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 The Relationship Claim
Minister Julian Carusso
 Posted: May 17 2016, 08:45 PM


Nicknames / Julian

Age /

Occupation /

Post Count / 705

FC /


Halfblood / Single / Plotted

Relationship Claim
This claim allows writers to know which character is with whom and outlines any past relationships that can be useful in plottings. Please make sure you both agree to the relationship before adding your pairings to this wall. You must be 6th year or above to get engaged and 3rd year or above to be in any form of a relationship, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Oliver Gibson & Luciana (Rivers) Gibson [Deceased]
Rocky Echevarria & Persephone (Fowl) Echevarria
Danial Lancaster & Vanessa Lancaster
Crispin Mathias & Ivy McKenzie
Tobias Virelli & Callista (Harrington) Virelli
Isabella Goethe & firewhiskey
Simone Whitfield & Dexter Whitfield



Zoe Benfield & Emile Rousseau
Connor Glass & Nelluna Lufkin
Alec Lancaster & Dulcinea Whitfield
Elisabeth Matheson & Adrian Moore
Fiona MacLeod & Luke Childs
Phoebe Morgan&Colin Manuel Chapman
Enoch Thaxter & Lexa Hawthorn
Penelope James & Oryn Yarwood
Reina Alcantara & Julian Carusso

It's Complicated

Jace Lancaster & Alyce Virelli
Hale Akerman & Charlotte August Lovelace


Julian Kingsley & Riva Avery
Julian Kingsley & Jessica Ashley
Artemis Fowl & Lucy Avery
Rocky Echevarria & Lucy Avery
Artemis Fowl & Jessica (Ashley) Fowl
Ariana Belmonte & Gerrick Morgan
Jade Cooper & Finley Bollhorst
Ivy McKenzie & Colin Manual Chapman
Ebrar Ozen & Duncan McCauley
Hendrix Schwartzen-Billings & Dulcinea Whitfield
Knox Pierce & Crispin Mathias
Ivy Mckenzie & Miles W. Donavan
Jace Lancaster & Debrah Elliot
Mila Alcantara & Damian Harrington
Deirdre Callanan & Slater Wolfe
Avalon Glass& Gordon Knibbs
Warren Whitfield & Anya Ivanova
Sebastian Rowe &Jade Cooper
Angela Fitzgerald &Miles W. Donovan
Isaac Hardy&Roseanne Virelli
Phoebe Morgan &William Adams

♥thank you aly

Please post below with the following code. Don't forget to remove the asterisks(*) before posting.
[*CODE]Name of first char [b]&[/b] Name of second char
Relationship status: [*/CODE]

This post has been edited by Minister Julian Carusso: Apr 9 2018, 02:08 PM

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Lindi made this! Thanks hun!
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