for the adults to take their frustrations out on us and not be considered bad people because it's Ministry sanctioned."

He listened as she continued, obviously upset, 'Yes, I'm one of the participants... I guess ou know every little detail of my private life since the Pre-Task, just like the whole damn school does...' -

Tom closed his eyes, sad that they had obviously taken advantage of this girl. "No, I don't actually. I don't watch. As I mentioned before I don't support them.- But if that is why you don't have a date, because of your secrets, then you shouldn't be with them anyway because they don't accept your baggage. They’re stupid.” he then laughed hoping he lightened the mood a bit. ”By the way, if no one tells you tonight, you look beautiful in that dress.” Tom wasn’t trying to flirt, wasn’t trying to get anything out of her but just genuinely wanted to put a smile on her face. ”I’m Tom” He held out his hand to her in hopes that she wouldn’t refuse him.

Posted by: Theresa Rubel Dec 27 2017, 11:02 PM
Thessa could only agree with the boy's statement about adults and their frustrations. It was their little revenge towards a chosen group of daring fools - them.
The girl was glad there were still some people who weren't informed about the things she told after drinking that Veritaserum. She sent a bitter smile to the Gryffindor. At least he tried to find an explanation where she wasn't the bad one. But it wasn't true. She did her own mistakes that lead to her current condition. 'It's not that simple... it wasn't only about me... the Pre-task revealed a secret a shared with someone about a mistake we did... so the Pre-task only got both of us into trouble... If the mistake hadn't been told, they would have been still together with his girlfriend, I guess...' - she said in a fading voice, looking out to the lanes again.
When he mentioned the dress, she couldn't believe her ears. She turned back to the boy with a wide smile and blushing cheeks. 'Oh... It's so cute of you, even if you're lying to make me happy' - she said, then shook his hand. 'Thessa. Nice to meet you, gentleman!'

Posted by: Tom Ozen Jan 11 2018, 04:07 AM
Thomas continued to watch the dancing that ensued inside. Some of it was just sad that some would call it dancing. Tom may come off as an air-headed goofball but when he thought of a dance he imagined Romance and subtle charmingness. Sophistication. Though that could also just be his upbringing.

”Everything happens for a reason. That’s what I think” He smiled turning back around and resting his arms on the railing before them.

Tom chuckled softly shaking her hand. "Whereas yes, I did mention it to make you happy it was certainly not false." she had called him a gentleman, it made Tom think of the Lancaster party, Flare had told him the same thing. His father would certainly be proud his son had all these girls thinking that. Though Tom was intentionally sincere in his comments. "Though I may have to take it back. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about being called cute. You couldn't have said like hot or I would have taken sexy. I would have also accepted manly"

Theresa Rubel

Posted by: Theresa Rubel Jan 16 2018, 10:08 PM
Thessa had to laugh. This boy definitely had expectations! They didn't even know each other, but he wanted to be called sexy. Oh lá lá...! She shook her had lightly before speaking. 'Please be aware, that I only called your intention cute, not you!' - she said, followed by a chuckle. - 'But now, even if I thought you were cute... well, I have to change my mind!' - she said with a smirk. She didn't even realize how fast she could be distracted from her own personal problems and how well she could get along with a Gryffindor. 'Show me something, that would make me call you sexy or manly!' - she said, trying to challenge the boy, hoping that she wouldn't regret her own words.

Tom Ozen

Posted by: Tom Ozen Jan 17 2018, 02:48 AM
'Please be aware, that I only called your intention cute, not you!But now, even if I thought you were cute... well, I have to change my mind!'

Tom raised a brow at her comment. There was no way someone would change their mind. He wasn’t play boy but Tom knew he was plenty attractive to girls. Though he also tried not to let it inflate his ego.

'Show me something, that would make me call you sexy or manly!'

Now he was being challenged? Tom didn’t like being dared to do things. But he wasn’t going to let her think otherwise either. Quickly he thought about what would his cousin James do with what his father would do. Though Tom was always on that line of if that was the best way to go. He knew who his family was after all.

With no other option in mind, Tom grabbed Theresa’s hand and pulled her to him swiftly, wrapping his other hand around the small of her back to keep her pressed against him, his mouth inches from hers but he just stared into her eyes in silence.

@[Theresa Rubal]

Posted by: Theresa Rubel Jan 21 2018, 07:34 PM
Thessa was shocked, but she had to admit that she enjoyed what she got. She challenged a Gryffindor - and usually they couldn't resist to have some daring moments in their lives. With eyes widened and a pounding heart, she tried to keep up the close eye contact. She didn't really have any other choice, but she didn't mind it. He loved dark brown eyes... and what Tom was actually doing moved something in her, he was definitely playing with her hormones. She was breathing hard, but tried not to show it. He was sexy indeed. But Thessa simply couldn't say it out loud neither she dared to move. She tried to collect all her braveness, so that she would be able to speak again: 'And now...? What's next?' - she asked in a low voice, it was almost a whisper; her face turning to a smirk again.

Tom Ozen

Posted by: Tom Ozen Jan 21 2018, 11:22 PM
Tom liked the challenge, and that's what he felt was happening when she wouldn't avert her eyes from his.

The longer she stared the louder his heartbeat drummed in his ears. Did she want him to kiss her? And why did Tom feel like he wanted to?

Maybe it was just teenage hormones maybe it was the pent up emotion he hadn’t been able to spend on Flare. Regardless, he was surprised by the feeling and it made him nervous.

Before Flare even knew who he was Tom wouldn’t have even debated but she made him want to be a better person. At the same time they weren’t dating, they had never been out, and the smirk on her face upset him.

And that was what ended his internal debate, the smirk. [color=red]”I think you need to be quiet.”
His mouth was then on hers, both of his hands reaching up under her hair to cup her face. He spun them around so she now rested against the railing, his back to the Great Hall, his mouth brushing against hers over and over. See her call him cute again.

Theresa Rubel

Posted by: Theresa Rubel Jan 21 2018, 11:54 PM
Thessa didn't think he would go that far, but damn, but he did it! She let her mind shut down and got lost in the kiss, her hads gripping his the back of his neck tight. It was much better then the half-refused one of David... Oh, David... For a moment, she wished it was him, but then she quickly forgot it. If he'd really wanted her, he would have given signs of it, and wouldn't have let her avoid him that much. It hurt her, but she quickly shrugged it off.

She didn't have feelings for Tom, given that they didn't even know each other well. By the way he treated her, he definitely had a nice effect on her. The kiss held her spellbound, and she wanted more of it, letting her hormones storm inside her. She stopped to catch her breath, looking deep in his eyes: 'I take it back. You're not cute!'- she said and pressed her lips against his again, one hand slipping up a bit, into his hair, the other grabbing the shoulder of his lounge-coat.

Tom Ozen

Posted by: Tom Ozen Jan 22 2018, 03:07 AM
It’s was nice to feel like a winner, and really Tom felt like he won double as Theresa’s hands weaved up and into his hair.

When she had broken the kiss to tell him he was right and to catch her breath. Tom couldn’t believe how heavy his own breathing was, his eyes searched hers, only noticing how deeply blue hers were.

Tom was searching for what, he didn’t know. Why he was out of breath? How had it ended up so deeply? He didn’t even notice the cold anymore.

He figured it must have been his hormones acting as she kissed him again. Tom was surprised but he couldn’t stop her. Though he didn’t want to stop her either. He couldn’t remember the last time he had gone out with a girl and it felt nice to feel wanted, and to give over your own emotion.

When Tom felt her hand grip his shoulder, he grunted slightly, and brought a hand to the small of her back once again. He didn’t know what he was doing, didn’t know what was happening but he enjoyed it and he allowed himself to get lost it what they were doing.

Theresa Rubel

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