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 The Bar
Zoe Benfield
 Posted: Aug 29 2017, 05:50 PM

Honorary Gov

Nicknames / Zoe

Age / 26

Occupation / Deputy HM

Post Count / 2018

FC / Adelaide Kane


Pureblood / Dating / Plotted

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Mora. @Shadowplay

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Professor Angel Alcantara
 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 01:00 AM


Nicknames / married

Age / 35

Occupation /

Post Count / 285

FC / Alessandra Ambrosio


Pure / Not Telling /

Angel wanted a change in scenery from England so she went to New York. She had the perfect idea of having a girls day with a few other professors where they could meet each other and get to know one another. She stumbled upon the blind pig and thought maybe they could all meet up at a new place and the blind pig sure seemed new to her. She sent an owl to Felicity,Roxie and Raven the address of the place that she had found where they could meet up for their girls' day if they were interested at all.
Professor Felicity Quinn Professor Roxie March Professor Raven Liang

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Professor Felicity Quinn
 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 02:50 AM

Deputy HoH

Nicknames / Fi

Age / 29

Occupation / Slytherin DHOH/Arithmancy Professor

Post Count / 180

FC / Melissa Rauch


No-Maj Born / Single / Unplotted

Felicity was excited when she received the Owl from Angel. Any excuse to be able to get out and enjoy herself she was going to take, and it was better than it would be with a bunch of her female co-workers.

She entered the bar at the address provided in the letter. Felicity had heard of the bar but had never been. She was totally up for anything though.

She stepped inside, the wind had blown her fringe around a bit. With a quick shake, she looked around and spotted Angel. "Hey!" Quickly Felicity strolled over, the heels of her black pumps clicking against the floor.
"What a great idea you had for us all to get together!" She smiled and gave the woman a quick half hug as she placed down her clutch.


Professor Roxie March Professor Raven Liang Professor Angel Alcantara

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Please follow the links before you ask me questions!

Professor Raven Liang
 Posted: Sep 11 2017, 11:16 PM


Nicknames / Raven

Age / 28

Occupation / Muggle Arts Professor

Post Count / 48

FC / Chloe Bennet


Muggleborn / Single / Plotted

Raven couldn't resist the allure of a girl's night out. Of the people she heard might be attending, she only knew Angel, and more by association than by actually spending any time with her. Is was hard to get to know the other teachers when they were spread out so much in such a giant castle.

She entered the establishment and headed to the bar, scanning the room for Angel's familiar face. Having spotted her, she made her way over. "Hi Angel, thanks so much for the invitation. The first week of school has me in need of a fun night out already." Noticing the not so familiar face of the other woman, she smiled and introduced herself. "Hello, I'm Raven."


Professor Angel Alcantara, Professor Felicity Quinn, Professor Roxie March
Roxie March
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 12:52 AM

Ministry Head

Nicknames / Rose, Bubbles

Age / 27

Occupation /

Post Count / 41

FC / Billie Piper


Muggle born / Widowed / Plotted

Roxie was running late, even though she avoided that like the plague she was trying to make her hair look nice and her outfit to be color coordinated. She arrived and looked around the semi-crowded bar and was just trying to find the other girls mentioned in the owl. She looked over towards the bar and smiled as she saw who she figured were her new coworkers. So sorry I'm late, lost track of time. She said with a laugh as she set her bag on the counter.

Professor Angel Alcantara Professor Felicity Quinn Professor Raven Liang

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Roxie March
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