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 Dining Room, North Wing, 1st floor
Enoch Thaxter
 Posted: Sep 14 2017, 05:12 AM

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Enoch stared at Bella as she told him he was not an idiot or good only for favors before asking Vanessa if she knew anything about it. He didn't even bother to say anything back to Bella and played with his napkin instead.

As Solenna leaned over to him and told him she needed him to help her out, he shrugged and finally agreed just to get it over with. He didn't need to win Bella over. "Fine.", he whispered to Solenna. He then said louder: "You do look lovely, Miss Mckenzie." he told her with a forced smile.

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Professor Kieran Mckenzie
 Posted: Sep 14 2017, 06:38 AM

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Kieran looked at his mother, frowning.

She seemed...startled.

He wondered about the key. What was that about?

Before he could come up with anything concrete, Esme answered.

"Do you mean to tell me your father and mother never told you about the Gringotts Vault I set up for you years ago, in your last year at Durmstrang?"

Her shock morphed to into a mask of cold fury.

Kie had very rarely seen his mother's lovely features twist like that.

"Knowing you did not have the best of relationship with your father and how Kieran kept telling me you were on a tight leash, budget-wise, I arranged for you to be the recipient of a 20 000 Galleons scholarship from the Valois Educational Foundation, to help you financially in whatever studies you wished to pursue post-Durmstrang. I also bought the cottage you and Kieran loved to spend time at outside Marseilles from Mrs. Marcheline Beaulieu when her husband died so you would have your very own residence. The deed is in the vault, along with a few trinkets your maternal grandmother wanted you to have after she passed. I think her engagement ring is part of that lot."

Kieran almost choked on the water he was attempting to drink. He remembered the cottage well. He and Gabe had played many a prank there and spent many nights just talking.

In fact, they had become friends right on the grounds surrounding the property.

"Your mother was instructed to give you the key as soon as you turned 17. I assumed she did, something your father made me believe all these years."

Ciaran had been listening and seeing some distress in his wife's eyes, covered one of her hands with his own.

"We will ensure that mistake is fixed. Just not tonight."

Kieran smiled at the touching gesture, another rare sight.

Then, his attention switched unto Solenna and the oldest of Luna's guest, whom had just complimented the first out loud.

That didn't bode well, considering what had happened tonight between Gabe and Sol...

Professor Gabriel Bourgeois

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Professor Gabriel Bourgeois
 Posted: Sep 14 2017, 04:34 PM

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Gabe was also wondering about the key. He never heard of a key his parents had in their possession. His jaw dropped. What? Did he hear correctly? He was furious that none of this had been mentioned to him by his mother at least. Though it doidn't come as a surprise considering she usually did as she was told to by his dad, so he might have asked her not to say a word or something. He shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck embarrassed that he didn't know anything about that Vault.

He was in the middle of taking a sip from his glass of water and spat out the liquid at her words. "R-Really? A-Are you sure?"He had the greatest of times at that cottage. Far away from his family home, free to be whoever he wanted to be. He looked at Esme still in shock. "Why me? Why now?" Gabe was trying to process everything he just heard, but it was hard.

Of course, he wasn't surprised that his father would have hid this from him. He shot a quick glance at Sol as his grandmother's engagement ring was mentioned. He was certain he'd never get the chance to offer it to anyone... He cleared his throat and nodded at Ciaran, taking another sip of water his hand trembling as he brought the glass to his lips. His expression showed how shocked he was, but also thankful for what Esme did.

Gabe's jaw clenched as he heard Enoch's compliment towards Solenna and tightened his grip on his glass, holding it so tight his knuckles went white in seconds. He slammed the glass hard on the table, making it tip over and landing hard on the table shattering the glass into pieces, injuring his hand in the process. He cursed under his breath and started cleaning up the mess. He got up, a bit too fast, trying to process everything from the news about the vault, to Enoch and Solenna and started feeling dizzy and confused.

He could no longer hear everyone speaking, started panicking being reminded of everything his father did to get back at him when he was growing up until now. He tried holding on to the back of his chair, but couldn't reach it. Then, his vision became blurred and he ended up collapsing on the ground: he totally blacked out.

Professor Kieran Mckenzie

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Fabian Adair
 Posted: Sep 17 2017, 01:24 AM

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Fabian glanced up at Vanessa as she entered until he felt the touch of a hand on his shoulder.

"Mr. Adair, would you mind exchanging your seat with mine?"

It was Bellaluna's older sister, Solenna.

"Erm.." Fabian began awkwardly, glancing on the hand she had so tentatively placed on his arm.

He was saved by answering by Mr. Mckenzie.

"My dear wife and I will simply move next to Gabriel and you can take my seat. Your grandfather will simply have to sit between us. That way, Mr. Adair doesn't have to move and you can take my seat. Is that acceptable?"

He was obviously expected to agree from the glances he got from the man and his daughter across the table.

"Yes, sir," he said in his low voice looking back to Vanessa who stared back looking relieved. He smirked slightly at her strange expression.
Vanessa Green
 Posted: Sep 17 2017, 01:25 AM

Gryff 3rd Year

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Vanessa watched intently at the exchange between the members of the other side of the table.

Watching Solenna slide her little hand onto Fabian's shoulder had made a spark of fury erupt inside the raven haired beauty that was quickly extinguished by Mr. Mckenzie's interference. She immediately chastised herself momentarily for losing her self-command.

But at Fabian's silly smirk, she smiled widely and looked away.


The small echo of the house elf appearing caused Vanessa to stir and look across the table to where he had appeared.

But she barely paid attention to the soft mutterings. She had caught Enoch's eyes on her almost…angrily…for a moment.

She glanced away from the elder boy hurriedly and instead stared at the white tablecloth which seemed to be an interesting object for everyone that night.

Had she done something?

"Me? I'M perfectly fine, thanks for caring…"

The angry words froze the young girl. She intently tried to listen to the hushed whispers though her eyes remained firmly down.

"Enoch, you are NOT an idiot or good only for favors," she heard suddenly.

"Erm…You wouldn't happen to know anything about any of that, would you Van?"

It was only then did Vanessa glance up to look at her friend's concerned face with a similar look.

"So he is mad at me? Why…?" she shakily trailed off as the sound of shattering glass pierced the air.

Before she knew it, her teacher had collapsed on the ground.

Bellaluna Mckenzie
 Posted: Sep 18 2017, 12:46 PM

Claw 2nd Year

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Pureblood / Single / Plotted

Solenna was about to reply to Bella's friend when she heard a loud thump from the other side of the table.

She turned her head to look at what was going on and gasped.

Gabriel had fainted!

Hurriedly, she stood up and made her way to him, kneeling at his side.

Softly, she lifted his head from the ground and slid a leg underneath. It would be easier to look out for any external head injury that way.

"Gabriel? Gabriel! Mother, what happened?"

She was so worried that she was completely oblivious to anything else.

All she cared about was the man she secretly was still in love with.


Bella was about to reply to Vanessa that, in order to get an answer to her question, she needed to ask the man concerned but a loud thump and her sister's gasp tore her attention away from the current conundrum.

Professor Bourgeois had promptly fainted.

What happened next shocked her...

Her sister, usually the perfect ice-cold Princess her grandfather wanted both his granddaughters to be, rushed to his side, clearly distressed.

She quickly exchanged a quizzical look with her brother before standing up herself and walking to her teacher's, brother's, sister's and mother's side.

"Is he hurt?" were the first words out of her mouth, her concern flaring up.

Solenna didn't even bother to respond, probably too busy checking out the man's head for that very real possibility.

"Darling, why don't you take your guests to the Billiard Room while your sister and I tend to Gabriel? I do believe Kieran and your father should join you as well, after they've helped transport your professor in the Bar Room." her mother suggested, examining the cut on her teacher's hand. "I'll send Kiya when we're ready to resume our meal and make sure Kitava brings you some cheese curds as appetizers in the meantime."

Bella didn't dare argue, despite fearing her grandfather's reaction if he returned to an empty Dining Room.

"Of course, Mama."

She turned around and walked back to her seat, clearing her throat to bring all of her friends' attention unto her.

"It's been requested that we all go to the Billiard Room while Mama and Solenna tend to Professor Bourgeois. I'm sorry the meal is delayed again but one of our house elves will be bringing appetizers to keep us from becoming even more famished than I'm sure we all are already. Let's go."

Enoch Thaxter
Fabian Adair
Vanessa Green
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Rory Bennett

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