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Posted by: Venus Milano Oct 21 2017, 05:29 PM
Venus bounced up and down after she set down the last plate. Sadly her parents both had shifts at work for Christmas Eve, but they told everyone to have dinner without them. Wearing her new Christmas dress, Venus turned to the kitchen crew. "The food done yet? Or do you guys need more help?"

She could not wait for dinner to be done because afterwards they would exchange gifts for each other and Zia Caro was coming over too!

Posted by: Leone Landi Oct 24 2017, 11:41 AM
Leone was pissed off. The kitchen is a huge mess. He liked to think he was the one in-charge because the kitchen is his kingdom. He had even made giant Christmas cookies for everyone. But the kitchen! The love of his life! Ruined! For the sake of my sanity, don't send in more help. The kitchen's already terrorized! He shouted at Venus. He'd have to scrub the whole place until it's spotless. Do we need more food or is this enough? He asked his fellow kitchen crew pointing at the foods that were ready.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Oct 24 2017, 02:27 PM
Caro always loved Christmas, even as a kid when they couldn't afford gifts her mother had made it magical. Now she made a point to travel so she could see the snow every year, it made her happy. But being over a hundred now had it's perks, she had enough money to spoil her nieces and nephews come the holidays and their birthdays. She wasn't rich by any means but she made a modest living at the store and had been doing it for quite some time now so she did have money saved. Not to mention she saved a bunch of money on food. Heading into the house she smiled, depositing her gifts by the tree. She followed her nose to the kitchen and the sound of the horror in Leone's voice. "Oh my." Was all she could manage. She'd offer to help but she forgot what she knew about cooking a long time ago.

Posted by: Matia Landi Oct 25 2017, 02:37 AM
Matia went down the stairs, book in hand, his nose burried in it. He barely made it in time to get a gift for everyone as he wasn’t a 100% certain of what to get for everyone. Once he was down, he heard Leo’s voice and his head shot up as he slammed his book shut. He knew his brother was quite enamoured with the kitchen, it was like his baby or something. Getting closer to see the dammage done by the staff, he had to bite his cheek to prevent himself from laughing. ”What happened in here? Did you have a food fight or something?” He shook his head and chuckled.

Posted by: Sara Milano Oct 29 2017, 12:28 AM
Sara finished getting dressed into her and rushed down the stairs. She didn't want to miss anything although she wasn't sure what to get everyone. When she got downstairs she was in awe of what she saw as she asked "What happened here? I can help out if necessary." She was in a particularly good mood since it was the holidays and she didn't think anything could spoil her good mood. She looked over at her cousin Matia and asked "what book are you reading there?" She thought that maybe once she had enough money she could buy herself a new book to read.

Posted by: Venus Milano Oct 29 2017, 04:11 PM
Venus winced. "I'll help you clean afterwards?" That was always the problem with big dinners at home, the kitchen almost always need deep cleaning afterwards. It would be worse if Leone did not take charge though.

"Zia Caro! You made it!" Venus rushed to give her aunt a big hug. "I think you'll like my present to you!" She beamed, pleased with her choice, even if she had to have some help buying it, being a year underaged.

Venus shot a thumbs up at Sara. "Nice outfit!" she grinned.

Posted by: Sara Milano Oct 29 2017, 11:27 PM
Sara smiled as she said "we must have been thinking to wear the same outfit." She would have also helped to clean up the kitchen afterwards. She looked around and wondered if there was anything that she could do. She hoped that everyone liked the gifts that she got everyone. She went to sit down besides her aunt and patiently waited. She thought about going upstairs to get a book to read from her room so that she would have something to do in the meantime while she waited. She decided against it since she didn't want to miss anything that would have happened.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Oct 31 2017, 03:26 PM
Caro was just looking over the kitchen in surprise, oh their parents were going to kill the kids for this kind of mess. Then again she wouldn't let that happen, they were too precious to get in trouble. It was her job and her right to spoil them, she'd get so little time with them in the scheme of things so she made sure she was going to make the most of it. "I will help clean too." She said with a shrug, cleaning she still knew how to do. She hugged Venus and kissed the girl's hair, hugging her a little tight but not crushing Venus. These moments were the ones that meant the most with to her and helped her cope as she stayed the same and the world changed. "Of course I made it baby." She said, releasing Venus. "You didn't have to get me anything baby, but I'm sure it is perfect." Caro smiled.

Posted by: Sara Milano Oct 31 2017, 06:13 PM
Sara smiled as she said "maybe we could make cleaning the kitchen a group effort." She wasn't sure if her other siblings and cousins would want to help but she just thought that she would go ahead and pitch her idea. She didn't want to ruin the Christmas festivities for everyone. She went upstairs to grab another book so that she could read and mind her own business while keeping quiet.[/color] She went downstairs and sat down in a chair and started to read. She was sure that someone would tap her on the shoulder if and when she was needed.

Posted by: Matia Landi Nov 1 2017, 02:56 AM
Matia smirked at Sara and replied: ”Water creatures. Quite my opinion.” He then focussed back on the mess and listened as people were offering their help to clean up too. He turned to Venus, Caro and Sara and said : ”How about we split the kitchen cleaning between ourselves? It would get done faster than working on the same area together...right?” He was not comfortable to always take the lead in things, but they really needed to clean this mess up.

Posted by: Sara Milano Nov 9 2017, 06:32 PM
Sara smirked as she said "I'll have to check it out at school if it's there or go to the bookstore when I have the opportunity to when school is on break and read it then." She loved checking out and reading a new book. "That's a good idea what areas do you all want to work on?" She thought that she would ask before she started cleaning to find out that she was cleaning someone else's area. She was willing to clean whatever area of the kitchen that was left and nobody else wanted. She made a note to read the book so that she could remember it for later.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Nov 16 2017, 06:44 PM
Caro used her eyes to scan the devastation of the kitchen, the Milano parents were going to be mad if they came home to the kitchen in this shape. Guess the perk of being the cool Zia was you helped your nieces and nephews out of trouble. Caro took her sweater off and hung it on the coat rack in the corner, this was going to be a big job and she couldn't risk getting her sweater wet. "Good idea Sara. I'll take dishes." She chirped. Walking around the counter she made space in the sink and began running hot water to wash what had accumulated thus far.

Posted by: Leone Landi Nov 19 2017, 11:31 PM
Leone was beyond words with what happened to his baby. This is outragous! Unexcusable! If the kitchen isn't fixed by the time his aunt and uncle comes home, their wrath will be the least of their worries. Leone will return the favor by ruining their rooms one by one. This is not a laughing matter, Mati! This is a crisis! How can they be so calm when his baby is destroyed? He then noticed that Zia Caro, the coolest family member since the dawn of time, has arrived. Hi Zia Caro! We're just finishing with the foods. You're going to LOVE what I got you. He struggled to contain a laugh as he thought of the Twilight Collection waiting to be unwrapped, alongside a few vampire things he had bought, trying to be funny. His mood seemed to lighten with Zia Caro's arrival, mainly because he's excited for her to open her gift. Sure, I'll clean the oven. He shrugged. Normally, he would be terrified that they'll be touching his kitchen. He's feeling lenient but no one should clean the oven but him. He has a special set of cleaning tools just for the oven. If the oven stopped working, there would be no more cookies for everyone.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Dec 5 2017, 06:33 PM
Caro was surprised that Leone managed to keep his cool pretty well, she knew the kitchen was part of his domain and seeing it a mess had to hurt. She was sure she'd likely feel the same way in she found the shop in that condition she'd probably have a meltdown, she was a bit of a control freak when it came to her shop. "I'm sure I will baby, even though you know you didn't have to get me anything." She cooed at him, she had a soft spot for Leone because he reminder her before...yeah well before. He decided to clean the oven and let them without a fuss and smiled, proud of him. Adding soap to the water she began humming as she started on the dishes.

Posted by: Sara Milano Dec 8 2017, 11:53 PM
Sara started to clean near the cupboards and she turned to zia Caro and asked "If you want I can put them away for you" She thought that it would be nice to ask zia Caro before she did anything. She didn't think that it would take her that long to clean the area that she was cleaning. Besides she thought that she could help her family out around the house. In case anyone assumed she wasn't trying to be rude she was only trying to be helpful. She worked really hard to get the area that she was cleaning to be clean.

Posted by: Leone Landi Dec 10 2017, 01:58 PM
Leone grinned a huge one. He had always adored Zia Caro mainly because she gives the coolest gifts and not to mention the fact that SHE'S A VAMPIRE! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I know but I can't not get you anything for Christmas! He grinned before continuing his cleaning. Leone's thoughts lingered on Zia Caro and the adventures she probably had in the past. Imagine being able to live forever. He'd probably be able to bake a million cookies! All the cuisines he can learn! His eyes sparkled in delight on all the possibilities. Hey Zia Caro, after we eat, would you tell us stories from the past? Leone called out.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Dec 13 2017, 06:36 PM
Caro wished she could show the kids how much she adored them and how much they meant to her, truly. Living as long as she had and would many considered a curse, however what kept her sane was having family and people she loved with her always. Being a vampire wasn't a choice she had gotten to make, but now it was one she was living with and making the best of even when times were dark. "Leone you are so sweet." She told him with a proud grin, he was going to be a good man. She thought about what the future would bring him and hoped it was only good things, her musings were interrupted by Sara. "Oh baby would you? That would be so helpful!" She told Sara, drying one hand and giving the girl a one arm hug. Like always she had to remind herself to be gentle, she wasn't superman but humans were fragile and she was stronger than them. "Of course I can. Think about what era you want to know about." Caro beamed, she was happy to share the past with them. She was only over two hundred years old but she'd seen a lot in her time although a lot of other Vampires considered her just a fledgling still.

Posted by: Sara Milano Dec 13 2017, 06:56 PM
Sara smiled as she gently dried each of the dishes. Sometimes she wondered what it was like before she was born. She thought about asking Zia Caro but she forgot about it since other things like her reading,schoolwork,and studying got in the way. She thought about how since now it was the holidays and they had a break from school it was the perfect time to ask. She figured that she could ask her question and dry the dishes at the same time. Looking at zia Caro curiously she asked "what were things like in the past?" After asking she looked down and kept drying the dishes.

Posted by: Matia Landi Dec 13 2017, 07:00 PM
Matia had kept quiet the whole time as he had started cleaning up the counter tops and bringing the dishes over to Caro. He scrubbed the various icing, sauce and unknown stains from it as he hummed christmas songs. He smiled hearing Leone say he got Caro something for Cjristmas and said: "Hope you'll like my present too, Caro..." and winked at her. He was so clueless about what to get everyone so he was a bit worried they wouldn't like what he got them all, but it was the thought that counted, wasn't it? He listened as Leo asked Caro about telling them stories from the past and as Caro asked what ewra he practically shouted: "How about anything from the middle ages? Well were you actually there? If everyone else is okay with that?" He scanned the room looking at his cousins and Leone waiting for their opinion. Once he was done with the countertops he retrieved a cloth and strated drying the dishes by hand. Sure he could have done it using magic, but he found it more calming the other way.

Posted by: Leone Landi Dec 13 2017, 11:32 PM
Leone's grin got wider and he joyfully scrubbed the oven free from bacteria. He, like any normal person, loves receiving compliments. It made him feel like he's doing something right and not messing things up. When Mati asked if it was alright if they asked from the middle ages, Leone didn't answer. Come to think of it, he forgot again how old Zia Caro was. As good as his memory was in memorizing recipe, he was bad at memoring anything with numbers aside from ingredients. Yes! Have you met any interesting persons? People from history books? Kings, queens, overlords, dictators, presidents? At this point, Leone dropped his cleaning materials and it was too obvious he was engulfed by the conversation.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Dec 14 2017, 07:43 PM
Spending time with her family was one of her favorite things to do, a hundred years from now moments like this would matter still and give her hope to keep going. Unlike some vamps she kept a daily journal and was very specific about what happened to her in the course of the day just in case she ever needed a reminder about precious moments. "Different and the same. People are the same, it's just everything else around them that changes." She told Sara honestly. Clothes, technology, and other things changed but in her experience human nature didn't. "Of course I will silly goose." She told Matia, hoping he wouldn't fret over it too much. Sighing at his next comment she shook her head. "Ha ha ha funny boy. I'm only 209 not 2009." She reminded him. At this moment in time 209 seemed like so much, even as a vampire she couldn't begin to fathom 2009 years old but luckily it was a long way off if she didn't meet an unfortunate end before then. "Oh yes, lots of presidents. My personal favorite was the current Queen of England. A number of other people I'm sure too, I just may have only met them in passing and not realized it." She told Leone with a shrug.

Posted by: Venus Milano Dec 15 2017, 01:16 AM
Venus grabbed one of the sponges. "I'll clean the counters off then." Slowly wiping off the counters to make sure she got everything, she grinned. "And we couldn't not get you presents Zia. You're family!" She hoped Zia Caro liked the alcohol-infused blood she managed to pick up with a little help.

She giggled as the others started joking about Caro's age. "How about Amelia Earhart? Did you ever meet her?" Venus had found the No-Maj woman to be interesting when learning some No-Maj history.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Dec 28 2017, 07:39 PM
Caro watched heart full as the family worked together on cleaning up the mess that was the kitchen was, that was why she loved them best of all. Some families would have a house elf do it, others play the blame game, or some would simply leave it until someone caved and did it. They took care of their own and stuck together no matter what, she figured if the family hadn't been that way she might have given up on life a long time ago as it was hard staying the same while everything changed. "Well I appreciate them!" She told her niece, although she used the term lightly. Some day soon the roles would be reversed where in public she'd be the niece and they'd be "her aunts and uncles". She considered Venus' question. "I think so, that was a rough time." She said, she'd struggled a lot after being bitten and hard dark days. She'd finally gotten a better handle on things in her 90's.

Posted by: Matia Landi Dec 29 2017, 01:04 AM
As Caro reminded him she was only 209 years, Matia sighed. How could he actually forget about that anyway? He listened as Caro, Leone and Venus spoke, not wanting to embarrass himself again by speaking up to ask Caro something. Matia was pretty much done with cleaning what he said he would take care of and took a seat as he watched the others a bit lost in his thoughts. He then asked: ”Anyone needs help? I’m pretty much done for this section here...”

Posted by: Venus Milano Dec 29 2017, 03:40 AM
"Yay!" Venus grinned, always happy to spend time with Zia Caro. While she knew that one day, she would look older than her 'aunt,' she would always call her 'Zia'. Though she had to admit that the whole idea of her living forever alone made Venus a bit sad. As a member of a huge family, the idea of being alone was a bit scary.

"Oh, that's true. So, where's the coolest place you've visited then?" If Venus had all that time, she would have loved to travel around and see knew places.

Venus looked at the counters before turning to Matia. "I have a lot of spots that need to be seriously scrubbed, mind helping me?"

Posted by: Caroline Milano Dec 29 2017, 03:17 PM
Caro was wrapping up on the dishes, she was glad that the dishes were almost done. Things always got done a lot faster when everyone worked together, and as she looked around she noticed the kitchen was almost presentable again which was a good thing. She washed the last dish and handed it off, and just in time as her hands were starting to do that weird pruney thing she hated. "Icebergs in Antarctica, but maybe that is because I am fond of penguins." She said chuckling.

Posted by: Venus Milano Dec 30 2017, 06:30 PM
Venus bust out laughing. "Is it because of the way they waddle?" She pretended to waddle while cleaning off another section of counter. Though that gave her ideas for presents for next year. Penguin-themed stuff shouldn't be too hard to find. Specially if she checked out the St. Louis Zoo while visiting Nonna and Nonno. They had a pretty decent penguin exhibit.

Posted by: Sara Milano Jan 7 2018, 12:29 AM
Sara listened in and got interested when they were talking about penguins. Penguins interested her and she didn't think they were in any of the creatures books that she had read. She thought that she would have to find a book about them in a local bookstore eventually. She was going to make some time in the future to go and check out the bookstore to see if there was a book on penguins. She just stayed silent and listened to hear if there was anything else that they were talking about that might interest her. She hoped that nobody would find out that she was listening.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Jan 12 2018, 08:05 PM
Caroline looked at them and gave a smile, debating on if she should really tell them why she liked penguins so much. "Well they are always formally dressed." She said, and it was very true. However, that was not her favorite thing about them. She was a monster and she didn't want the kids to see her that way, it was a hard place to be in when staying alive depended on eating other things. In the beginning she had tried to starve herself numerous times so she'd die, however she always went crazy and ended up killing someone. Those had been dark days indeed, she didn't talk about them anymore. "They also taste a little sweet." She admitted finally, with a sigh.

Posted by: Sara Milano Jan 15 2018, 09:40 PM
Sara adored her aunt and the rest of her family but she thought about what she should get the family for Christmas next year. She had a few ideas but she figured that she still had time to think about it. Still on the topic of penguin she asked her aunt "have you ever seen a penguin before or have seen pictures of them?" She imagined what the penguin were like but she was only wondering out of curiosity. She reached behind and grabbed a book that she had placed out of the way so that she could eat dinner.

Posted by: Leone Landi Jan 17 2018, 01:20 AM
Leone was listening fondly to Aunt Caro's story about penguins. Penguins were one of his favorite animals, mainly because they waddle, like Venus pointed out. And they give a rock to their significant other. Not just any rock. THE most perfect rock ever for the best mate! That's pure dedication. When Aunt Caro finally admitted they taste sweet, Leone choked on his own saliva. He was shocked. He knew what Aunt Caro is, but those poor, sweet animals! He kept trying to conceal his coughing and failed badly. His face was red and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out. He can't even speak. He sat on the floor to hide from everyone from his coughing fit. It was humiliating and he didn't want Aunt Caro to feel bad for something she has no control over.

Posted by: Matia Landi Jan 17 2018, 04:09 AM
Matia was quick to notice Leone’s coughing fit. He rushed to his little brotherand sat next to him, trying to soothe him as best as he could, telling him to look at him in the eyes and try breathing calmly. Of course, the info Caro had let slip about penguins tasting sweet made him feel sick to his stomach. But then again, weren’t they just as bad for eating any kind of meat that once had blood in them? He took his wand and fired a quick cleaning spell across the kitchen so everything would be finally done being cleaned up. ”Did people ever try to chase after you, Caro? Trying to catch you or something?”, he asked as he kept an eye on Leone, wanting to keep the subject away fom penguins as well.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Jan 17 2018, 02:32 PM
"They are cute as a button in person, just like you Sara!" Caro told her niece, tapping her nose lightly. As much as Leone tried to cover up his response Caro could tell the boy was horrified, she was a monster and she had made peace with that a long time ago. She did her best not to hurt or kill, and thanks to programs at the Ministry she hadn't done either in a very long time. That didn't mean the shame didn't burn her when she thought about it, she was just good at pretending it didn't matter. Matia asked if she had ever been hunted and she gave a grim nod, drifting off in thought. "Both wizarding wars with Voldemort were hard for us Vampires, I saw many of my friends go. I left the U.K. even though I loved it there because of it." She would not tell the children of her time in captivity or how people hated her and wanted to kill her.

Posted by: Sara Milano Jan 20 2018, 08:50 PM
"Did you have any friends that were also vampires that you had to separate from when you had to leave the UK?" She tried to imagine what it would be like living in their shoes around that time. Even when she tried to picture what it would be like she couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have to move and separate from friends and family. She wondered if her aunt was able to contact the people that she had to leave from. She was glad that the subject was changed from penguins for the sake of her cousin.

Posted by: Caroline Milano Feb 6 2018, 05:37 PM
Caro tried to focus on the happy thoughts, if she didn't all the darkness and bad would overwhelm her. However, a long time ago she had discovered not talking about the things she had seen it just made the darkness and the pain that much worse. Kids were curious by nature so every time a new generation came along she repeated her story, it still hurt but had gotten easier as the years progressed. Some Vampires would have forgotten but not Caroline, she wanted to remember because it helped her be a better person and be more human. She was still gentle, and she wanted to remain that way forever if she could. "Quite a few. Some I still see, others I don't." She said with a shrug. Some she knew were dead, others she heard whispers of. Either way if they had lost their humanity they weren't anyone she wanted to associate with.

Posted by: Sara Milano Feb 9 2018, 11:30 PM
Sara understood that there must have been numerous of reasons for not seeing certain friends and she had a feeling that death probably wasn't an easy thing to talk about so she wasn't going to ask her aunt about it. She wasn't going to push her boundaries any further than she had. She believe that she learned everything that she wanted to know from hearing her aunt's story. There must have been other things that they could talk about instead. She stayed silent as she thought about what other topic that they could talk about and if she couldn't think of anything she was just going to read her book.

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