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Zoe Benfield
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 02:08 PM

Honorary Gov

Nicknames / Zoe

Age / 26

Occupation / Deputy HM

Post Count / 2018

FC / Adelaide Kane


Pureblood / Dating / Plotted

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Mora. @Shadowplay

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Kenza Rousseau
 Posted: Sep 17 2017, 03:33 AM

Adult Wizard

Nicknames /

Age / 21

Occupation / Fashion Designer

Post Count / 23

FC / Hayden Panettiere


pureblood / Single / unplotted

Kenza had decided to explore the mountainside town around the American school of magic during her trip to Ilvermorny. She wasn't really sure if it would be any different than the stories of Hogsmeade she had heard from Emile since he had started teaching at the school, but it couldn't hurt. She had found this little book shop tucked away. It was cute, and she found it fascinating. She'd plucked a book off the shelf and was reading the inside cover.

Deciding it might be interesting, she thought it might be something to purchase, but wanted to read a few chapters before fully assessing. She took a step back, only to bump directly into someone. "Oh, forgive me, I did not know anyone was behind me!"

Professor Duke Wylie
Duke Wylie
 Posted: Sep 20 2017, 02:01 PM


Nicknames /

Age /

Occupation / Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor

Post Count / 63

FC / Garrett Hedlund


Pureblood / Single / Unplotted

Duke was looking for a specific book about cattle and sickness, he hadn't been able to locate it back home but he hoped to find it here. There was always older books up North so maybe a copy had survived here, he always checked old bookstores when he came across them. Today was a successful day as he finally located the book so he decided to celebrate by picking up a couple new westerns to read in his spare time at work. As per usual he was in his cowboy garb of boots, a hat, wrangler jeans, and a nice button up shirt. He was looking over a book when someone bumped into, on reflex one hand shot out to steady her but released her one he was sure she was fine. "Tis quite alright Ma'am." Duke told her with a smile, stepping out of her way.

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