Stella Silvera -- *Watches the Professors heading to the Staff Table*
Professor Jessamina Frisk -- *Eyes the young pufflings with a slight smile*
Professor Gabriel Bourgeois -- *walks in a charming smile on his lips and heads towards the staff table* hello everyone!
Stella Silvera -- *Coughs*! Glad it's ovcer.
Theresa Rubel -- Oh... yes... I remember... it was a weird day! [oops xD]
Professor Ametrine Rathmore -- Oh... yes... I remember... it was a weird day!
Stella Silvera -- Stella. We briefly met in the common room before. *Shudders at the memory*
Theresa Rubel -- Yes. And you? * looks curiously to Stella*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **Hears Stella's voice and looks at her briefly, sighs then returns to her reading**
Stella Silvera -- Oh... thanks? Theresa right?
Theresa Rubel -- *walks next to Stella* Nice book! I loved it the past years! *winks*
Stella Silvera -- *Pulls out her Potions book as she eats her toast*
Professor Ametrine Rathmore -- *looks strictly at all the students near her way to the professors' table*
Roseanne Virelli -- -skips to the Gryffindor table-
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **looks at Enoch with a slight frown** You don't like that? And here I thought every animal, even animorphmagus, appreciated attention...
Enoch Thaxter -- *raises a brow* er... thanks, I guess? Good thing I changed back then.... that would have been awkward...*makes a face and gets a comics book out of the insides of his robes*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **offers a sly smirk after taking another bite of her roll* Nice animagus form. I was about to pet you but oh well... *giggles*
Enoch Thaxter -- *transforms back nd takes apple out of his mouth* hey there
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **about to turn her page when she notices a cross fox hopping on the seat next to her; her eyes widen in surprise but she remains calm, eyeing the animal curiously** Hello little fox...
Enoch Thaxter -- *runs in his cross fox animagus and heads towards the ravenclaw table, hopping on a seat next to Bellaluna, grabbing an apple with his mouth*
Stella Silvera -- *Rolls eyes from the Slytherin Table*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- --raises an eyebrow at Gordon's antics and returns her attention back to her textbook, eating her roll gracefully while making sure no crumbs fall onto the table**
Avalon Ozen-Nocerino -- *walks in and heads towards the puff table blushing as she sees Gordon* hi...
Lindi Oswald -- *sees professor Frisk and sighs before perking up at seeing Gordon*
Professor Jessamina Frisk -- *Eyes the young puffling with a slight smile*
Gordon Knibbs -- Hey girls! *wiggles eyebrows, then walsk towards the Puff table*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- Hello
Susan Markington -- hi
Oryn Yarwood -- *wanders into the Hall looking for food*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- No no, you go ahead. I'll take that one! *eyes the one next to it and smiles*
Aria Shay Donavan -- *Looks up when some touches her hand* Oh! It's okay you can have the roll.
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- *walks to the table and sits down, engrossed in her History of Magic textbook; reaches for a roll too but her hand ends up colliding with Lindi's accidentally * Oops! Sorry!
Lindi Oswald -- Yeah of course Ava. *smiles before turning to get a roll*
Avalon Ozen-Nocerino -- *gets up and reaches Lindi* thanks, Lin *grabs notebook*
Lindi Oswald -- *sees Ava's notebook go flying and moves to grab it*
Avalon Ozen-Nocerino -- *walks in humming lightly and scribbling in her notebook, trying to find good lyrics and ends up tripping on her own feet, sending her notebook away* Nooo!
Simone De Villiers -- *winks again* that was adorable... *chuckles and gets up ready to go somewhere where the crazy people are not*
Stella Silvera -- *turns bright red* I don't sound like that! and..and I didn't mean to say that!
Simone De Villiers -- *glares at* oh you didn't just call me stupid... you 're going to regret it... *mimicks* you are really cute! *winks at*
Stella Silvera -- That is my point, the name itself is stupid.
Simone De Villiers -- *rolls eyes* I am... what's your point? Nit that I actually care for words from an ickle first year...
Stella Silvera -- *Eyes slant* Really? Like you're also not in Slytherin?
Simone De Villiers -- *raises a brow and smirks* oh did I offend you, snakey poo?
Stella Silvera -- Who are you calling crazy!?
Simone De Villiers -- and that poltergeist is crazy too!! I am surrounded by crazy beings...
Simone De Villiers -- *mutters* ugh people here and ghosts are crazy... just great...
Gordon Knibbs -- *smashed on his back, then turning to Peeves with his bum* You missed it, Peevy!
Morgana Arlene Keighley -- *attempts to catch a potato on her plate*
Simone De Villiers -- *Throws back potato* Seriously? I feel so welcome...
Theresa Rubel -- *gets hit on the back of her head with a potato* Haa-haaa, very funny!
Stella Silvera -- *Ducks under the table as to try to not get hit*
Lindi Oswald -- Peeves! Really? *rolls eyes and takes a sip of juice*
Roseanne Virelli -- -gets hit in the head with a potato- WHY ME?
Peeves -- *flings baked potato's around the room* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Lindi Oswald -- *enters eyes glassy and pours a glass of pumpkin juice*
Morgana Arlene Keighley -- I'm curious: what did you do to get a detention involving spiders?
Stella Silvera -- *Stellas eyes widen* You got attacked by spiders?
Susan Markington -- Detention....bloody spiders
Stella Silvera -- What happened there? *gestures to crutches*
Rowan Morris -- *sighs* I don't know Susan
Susan Markington -- site plot
Susan Markington -- Oi! Anyone seen any Professors? What's going on with the uh, Quidditch match?
Susan Markington -- *enters hall in crutches*
Stella Silvera -- Hey big snake?
William Lancaster III -- Hey little snake
Stella Silvera -- *Walks into the hall and heads over to the Slytherin Table* Hello all.
Sophia Campbell -- Wooo! We win! Yaaay!
Abby Wilson -- Me too, never did me wrong even when I got caught fillin' the dorm shower heads wiv frogspawn.... could 'ave flipped his wig rightly, didn't even yell......
Grace Ramona -- *sighs* I'm gonna miss Headmaster Artemis. I hope he has a great life and alllll that.
Enoch Thaxter -- *chuckling* easy bring food... *laughs harder at his joke*
Sophia Campbell -- *frowns* How do you tame foxes?
Enoch Thaxter -- *stares at Sophia and laughs* wild?? I'm perfectly tamed...
Sophia Campbell -- *points at Enoch* wild animals stealing food in the Great Hall. Now that's something for the paper!
Governor Oliver Gibson -- -raises brow at the fox student in the great hall, just as he's walking out. Shakes his head and mutters- not my monkey, not my circus anymore. -exits out and then out of the castle-
Enoch Thaxter -- *runs into the great hall in his cross fox animagus and reaches the Ravenclaw table before changing back and picking up random food* Hey everyone...
Jaiden Kelley -- *walks in and sits at the slytherin table*
Pauline Virelli -- -walks in, still planning on how to get a raccoon- Hi everyone!
Abby Wilson -- Ya wouldn't be sassin' a prefect now would ya? That's just askin' for trouble that is...*grins*
Caspian Virelli -- *grumbles* whose smart idea was it to make you prefect? Now we'll never hear the end of it
Roseanne Virelli -- You should teach your Slytherins to behave, Alyce. - sticks tongue out at Cas-
Alyce Virelli -- She might not, but I would. And I'll do it to both of you if you don't knock it off.
Caspian Virelli -- *narrows eyes* you wouldn't
Roseanne Virelli -- -gasps- I'll take more awful photos of you!
Caspian Virelli -- *freezes* you wouldn't, if you do that I'll share the photos of you from Alyce's birthday
Roseanne Virelli -- -smacks his hands off- Seriously, I will share THOSE photos of you if you continue.
Caspian Virelli -- *muses hair* Awe is my little RosiePosie embarrassed?
Roseanne Virelli -- -whines- Stop it, Caspear.
Caspian Virelli -- *pinches Rosie's cheeks* oh look who it is, one of my favorite trouble makers
Governor Artemis Fowl --
Roseanne Virelli -- -strolls around the great hall taking random photos of people, cats and food-
Theresa Rubel -- What if I wll? *confident smile*
Daniel Hendricks -- hahah! *laughs* yeah, maybe... you will never find out... *winks*
Theresa Rubel -- hm. maybe that's the usual expression on your face... *grins back*
Daniel Hendricks -- hahah! nope..why are ye thinking that? *grins*
Theresa Rubel -- what's that face? do you have something in your mind?
Daniel Hendricks -- *grins* oh yeah! It is!!
Theresa Rubel -- Nice to get back here, isn't it?
Daniel Hendricks -- *smiles at theresa * heya!
Skylar Akerman -- That's how I felt too Abby, but you couldn't possibly be as bad as I was so the pressure's off
Jaiden Kelley -- *enters the Great hall and goes to sit at the Slytherin table*