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Headmaster Artemis Fowl
 Posted: Feb 23 2011, 12:29 AM
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For as long as any witch or wizard can remember, muggleborns and halfbloods have been deemed "tainted" and "inferior" by many purebloods. Salazar Slytherin himself did not want those with muggle parentage to even attend Hogwarts. This view has always been present, before and after Salazar. Notoriously, Lord Voldemort sought to eradicate those who did not possess pureblood. Two wizarding wars ensued with his followers, the death eaters. Who were the victims in every case? Muggleborns and halfbloods.

Well, not this time.

Over the past 20 years or so, a group has been slowly gathering "recruits". This group call themselves the RESISTANCE and they are formed of those and their families who have been persecuted and discriminated against for centuries. Their beliefs? Enough is enough. Why should they continue to be looked upon as lesser witches and wizards even after the hell Voldermort and the death eaters invoked? They believe that the real bad blood within this wizarding world are the purebloods. If it wasn't for them, none of this would have happened. Every bad wizard in the past has been of pure blood. Pushed to the edge, the RESISTANCE have decided to rise up against this inequality. They see the future as halfblood and muggleborns. The time has come for those purebloods to be extinguished once and for all.

Except...we all know that Voldemorts followers didn't all die or disappear. Many of them, their children and friends still hold the strong belief that the Dark Lord did. Although they have no true leader now, the VERUS CRUOR will become a strong faction and will not stand back and let this group have their way. This is an excuse to fight back and decide once and for all who is rightfully superior.

Meanwhile, the MINISTRY, is being reformed and is a non-corrupt force thanks to combined efforts of two political rivals. Each subscribes to a belief synonymous with the warring factions, they put aside their differences to guarantee that anyone who tries anything on either side will be arrested, interrogated or sent to Azkaban. The Ministry's swift action has sent the warring factions underground and being associated with either could mean immediate imprisonment. (Just like the old death eaters.)

The gloves come off when purebloods start coming up dead across the UK. At once, the new war begins and throws the world into chaos again.

When the wizarding world hears that the RESISTANCE are trying to stand up for the muggleborns etc, how will the winds of public opinion blow? Is their ultimate goal wrong? Which side do you choose? Or are both just as bad?


Every character can choose which affiliation they hold (or none at all), but only adults have the opportunity to become official members of the groups.

To choose an affiliation, go to your UserCP, click on "Profile" and select under "Affiliation."

There will be dedicated forums where you can sign up your ADULT character to become an active member of the group. More details can be found: http://hogwartsschoolonline.net/index.php?...=0&#entry131634

Since every war has casualties, we need characters that will lose their lives. You can volunteer your characters for tribute - er, wrong series. *ahem* - under each group's dedicated forum. If your character is a pureblood and you want them to be killed by the RESISTANCE, you would post their name under the RESISTANCE hit list. Once that character has been off'ed, you will see their death announced in the Daily Prophet (or will you? hmmm...)

More details will be included in the dedicated forums.

Ready to fight to the death?!

The Governors

by metaphoricalallusion of atf

Original post written by Luciana Gibson in 2012. Edited by Bree-Ann McCoy in 2016.


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