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 Band of Buds, USA
Roxie March
 Posted: Feb 25 2018, 03:58 AM

Ministry Head

Nicknames / Rose, Bubbles

Age / 27

Occupation / Ministry Head Lvl 5

Post Count / 51

FC / Billie Piper


Muggle born / Widowed / Plotted


Roxie was close friends with three people during school, one of whom she married. Though she didn’t marry him for love, she married him so he could experience love. She was a giver of her soul, always attracted to people who needed saving, fixing. She had of course been there for him until his dying day but she had been alone since. She had gone into work in No-Maj land, returning to her roots. She went back to the magical world to find it wasn’t her fit, except now she regrets leaving and is trying to get that job back.

However back in her Wampus days she was quite a bit reckless, fitting the warrior description quite well though she was far more cautious than she let on. She had kept a fairly small circle compared to others, her and three people. Those three people were her three best friends and she still considers them to be though she hasn’t spoken to them in such a long time.

They were a band of idiots in their day and she misses them and the times. After all those were the glory days. She was the only one who left magic and she was two years younger than the rest.


user posted image

Michael was the one who had been in love with Roxie since they met in his 3rd year. When she was in her 6th year he was diagnosed with cancer that the hospital couldn’t cure. Because of this he had two years left to live and Roxie decided to give him what she knew he had wanted for a long time. She loved him in the time they were together, though it wasn’t the same way he loved her. He always called Roxie is rock since she was what kept him from sinking in the past.

Status: Deceased


user posted image

Character name: Christian ____
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Celebrity(Must not be claimed already): John Barrowman
New character or No?: New Charrie
Plot character or no?(If yes, the plot must be approved.): No
History of Friend: Chris had always been in love with Michael but never said anything until the day Michael died. He was always close with Roxie but they were like a pair of best mates. He was the gay best friend who nobody needed to ask if he was actually gay. It was well known and everyone rolled their eyes and said duh when he came out in his 7th year. He was the one who always called Roxie Bubbles.

Status: Alive
Occupation: Open


user posted image

Character name: Andrew _____
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Celebrity(Must not be claimed already): David Tennant
New character or No?: New Character
Plot character or no?(If yes, the plot must be approved.): No
History of Friend: Drew was the one who Roxie had always had a crush on at school. They almost became an item before Michael learned he was dying. Once they found out they agreed that making him happy was a priority over the two of them playing out what might be transpiring between them. She lost touch with him after Michael died and she went into the No-Maj workforce. He called Roxie his Rose.

Status: Alive
Occupation: Open


It’s been 4 years since Michael died and Roxie has been wanting to write to her old friends to get back in touch. She misses them and is wondering what they are up to lately. I aim for Andrew and Roxie to at least try what they put on hold 6 years ago though we can discuss if we wish for them to remain together. Christopher is meant to be Roxie’s confidant.


Michael was only included for background sake, he is dead and therefore unclaimable. https://www.icecreamonmars.com/forum/wcf/images/smilies/smiley283.gif

user posted image
Amazing Set By Audrey Evans

Roxie March
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