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 Painting of Gilbert the Inept
Professor Elisabeth Matheson
 Posted: Aug 24 2017, 03:38 AM


Nicknames / lis

Age / 27

Occupation / Ilvermorny Herbology Prof

Post Count / 243

FC / holland roden


muggle / Dating / plotted


user posted image
thanks to Audrey Evans
Cleo Dalton
 Posted: Oct 10 2017, 09:35 PM

Gryff 6th Year

Nicknames / Cleo, Cat

Age / 16

Occupation /

Post Count / 6



Halfblood / Single / Unplotted

I stole their swear jar once i filled it

Cleo was bored. Like Seriously bored. Fall maybe was her favorite season but it also meant the tall blond was getting sick again and her throat was sore once more so she decided to stay inside for a day, just one of course. To keep a look out on what happened outside she wandered along the seventh floor corridor, looking out of the windows to see if the rain possibly would stop soon. Her boots making clicking sounds on the floor and the little bells on the bracelet she wore made sound with every one of her moves and together with the sound of her making bubbles with her bubble gum and popping them over and over it made a slightly annoying mixture of sound. The nearby painting started to complain that she should sit down and stop walking from left to right through the whole corridor like a cat waiting for treats.
Cleo was already used to those kind of pissed painting and when she grabbed into her pocket she noticed that she forgot her gums in the common room but instead found a black permanent marker she had carried around before. They always were from great use. Turning around she walked over to the painting while raising her eyes at it.
"Gilbert my dear. It's time for a makeover" she said and smirked before starting to draw a moustach on the portraits face.

I'm the one who stole their swear jar. After all i'm the one who filled it.
Matia Landi
 Posted: Oct 11 2017, 12:38 AM


Nicknames / Matt, Mati

Age / 17

Occupation /

Post Count / 62

FC / Mariano Ontanon


/ Single / Unplotted

Mati was usually a good student. Always doing school work, being a rule follower and being nice to everyone, except on rare occasions, especially with his younger brother, Giorgio. You sould never see Mati break a rule or dammage school property at all. However, he was feeling linke he could maybe loosen up a bit, have fun. It was his last year anyway... Taking a walkdown tne Seventh Floor corridor, he noticed a girl drawing on a painting and gasped. ”Are you insane? Any Professor could see you...” He reached out wanting to take the marker from the girl’s hand. He wanted to protect a complete stranger? Why? Well other than his overprotective instincts with his cousins and siblings that never happened before...

Cleo Dalton
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