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Posted by: Chief Healer Nelluna Lufkin Aug 24 2017, 03:28 AM
Nellie had been thinking about her former coworker and friend Luna a lot lately. Being recently appointed as the new Chief Healer had come as a surprise to Nellie, but at least she got to see her boyfriend at work from time to time. She had sent an owl to Luna asking her if she was free for some coffee and a chat to catch up on their personal lives. She sat outside a small cafe, sipping occasionnally on her large drink. She looked tired, but having been up to run things all night at the hospital had left some marks. She would have gladly ask Warren to cover for her, but one of the twins was sick and he didn't want to leave the poor kid's side.

Luna Oswald

Posted by: Luna Oswald Aug 26 2017, 07:21 PM
Luna's mind had been in roughly thirty different places at once recently. Making sure Lindi had her supplies for her coming term, telling Lindi to not ever sign up for something like the EHC again, debating on whether she should let Lindi continue to play Quidditch, taking care of the twins, making sure that the twins are developing properly, dealing with the fact that the twins are already three years old, trying to figure out how to take care of two toddlers by herself since her family was acting distant again, including her little sister, coming to terms with the fact that even though there were mutual feelings between her and Nicholas they can't act because it is unprofessional. If she were to be evaluated by a mental health healer she would probably be told she is on the verge of a mental breakdown. This caused her to unintentionally end up isolating herself from people that she didn't work with. When she received the owl from Nelluna she smiled and sent back an owl saying she would gladly meet her for coffee. She made her to the coffee shop that Nellie had mentioned and smiled when she saw her sipping a coffee, looking a little tired still.

Posted by: Chief Healer Nelluna Lufkin Aug 28 2017, 01:39 AM
Nellie waved at Luna as she saw her arrive. She got up and went to hug her. "Luna! I'm glad you could come. How are you? Forget my looks, I had to take care of things all night at St. Mungo's and one of Warren's twins was sick so I had to be everywhere at once...Sit and we'll talk. I missed you, we haven't spent as much time together as we said we would..." She chuckled and sighed. She had been concerned for the kids that entered EHC before she took over St. Mungo's and hoped they were all recovering, even if it was goung to be a long process for most of them. She saw it with Ava who was now under Connor's guardianship as he was apparently her uncle as well as her godfather.

Posted by: Luna Oswald Aug 28 2017, 02:58 AM
Luna felt a wide smile spread across her face as Nellie waved at her. She gladly hugged Nellie back once she was there and smiled as she explained what was going on. She was nodding as she said how one of Warren's twins was sick, she had taken time off when Finnick was running a small fever, nothing worth a trip the Mungo's though. She took a seat before she decided to give the small synopsis of her life lately. It has been too long, and I have been super busy lately. I've missed you too! I've been alright, worried but not anymore since that stupid competition is over. She hadn't really seen much of Lindi this term break, although she did know that she was trying to put together a sleepover. However, with work and the twins, Luna wasn't exactly in tune with the fact that Lindi was getting worse with her Anxiety and Panic Attacks lately.

Posted by: Chief Healer Nelluna Lufkin Aug 29 2017, 02:48 AM
Nellie listened to what had been going on in Luna's life recently and sighed at the mention of the competition which Nellie understood was EHC. "Was there for the pretask and first tasks triages in the healer's wing... Your daughter tried to escape thinking she didn't need to be checked and I had to get her back to the wing myself...And Ava...well....Connor's niece and goddaughter, she was in a bad shape too... she made it to the second task and from what I saw recently pretends she's fine, but there is something off with her at times...Puffy red eyes... has nightmares she thinks We never heard anything about...She doesn't remember me or Connor trying to calm her down many nights...Feels weird though.... she used to be my student, now I am dating her uncle and end up staying at their house often..." She gasped and stopped herself blushing a little.

Posted by: Chief Healer Nelluna Lufkin Nov 9 2017, 03:20 AM
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