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Posted by: Deputy HM Zoe Benfield Jul 22 2017, 05:53 PM
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Posted by: Fiona Macleod Jul 27 2017, 03:19 PM
Fi had shown up to pick Luke up at his dorm promptly at the time appointed, her dress had been carefully chosen. She had hoped it would make his jaw hit the floor. She was still a little self-conscious about how short her hair was, after it being so long and flowing, but it couldn't be helped.

For now, she was seated on the swing, waiting for him to join her, he'd said he was going to get drinks. As it was, she wasn't fully sure if he was retrieving the drinks from inside or his hidden flask that was parked outside at the gazebo. She kicked her legs back and forth swinging the swing, cheeks lightly flushed. She was glad she had asked him to come tonight, and more glad he had said yes. She looked up when she heard sound, thinking it might be him returning, and smiled when she thought it was. "Welcome back, King Peacock. I was nervous you had been overcome by some obstacle in your path!"

Luke Childs

Posted by: Luke Childs Jul 27 2017, 03:42 PM
Fiona had shown up promptly as he requested, however he still wasn't ready so he'd kept her waiting as he fussed with his hair and his outfit making sure it was perfect. Being the girl for once was actually nice, although he wasn't sure he could be so emotional all the time. He had a ridiculous outfit planned but decided it wasn't for the best so had picked something more sensible. He was not disappointed when he finally went into the hall to greet his date. Luke settled her into the swing and went to get drinks, why for the life of him he couldn't figure because she was supposed to be doing all the man stuff tonight. Either way he returned carrying to glasses of punch, unspiked, for them. "I apologize for the delay Princess Prickly Pear, I had to dodge a certain purple haired professor." He said offering her a glass of punch and sitting next to her.

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Jul 27 2017, 11:24 PM
Fiona accepted the punch from Luke and smiled. "Never fear my handsome prince, the flower I gave you is designed to act as a defense mechanism. I designed it myself! It is bewitched to prick any purple haired teacher who might attempt to attack!" she said smoothly. She took a sip of her punch and grinned. "Although I can't blame her for trying, I did bring the most handsome gentleman at the dance. Lucky little me. Why do you think I have you sequestered out here all alone, hmm?" she teased wjth a wink. The truth was she wasn't ready to be in a large crowd again after the second task. It overwhelmed her and she would start to cry and scream. She couldn't help it. She set the cup down abd hugged her knees to herself slightly. "What shall we do, my fair Prince?" She asked tentatively. She touched the edges of her short hair. She had done what she could with her wand. She hadn't be able to see someone to fix it up yet and it was still somewhat ragged. He looked so dapper tonight and she was feeling a little...mousey.

Posted by: Luke Childs Jul 28 2017, 02:20 PM
Luke was glad he didn't drink his punch because he would've choked on it, she was laying it on mighty thick but he would go with it. Besides, he rather enjoyed their banter. "You are prepared, I hope you realize I'm not kidding about her." He told her seriously. He may have accidentally encouraged the woman but his avoidance should've made it clear he was not interested in her. Then again some women just couldn't resist him, he was charmer and a notoriously good lover. "Oh you flatter me so." He responded, preening. "You simply made me an offer I couldn't refuse dearling." It was a true statement, whether she believed it or not was her choice. Taking a sip of his punch he debated her next question. Setting his glass down he waited for her to offer her hand. "Only if you lead Princess." He told her with a coy smile. "You can stop fidgeting with your hair, it looks lovely." He told her honestly. He liked her long hair of course but this was still a good look for her.

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Jul 31 2017, 04:35 AM
Fiona smiled at him. He was her hero, her protector. She would protect him when she could. "I will battle away any woman, foul or fair, young or old, who thinks to steal you away. Until the day you tell me to stop. But most especially the foulest of the frisk." she kept the tone light. She was trying to tell him how much she felt already without using the words. His next words made her heart flutter as she blushed furiously pink. A few months ago she would have scoffed aloud while she denied the flutter. Now she understood it. "I've never been so glad someone felt the same." She whispered. He stood up and his smile was coy as he extended his hand and Fi wondered what Luke had in mind. "L-lead? B-but Luke...I don't know how to anything. I'm only good at being the girl. Or the one with no experience. That's...that's why I need you to teach me everything. About what goes next. B-because..." she took his hand and moved close to whisper in his ear. "If...if you want to teach me...I want you to be the one who does, Luke." When she leaned back, her cheeks were still flushed, her smile nervous, but it was sincere. Contrary to what she had said, she did take the lead, leaning up on he tiptoes to press a tender kiss to his lips, hoping he would understand what she was asking and offering.

Posted by: Luke Childs Aug 1 2017, 08:41 PM
Luke was not sure if she was being serious about flower or not, and if she was then it was a totally Fiona thing to do and he appreciated it. Who would've thought there would've been a day she was doing nice things for him and he would be appreciating it. "That is so cute. She is definitely a foul thing, I don't fancy being her next husband. Did you hear what she did last year at Valentine's Day?" He asked curiously. It was funny they'd been set up together last year at this time and now they were willingly here together this year, oh what a tangled web we weave. "Tonight would've been boring with anyone else." He said with a shrug, it was true too. She said she knew nothing about leading, it was all good and fine until she whispered that last bit in his ear. "Ah, my dearest Princess Prickly Pear that is extremely flattering, but you should save yourself for someone much more worthy." He admitted honestly, words he never thought he would say. It was a matter of not wanting to, he could do just about anyone, but more so about caring how it was for her.

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 3 2017, 04:15 AM
Fiona looked at him and raised a brow. "I did not, do I want to? Or will I be mortified for you? And will it scar my virgin ears? I think the EHC has scarred me enough." She joked. The idea of Luke being anyone's husband caused her a little pang, but she wasn't willing to admit that to him yet, it might scare him off. "I quite agree, King Peacock, besides, no one else could have been nearly handsome enough for me, why, I had to have the most handsome man in the whole school, of course." She said, not a trace of teasing in her voice. She really did think he was the most attractive, and other could disagree. The honesty in his voice, for all the teasing nickname, took her aback. She was surprised he hadn't simply jumped at the chance and that told her all the more she had made the right choice. Her voice was soft and she took his hand, looking up at him. "Luke, why would you not be worthy? You''re the one I want. The one I care for. The one I really a lot." She swallowed, nervous. She wasn't sure that word was the right word yet. Well, no she was pretty sure it might could be, but it was a scary word and she was way too young to know those things, and surely not. "And besides, I want to decide who is worthy. No one else came to the triage with me. Or punched people at the task. Or didn't make fun of what happened in the last task. Luke...Please?" She didn't look away, hoping he would understand.

Posted by: Luke Childs Aug 4 2017, 07:06 PM
Luke didn't know how Fiona hadn't heard what happened last year, the whole school knew and that was problem why Professor Lufkin had moved on to a new job. "Oh dear let me tell you about it. You remember Professor Lufkin right? Well those blind dates they did last year at this time Frisk and Lufkin got set up. Thinking Frisk was getting a man she slipped a love potion in the drink for her date. Apparently they both ended up dosed, ran off to Vegas and got matching tattoos as well as being married by Elvis." Luke explained to her, it had been quite the fiasco. How they had managed to keep that out of the papers he never knew, but both women had to be equally embarrassed. "Now dearest Prickly Pear if you keep up those compliments they will surely go to my head. We wouldn't want that would we my fair lady." He said winking at her. So his perception on reality was a little skewed, it didn't hurt anyone so he was happy to keep it the way it was. "You deserve something wonderful and spectacular Fiona, I don't think I can give you that. I won't ruin such an important moment in your life."
Luke explained. Wanting to was not or would never be an issue, he just knew how big a moment this was for her. "I'm trying to do the right thing Princess Prickly Pear, pleading like that makes it hard to use the minuscule moral compass I have."

Posted by: Fiona Macleod Aug 5 2017, 03:02 PM
Fiona's eyes widened in horror at the story. She pulled Luke close, resting his head to her bosom. Perhaps it was also part of an ulterior motive of getting what she wanted despite his determination to be a good person. Why he had decided to deny her now, she would never understand. "In that case, perhaps you should never again leave my side, sweet king, for surely she is a perilous woman of wicked ways." She looked down at him with a grin and kissed his forehead. releasing her hold, her hands moving to his shoulders. "But I must never tell a lie, my king." He protested and she tipped his lips till they almost met hers. "Methinks he doth protest to much." And she kissed him softly, gently, just for a moment, before pulling back. "Come for a walk with me." She took him by the hand, pulling him with her up the stairs.

Posted by: Stella Silvera Aug 8 2017, 02:57 PM
By the time Stella was done getting ready for the ball Theo was already standing and waiting at the top of the stairs that led into the dungeons. Truthfully, Stella was very surprised when Theo said he would come with her to this event. Either he hasn't seen how much of a jerk she's been in classes or he has and he doesn't care. It felt to Stella that she only had a handful of friends and Theo seemed to be one of them.

The dress her father had bought her was a floor length dress. From her waist up was solid red and strapless. She wore a red wool caplet to cover her bare shoulders. From the waist down was white with red roses throughout. On her feet short heeled red pumps and before getting dressed had applied some sleek easy potion to her hair and curled it tighter than it was normally. Her make up natural with only a small trace of white eyeliner above black.

It had been very warm inside with everyone dancing and Stella was thankful for the break in the music. The pair made their way outside the cool air instantly hitting their faces and Stella pulled her caplet closer around her. The walked a ways in silence before stumbling upon a bunch of swings hanging from trees. There was already a couple sitting there and Stella decided to take a seat in a swing set a tad further away. The view around them was beautiful with the lights dotting the trees and the moon high in the sky. "Thanks for agreeing to come with me tonight Theo. I'd imagine you had quite a few invitations"

Theodore Newell

Posted by: Luke Childs Aug 8 2017, 10:03 PM
Luke was dumbfounded by Fiona's reaction, of all the things she could've done forcibly placing his head in her bosom was not one of them. It took every sense of the few morals he had not to take advantage of the situation, she had made her intentions clear and it was becoming harder and harder for him not to be himself. He didn't have the patience of a saint, she was beginning to try him. "She is a sneaky devil, she's tried to pull me into her quarters a few times." Luke replied, shuttering at the horror that would await him in her quarters. She finally released him after kissing his head and Luke pulled back before he did something....well something like he would do. How one girl could drive him absolutely batty he would never known, she was probably trying to kill him."Me thinks you are crazy." He replied with a smirk, she was cute but he knew she was setting him up. God help him he couldn't stop her though. "Fine." He replied, pouting but letting her pull him up the stairs.

Posted by: Theodore Newell Aug 12 2017, 11:22 AM
Theo was actually somewhat surprised at getting invited to the dance. Honestly, he didn't see why anyone would want to go with him, especially any girl. But Stella did ask, and so he figured why not, right? It could be fun, to go there with a friend. And Stella seemed to have a lot on her plate in the past few months, she deserved some good, light fun.
Of course, the lack of a suit was a bit of a problem at first, but that's what's handy about having adult relatives around, and his cousin was quick to help with his attire. A grey suit, a black bowtie and dress vest and simple shoes, and he was ready to go.

It took him a few extra minutes before he actually found his way around the dungeons to where they were supposed to meet, but he was still on time it seemed, because Stella had only arrived a few seconds after him.
The two made their way outside, ending up at the swings, where Stella sat down and thanked him. He smiled and shook his head. "No, thank you for inviting me," he answered, unsure of how she came up with the idea of him having more people wishing to go with him. "You were the first person to ask me, and why would I refuse?" He didn't add she was also the only one, somehow sensing that could sound rude.

Posted by: Stella Silvera Aug 13 2017, 04:18 AM
"You were the first person to ask me, and why would I refuse?"

A warmth rushed to Stella's cheeks and she looked down, thankful for the darkness. She started to rock the wooden swing back and forth slightly using the heel of her foot before looking up again.

"Well it was very nice of you all the same. You're a really nice guy Theo. You've definitely made my first year here a little less hard. She shrugged deciding to drop the subject. She wasn't sure why she was being so open to him anyway but she was sure that's how she felt the first time they met in Potions too. There was something about the boy that made Stella want to open up.

She watched him as he stood in front of her and glanced to the open spot next to her but she said nothing. He could stand if he was so inclined. Gripping tighter at her caplet Stella leaned back against the swing and sigh, now more comfortable that they messiness of the logistics were solved. Well enough...

"So what's your family like? We never really got to talk about it before." Stella couldn't help herself. She knew he was a pureblood from their first meeting and it was just what Stella learned to ask about family lineage. Every event her Grandmother threw, every conversation was started with that one question.

Theodore Newell

Posted by: Theodore Newell Aug 14 2017, 08:42 AM
"You've definitely made my first year here a little less hard."

Theo's smile widened. "Well, at least I am good for something," he quipped. Honestly, he was feeling rather useless lately. Illeana had been a distraction from the strange boredom-like feeling that gripped him after his father dropped him off with his cousin, but she was in a different house and different year and they didn't see each other that much.

He shifted his weight between his feet, swaying slightly, before deciding that maybe if he sat down he'll stop feeling as awkward and taking the seat on the other swing. "My family... well, one word is complicated, I suppose," he started at Stella's query. "My father lives in Brasil. My mum left us early on. I live with my... well, technically my dad's cousin and now also her niece... in the Hawk's Nest. Old family house," he added in a way of explanation. "There is a lot one could say about the Hawkinses, but it's not that they are easily understood in anything." He didn't really like talking about his family since it always brought up the strange feeling of being abandoned, but he was proud of most of them at the same time. But the 'family name' and all the tradition he was apparently supposed to uphold were so very stressful for the sole Hufflepuff in generations.

Posted by: Stella Silvera Aug 16 2017, 03:22 AM
Stella scooted over more, sensing Theo's hesitation to sit, so she could make more room for him. "I really hope you don't mean that. She looked across the lawns and over to the lake there were a few couples over there as well.

"My father lives in Brasil. My mum left us early on. Stella nodded. "Yes I remember you saying your father is from Brasil. I'm sorry about your Mum. Mine also left early. I know nothing about her and most of the time I just tell people she's dead because it's easier than having to explain she left. Stella had turned through her response to take her eyes away from Theo and she started to trace the wood grain in the arm of the swing.

"It's nice your family took you in but why doesn't your father just move to England? Or is that where you live and you stay with your family while you're here at Hogwarts?" As Stella spoke she felt like her question didn't make sense but that was the trouble with words, you couldn't take them back.

Theodore Newell

Posted by: Theodore Newell Aug 16 2017, 04:24 PM
"We could start a club," Theo rolled his eyes when she mentioned her mother left, too. "I don't know much about mine either. I usually just say that I never knew her and people look with pity." It hurt, sometimes, but he got used to not having two parents in his life. He barely had the one.

"'It's tradition, Theodore, it will teach you to be self-sufficient and resourceful.'," he drew air-quotes as he spoke, mimicking his father's deeper voice. "That's what he says. Also some stuff about how he is unbelievably close to a breakthrough with the Brazilian wizarding government and Castelobruxo board of governors. His research always came first. I was... a distraction. A form of relaxation, when he was burnt out or had some extra time that needed to be filled." He was used to that, being mostly on his own, and he didn't mind - he wasn't that sociable anyway - but being dropped off at a house of a stranger, albeit related by blood, hurt. The Hufflepuff sighed. "Cousin Penelope really tries, I know she does, but she's not much of a people person either. Social skills just don't seem to run in the family." The few times they actually talked were stiff and uncomfortable. Neither of them was sure what to say, what to ask, how to act.

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