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Among the Shelves
Zoe Benfield  //  Aug 27 2017, 02:10 PM

You can find everything about stationery supplies here! Color-changing inks are popular as well as the 30 feet scrolls of parchments. If you are a stationery freak like us, this is your second home away from home.

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One of the biggest shops in the Greylock area, Old Thyme Book store aims to please its customers by giving them a range of choices on what to read. Whether you are looking for a school book, a hand me down or just something to read to distract yourself, this is the store you will find it all. You can also enjoy a free cup of tea while reading the book you purchased in the reading area!

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Inside the Shop
Zoe Benfield  //  Aug 27 2017, 02:05 PM

The best broom supplier in the United States, Ditch & Pots continue to bring the best quality supplies for your Quidditch experience. Sponsoring the biggest team of the year is a tradition for the owners of this shop and they continue to please the fans by giving freebies with every purchase like Firebolt keychains!

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Ever wished there was a box full of supplies needed for a class? Well, your wishes have come true! In this shop you can find the full packs of class supplies, no need to spend hours shopping for them! Enjoy an ice cream instead. This shop was opened in 2042 by the Lancaster family and now is owned by Alec Lancaster.

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Ezio Auditore  //  Aug 27 2017, 03:10 PM

The Bouncing Train is a restaurant in the Mount Greylock in Greylock Village. Though it is assumed it used to bounce in its place every twelve hours, no one alive in this century have seen that happen. Though it can be because the area gets dangerous after dark and it's said the bouncing time is in the early hours of morning when no one is around.

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The Great Tails is one of the best pet shops in America, both No-Maj & Wizarding world included. They sell everything from a cat to toad. While dogs aren't allowed in Ilvermorny, they can be adopted or bought here to light up your world when you are home.

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Open Grassy Field
Leone Landi  //  Mar 29 2018, 01:24 AM

No one knows for sure whether this park was enchanted to look so beautiful or its beauty is all natural. But everyone loves to have a picnic there, especially the kids as the playground is one of the best in Boston. And they don't have to wait for their parents to push them on the swings as No-Majs have no clue of this place's existence.

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Kleding Mart is a clothing store for Wizards & Witches. Here, you can buy your school house robes as well as other more fashionable clothing. Unlike some old wizarding shops, this one has both No-Maj & Wizard styles in their store as if the fashion senses of both words have combined.

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Pool Table
Skylar Akerman  //  Mar 22 2018, 04:07 AM

Vital Brew is a popular Irish pub in Greylock Village. The first owners were two Irish wizards who have been known as great professors back in Hogwarts. The pub is now owned & tended by their granddaughter and her husband.

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