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 Rules and Supplies, Read and sign
Professor Elisabeth Matheson
 Posted: Sep 4 2017, 04:21 PM


Nicknames / lis

Age / 27

Occupation / Ilvermorny Herbology Prof

Post Count / 243

FC / holland roden


muggle / Dating / plotted

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The following rules apply to all students participating in this course, and the following supply list is for all students[/img]

1. Be on time. In my world, early is on time, on time is late, and if you're late, you'r going to be in trouble. That means, if you're walking into my class as the bell rings you won't have your things ready to start. (OOC: if you rp being late, it will count as being late IC. Don't act all upset when your character receives consequences)

2. if you are late and disrupt class, you will receive detention and lose points. I lost plenty of points and had plenty of time in detention in school. Don't expect me to go easy on you.

3. I'm not your friend, I'm your professor. Treat me as an adult who is deserving of your respect, not one of your school mates. I expect to be addressed as Professor Matheson at all times. You don't have to call me Ma'am. That part is weird to me. If you do it out of habit, fine, but Professor, always.

4. Horseplay in the greenhouse is dangerous. Do it and I will put you in detention. For more than an evening. Endangering others is unacceptable.

5. If I catch you in the greenhouses when you aren't approved to be there you will scrub the dried manure and dragon dung buckets every weekend for the rest of your school term, I guarantee it. There are plants here that could kill you.

6. Don't come to class without your materials. I loathe when people are unprepared. It's not acceptable. I am not your mommy or your keeper. I might be nice to the first and second years about it. But once your in third year, I will not hesitate to make you cry if you forget your things.

7. School robes are to be worn at all times. This is not time for your super cool muggle attire.

Supply list

1. dragon hide gloves
2. ear muffs
3. 1000 Magical Herb's and Fungi
4. Goshawk's Guide to Herbology
5. *Flesh eating trees of the world- 6th and 7th years

-all of these may be purchased by purchasing a herbology kit in the IBStore. be sure to get the right one.

I have read the rules and have purchased the appropriate materials.

user posted image
thanks to Audrey Evans
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