Morgana Arlene Keighley -- I'm curious: what did you do to get a detention involving spiders?
Stella Silvera -- *Stellas eyes widen* You got attacked by spiders?
Susan Markington -- Detention....bloody spiders
Stella Silvera -- What happened there? *gestures to crutches*
Rosalie Smith -- *sighs* I don't know Susan
Susan Markington -- site plot
Susan Markington -- Oi! Anyone seen any Professors? What's going on with the uh, Quidditch match?
Susan Markington -- *enters hall in crutches*
Stella Silvera -- Hey big snake?
William Lancaster III -- Hey little snake
Stella Silvera -- *Walks into the hall and heads over to the Slytherin Table* Hello all.
Sophia Campbell -- Wooo! We win! Yaaay!
Abby Wilson -- Me too, never did me wrong even when I got caught fillin' the dorm shower heads wiv frogspawn.... could 'ave flipped his wig rightly, didn't even yell......
Grace Ramona -- *sighs* I'm gonna miss Headmaster Artemis. I hope he has a great life and alllll that.
Enoch Thaxter -- *chuckling* easy bring food... *laughs harder at his joke*
Sophia Campbell -- *frowns* How do you tame foxes?
Enoch Thaxter -- *stares at Sophia and laughs* wild?? I'm perfectly tamed...
Sophia Campbell -- *points at Enoch* wild animals stealing food in the Great Hall. Now that's something for the paper!
Governor Oliver Gibson -- -raises brow at the fox student in the great hall, just as he's walking out. Shakes his head and mutters- not my monkey, not my circus anymore. -exits out and then out of the castle-
Enoch Thaxter -- *runs into the great hall in his cross fox animagus and reaches the Ravenclaw table before changing back and picking up random food* Hey everyone...
Jaiden Kelley -- *walks in and sits at the slytherin table*
Pauline Virelli -- -walks in, still planning on how to get a raccoon- Hi everyone!
Abby Wilson -- Ya wouldn't be sassin' a prefect now would ya? That's just askin' for trouble that is...*grins*
Caspian Virelli -- *grumbles* whose smart idea was it to make you prefect? Now we'll never hear the end of it
Roseanne Virelli -- You should teach your Slytherins to behave, Alyce. - sticks tongue out at Cas-
Alyce Virelli -- She might not, but I would. And I'll do it to both of you if you don't knock it off.
Caspian Virelli -- *narrows eyes* you wouldn't
Roseanne Virelli -- -gasps- I'll take more awful photos of you!
Caspian Virelli -- *freezes* you wouldn't, if you do that I'll share the photos of you from Alyce's birthday
Roseanne Virelli -- -smacks his hands off- Seriously, I will share THOSE photos of you if you continue.
Caspian Virelli -- *muses hair* Awe is my little RosiePosie embarrassed?
Roseanne Virelli -- -whines- Stop it, Caspear.
Caspian Virelli -- *pinches Rosie's cheeks* oh look who it is, one of my favorite trouble makers
Headmaster Artemis Fowl --
Roseanne Virelli -- -strolls around the great hall taking random photos of people, cats and food-
Theresa Rubel -- What if I wll? *confident smile*
Daniel Hendricks -- hahah! *laughs* yeah, maybe... you will never find out... *winks*
Theresa Rubel -- hm. maybe that's the usual expression on your face... *grins back*
Daniel Hendricks -- hahah! nope..why are ye thinking that? *grins*
Theresa Rubel -- what's that face? do you have something in your mind?
Daniel Hendricks -- *grins* oh yeah! It is!!
Theresa Rubel -- Nice to get back here, isn't it?
Daniel Hendricks -- *smiles at theresa * heya!
Skylar Akerman -- That's how I felt too Abby, but you couldn't possibly be as bad as I was so the pressure's off
Jaiden Kelley -- *enters the Great hall and goes to sit at the Slytherin table*
Larissa Opali -- *grins* I'm glad to be back
Theresa Rubel -- *moves next to Daniel* Hi!
Enoch Thaxter -- *enters great hall and heads to the Ravenclaw table, sitting down* my last year here...finally!
Daniel Hendricks -- *waves back to Theresa*
Iris Callahan -- *looks at abby and ava* Im sure that you'll make great prefects
Avalon Ozen-Nocerino -- *hears Abby and nods* same here...
Louisa Bradbury -- *smiles at Abby* I think you'll make a great prefect, don't you worry.
Abby Wilson -- *slumps into a seat* "Never gonna live this" *pokes her salad with a fork looking puzzled*
Avalon Ozen-Nocerino -- *smiles at Kaylean* Hello there fellow Puff
Theresa Rubel -- *waves to Daniel, who is near her seat*
Kaylean Sikoris -- hi
Skylar Akerman -- Thanks Emile
Penelope James -- Hi Rachel!
Headmaster Emile Rousseau -- Welcome to the real world Ms. Akerman
Skylar Akerman -- It really did not occur to me that everything costs money until I graduated sleep.gif
Vanessa Green -- Hello Rachel, welcome to Hogwarts!
Rachel Juniper -- I am new here.
Rachel Juniper -- Hello?
Daniel Hendricks -- *walks in, finds himself a seat*
Oliver Cobalt -- Did ya get lost...?
Grace Ramona -- Uh...*looks at the title* What To Do if You Get Lost in the Woods.
Oliver Cobalt -- whatcha reading..?
Grace Ramona -- *stretches and reads her book*
Katherine Lovelace -- *walks in and slumps in a seat* Why is school hard?
Pauline Virelli -- -walks in holding a quill and parchment-
Theresa Rubel -- *waves back to Oliver*
Oliver Cobalt -- *waves to whoever else is around*
Oliver Cobalt -- Hi...*waves to Kirsten*
Kirsten Gilette -- *looks up from her book* hello there Oliver
Oliver Cobalt -- hullo..? anybody here?
Susan Markington -- *breaks leg while running away from spiders*
Oliver Cobalt -- *sits down in the great hal*
Oliver Cobalt -- hi
Oliver Cobalt -- anybody there..?
Oliver Cobalt -- *is really sleepy even if its brekafast time*
Oliver Cobalt -- *yawns and lays head down on th etable*
Oliver Cobalt --
Jaiden Kelley -- My name is Jaiden, what is yours? *she smiled*
Oliver Cobalt -- *holds his teddy close as he looks shyly at the new girl*
Oliver Cobalt -- *turns and sees Jaiden* um...h-hi....
Jaiden Kelley -- *turning in her seat, she spies Oliver and walks over to his table* Hello.
Oliver Cobalt -- *sits at the hufflepuff table*
Jaiden Kelley -- *Quickly walking to the Slytherin table and sitting off by herself*
Oliver Cobalt -- hi...anybody there?
Susan Markington -- you ate the caretaker? *pukes*
Acromantula -- Was that the fellow with the lantern?.....mmmmmm...tasty...
Susan Markington -- meh...I'm killing myself's not like we have a caretaker to rescue me!
Grace Ramona -- woooow how threatening.
Acromantula -- You can't run forever little witch.....if I don't get you my brothers and sisters will...
Susan Markington -- Oi! Mister Spider...if you let me live I promise I'll come visit you when I can....
Acromantula -- Are your tears as sweet as your flesh pretty little morsel?.....MUHARHARHARHAR!
Susan Markington -- *runs around like a chicken with no head* Aaaaaagh! Spiders! Okay! I've learned my lesson! Is it morning yet? *cries*
Susan Markington -- Bad spider! stay away! *screams*
Susan Markington -- Peeves! A little help would be appreciated!
Acromantula -- "I'm coming to get you little witch!..."