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Posted by: Minister Julian Carusso Aug 23 2017, 10:03 AM
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Posted by: Crispin Mathias Aug 24 2017, 07:20 PM
Crispin hadn't stopped smiling since he and Ivy got married, even after they'd gotten back from their extended honeymoon. Even still she did have to come back to work and so did he, the world cup was approaching and he needed to be handy now that he was in top form again. Things had been dicey there for awhile after his accident but thankfully Ivy had gotten him on the straight and narrow again, not to mention he was eating again which really helped his cause out. Either way they were having a difficult time keeping their hands off each other, which wasn't a bad thing considering they were trying for a baby. Still appearances had to be made, even if the pair would rather be home at the moment partaking in bunny like activities.
Ivy McKenzie

Posted by: Ivy Mathias Aug 25 2017, 09:09 PM
How much cleavage was too much? For Ivy, too much was when Crispin decides they had enough of the night in public eye and desperately finds a way to drag her away. Was that torture? Maybe, but she loved it way too much to give up now. Their first appearance as a married couple was this one and it brought another joy to her. Her fingers locked with his, she looked around the place once they walked in. "Those red roses are actually white. Ministry is running on a low budget these days." She mumbled to her husband before turning to look at him. Ever since they had the talk in their honeymoon, she's been on the cloud nine, not really wanting to get down either. He wanted a baby as much as she does and that meant the world to her, her worries about whether or not he would want it washing away with his sweet smile and shiny eyes when she mentioned her thoughts on a child.

Posted by: Crispin Mathias Sep 5 2017, 07:02 PM
Ivy was lucky they had made it out of the house considering the dress she was wearing, thank god Crispin could have some decorum at times and control himself. Coming tonight wasn't optional since they both needed to been seen, especially now that they were married. However, there were no rules about how long they had to stay so they could leave early if need be, or disappear to her office for awhile. "So they did like an Alice in Wonderland thing like EHC?" Crispin asked her. As a muggleborn he knew all about that but he wasn't sure most wizarding families did, it was a muggle book and movies. They had discussed babies and letting it happen as it did, they were trying for now at least. Of course one would think with as busy as the pair was lately they were trying for an army. Crispin knew she'd be such a good mum, and he wanted a baby too so it was his job to help give them one.

Posted by: Ivy Mathias Sep 16 2017, 08:18 PM
Ivy was more of a compulsive shopper when it comes to the boutique she visits every month and so far, she's managed to collect a closet full of dresses that would save her for the next two thousand events to come. But if all things go as they wish, soon enough she won't be able to fit into anything, hopefully. It might sound weird coming from a girl that goes crazy with her diets at times but her love for children was bigger than the love she has for her body. Plus, both her parents and his were already asking them about it, her mom sending her pregnancy tests twice a week with a note of encouragement. Of course they've only been trying for a month or so & still had time before giving up but her mom kept saying she shouldn't lose hope and therefore made sure she's at the top of her game mentally. And she was. Even the thought of carrying his child made her heart happy so she was ready to try for as long as they need to if it means they get to have a beautiful baby together. "I think so." She mumbled, not really sure what went down in the EHC last term. It was hard to stomach so she stopped following after the pre-task. "I need a drink." Ivy added, looking around the room to see if there are any waiters passing by. She needed to chill and hope none of her nosy colleagues are around. One of them being Crispin's fan from the school times, she felt the need to hide her baby from them.

Posted by: Crispin Mathias Sep 19 2017, 03:35 PM
Crispin didn't mind Ivy's shopping at all to be honest, it wasn't like they couldn't afford it and it kept her happy. Not to mention she occasionally brought things home for him so it was a totally win win situation in his opinion, he hated shopping because people always wanted to maul him. Even when she got pregnant, which he hoped was soon, she could do more shopping for herself and the baby. He knew her Mum had been a bit overbearing, even taking it as far as to send pregnancy tests. His Mum was currently not as bad, Dulci was pregnant so she was fussing over her first grandchild to start harassing them yet but she would at some point. He and Dulci had once made a joke about his Mum getting a turkey baster to make sure things happened but he believed if she felt like she had to take matters into her own hands it might not be a joke. It had only been a month so Crispin wasn't discouraged, he knew it could take some time for this to happen. "Weird." He said, examining the roses more closely. She asked for a drink and he smiled. "I can make it happen. What would you like my gorgeous wife?" He asked, still feeling elated when he said the word wife.

Posted by: Ivy Mathias Sep 22 2017, 08:12 PM
Ivy didn't want to think about his mom and hers working together because that was like double pressure on her. She knew everyone wanted the good for their marriage but sometimes she wished they would just leave them alone. She was mentally more fertile a few months ago than she is now. Maybe the work was adding to her stress, making it harder for her to get pregnant. Honestly, by the time her mom is done with her corruption, Ivy would question everything in their life affecting it. Whenever she got these thoughts, Crispin managed to say a word and make it all go away. He called her his wife and she turned to look at him. It was the truth, she was his wife but somehow hearing him say that melted her insides each time. Wrapping an arm around him, she leaned her face closer to his, a grin playing on her lips. "My sexy husband, say that again?" Ivy asked, already wanting to jump his bones. She wanted to hear more of his beautiful words, feel more of his touch. It was like she could never get enough of his affection.

Posted by: Crispin Mathias Sep 25 2017, 06:15 PM
Crispin knew his mom could be overbearing but he loved her anyways, however if she decided to bug Ivy he wouldn't be the obient son about things. They deserved their privacy just like anyone else so he wouldn't take her sassy, even if Ivy might have. These things took time and he was well aware of that, besides they had been mostly safe up til now so it could've happened before now if they both hadn't been careful. It wasn't like her not being pregnant was all bad, that meant there was plenty of trying going on and that was something they could most definitely enjoy. Either way life was back to shiny rainbows and unicorns for Crispin and Ivy, and gods knows it was about time after all the issues they'd had. However, those were in the past and they were happily married now so they wouldn't have anymore. She wrapped her arm around him and Crispin smiled, pulling her body flush with his. "Which part? The gorgeous? or wife?" He leaned forward, whispering in her ear.

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