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Professor Nelluna Lufkin

Head Healer

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Dec 16 2016, 07:19 PM
Nellie was excited to get together with her family for the Holidays. Especially since one of her brother and his wife had just welcomed a baby boy into their family. She liked babies... well especially the ones she could give back whenever she didn't feel like holding them or something. Another reason she was excited about the family gathering was that it would be the first year she would be hosting it in her new house in Holyhead. She had spent the day shopping for some supplies and also gifts for everyone in her family. Her arms full of presents and other stuff, she tried her best not to drop any of the bags of packages she was holding as she made her way into the mass of people enjoying some time shopping with their families. Suddenly her foot slipped on some ice and she fell backwards sending everything all over the place. It didn't even hurt her, but she felt silly that she didn't see the ice. She started laughing as she got up slowly and began to pick up her items as fast as she could, so no one would dammage any of it. Maybe someone would come and help her gather all the stuff she sent flying?

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