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Posted by: Professor Isabella Goethe Aug 28 2017, 05:23 AM
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Posted by: Skylar Akerman Mar 22 2018, 04:07 AM
Skye had gotten very good at pool. She spent a lot of her nights here, when she was off from her teacherly (or whatever the heck her job was) duties at Ilvermorny. She didn’t have a ton of friends in America, and if she had been hoping for glimpses of Knox or one of her other lost friends here, she was coming up short. So instead she frequented this bar, drinking as much as she could possibly without showing up to work the next day still drunk, and hanging out with the barista and making nothing of her life. No one here recognized her at least. They didn’t howl at her when she walked in, or shy away from her, or mockingly ask for an autograph. Here she could just be herself, away from everyone who knew her before.

Sebastian Rowe

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