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 Theodore Newell [DONE], existing char needs a new writer
Theodore Newell
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 07:51 AM

Puff 3rd Year

Nicknames / Theo

Age / 13

Occupation /

Post Count / 128

FC / Hunter Parrish


Pureblood / Nope / unplotted

Character name: Theodore Newell
Gender: M
Age: 13
House/year: Hufflepuff/3rd
Celebrity(Must not be claimed already): Hunter Parrish (claimed -- change is possible, I just want to keep the blonde hair please? for the sake of family resemblance.)
New character or No?: no. I've been playing him for a while, but I don't have the muse for him anymore.
Plot character or no?(If yes, the plot must be approved.): nope
History of Family Member(A small tid bit.):
So, I know I've played him, but you're free to re-imagine his personality should you wish to do so. Puberty and all that jazz.
He was born in Brazil to an unknown witch (his father just remembers the name Rosalina, so that's probably it) and until he turned 11, he lived there with his absent-minded magical creatures activist father.
When he turned eleven, he was per Hawkins family tradition sent to England to study at Hogwarts. He's been therefore under the wing of his relative(second cousin? aunt over a generation? something like that), Penelope Hawkins.

That's pretty much it for him. If you need more, check out my(Izzy's) char files for family history, old plotter, and his profile/character outline, or hit me up and we can chat.

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