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 Sorting FAQ
Emile Rousseau
 Posted: Dec 28 2016, 05:57 PM

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As you get into your journey with the site and look at sorting we understand you may have questions. We listed the most common ones below.

Q: I made a post/topic, but why can’t I see it?
A: Because of the Secret Phrase this is an Admin monitored area for any new posts from members who need sorted. What this means is your post is there but until an Admin approves it the post/topic will not be visible. It is NOT okay to pm an Admin and ask them to approve your post, we will get to it ASAP.

Q: How will I know if someone posts back to me?
A: Once your post is approved it will appear on the board and the admin approving will respond to you. It is your responsibility to check back for this, you will not get a notice or a message letting you know someone replied to your topic.

Q: How long does sorting take?
A: A lot of this depends on how quickly you reply. We have several Admins in different time zones so often one is always on to approve your post. It could be a few hours or it could be a few days.

Q: I can’t find the Secret Phrase, where/what is it?
A: The Secret Phrase is something we have in place that lets the Admin team know you actually did read the rules. It is listed in the rules topic found here (click me). This is not a joke or some sort of trick, the phrase IS there. If you cannot find it reread the rules very slowly, and remember asking another member for the phrase will get you banned from the site.

Q: I registered with a wrong or invalid name, how do I change it?
A: You may request a name change via the User CP located next to the Owls (User CP>Change Username). Once you have submitted the request it will go to the Admin for approval who will approve it as long as it meets our criteria. You will not receive notice of approval, if you have already posted a topic post and let us know your name change was successful and you are ready to continue your sorting. Please keep in mind we do not allow the following: Any Harry Potter related names, real life names, gamer tags, celebrity names, and names from other series.

Q: I had a topic before but now I can’t find it, what happened to it?
A: The Admin are very busy with site duties so to keep things neat and tidy we archive topics so we know which ones need attention. If at any time you don’t reply to an Admin’s post in your topic for THREE OR MORE DAYS we will move it to the inactive section. We have not deleted it. To get it moved back PM an Admin and they will move it back for you.

Q: Can I pick my year or be an adult?
A: We require people to start with a student character on our site and be active before they make an adult character or an older student. You will be a first year, the only exception to this is people who have previous writing experience and prove to Admin via prompt answers they have the experience to have an older student. This is a privilege the Admins will offer to you, if you asked for it we will automatically deny your request for an older student.

Q: Can I pick my house?
A: No, that is what the sorting quiz portion of the Sorting Ceremony is for. Yours answers to those questions will determine your house so pick the answer you want the first time. You will not be allowed to change answers or houses at any point.

Q: I posted my topic with my answers but haven’t been sorted yet, why?
A: Our sorting process is interactive, just because you filled out the Sorting Ceremony post does not mean you are finished. One of the Admins will respond to you and in order to finish the process you need to respond to them, whether it be fixing the issue they highlight (IE: Incorrect Name, No Secret Phrase, etc) or answering the prompt they give. If you don’t respond or fix the issue you won’t be sorted, simple as that.

Q: Who will sort me?
A: Once you have completed the requirement for Sorting your Head of House or possibly Deputy Head of House should sort you within 24 hours and be sending you a Welcome Letter with all the information you need to know about your house. If they are busy or away any Governor may sort you and send you the letter after 24 hours.

Q: How old do I have to be in Real Life to join HSO?
A: Due to Jcink’s rules you must be 13, if you are not we have to automatically deny you sorting until that age. Please don’t be discouraged though, once you are that magical age you can come back and join the magic! Please remember we will know if you lie about this.

Q: Do I answer the questions and prompts as myself or my character?
A: Always your character, this is not a RL (Real Life) roleplaying site so you will be creating a character to play. Pretty much you are writing a character like an author would in a book.

Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: Only after you have been an active member for 90 days on the site. If you create any account before then or without Governor approval they will be suspended, if you continue to create them you will be banned.

Q: What if I have had a character on the site before?
A: If you want to access that character please let us know the name and you can go back to making magic as them. However if you'd like to start fresh, which is totally acceptable, let us know their names and we will unsort them so you can continue on your journey with your new character. Do not lie to us about having other characters, we WILL know if you have any other accounts with us.

Have a question and don’t see it here? Owl Deputy HM Emile Rousseau or Professor Zoe Benfield to have it added!

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