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 Such A Beautiful Disaster, OPEN!
Adelaide Valdez
 Posted: Mar 28 2015, 11:06 PM

Adult Wizard

Nicknames / not telling

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a taste of what you
paid for
It had been a long time since Addy had been back in her old stomping grounds. After she had dropped out of school she had spent a good portion of her time holing herself up in friends of friend's homes, slowly sinking down into a hole she'd never crawl out of. A brief moment she'd been stable enough to try and be normal, running a bar and whatnot...but it had ended as quickly as it had came. It seemed she had liked to drink her wares more than sell them, and soon she found herself in the red big time. Which was why she had up and disappeared in the middle of the night, abandoning her establishment and home alike. For years she had traveled from one place to the next, never staying long and always in the seedy sides of town. It hadn't been long after she'd left that her vices had gone from just alcohol, but to hard drugs both magic and muggle alike. Her life had taken a rough path, and it had taken it's toll on her both emotionally and physically. Always looking for her next fix, too complacent in her life to ever really change. She'd done a lot of things she wasn't proud of, things the family would die from shock, to get money...and now those were the only ways she knew how to. Yes she was a mess, but she'd remained her lively self. Even if she wasn't all there anymore.

Though her original intent had not been to come home, really she hadn't ever wanted to, she had followed a guy from Romania back to England...before he had abandoned her for the next thing in heels. Sure it hadn't been love, but he had been her provider, for everything, and now she was at a loss as to what to do. It seemed that a job would have to be the first on the list, her vices didn't come cheap, but most jobs she seemed hilariously unfit for. Her appearance alone had some shopkeepers locking their doors and removing their 'help wanted' signs before she could even inquire. As for shelter, well she wasn't about to go knocking on the ol' family home. Nor did she really think any of her former friends were still about...let alone where they lived. Which left the streets as her next option. Something she'd done before, and wasn't above doing again...at least the weather was beginning to warm up. Setting up home in an alleyway, Addy spent most her days begging on the little strip of shops...hoping that someone would take pity and drop a galleon or sickle into her cup. Anything to get by. Course most folks merely ignored her and walked right on by, and soon she found herself having to decide between food and her vices. A hard decision if one were ever made. Most days her hunger won out and by now she was feeling the full effects of the tale-tell signs of withdrawal. Sitting in her usual spot she shivered, though it wasn't all that cold, and was constantly scratching at her arms. Those that saw her moved towards the other side of the street, wary of coming too close. She, herself, was off in her own world, wishing for it to all be over.

Zoe Benfield
 Posted: Sep 25 2016, 04:35 PM

Honorary Gov

Nicknames / Zoe

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Post Count / 2018

FC / Adelaide Kane


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