Athene Carmichael -- -sheepish smile and waves- Congrats on the coming up of 10 years. That is beyond awesome.
Lindi Oswald -- Oh good grief someone take her glitter away
Pauline Virelli -- -averts eyes- What do you mean I'm banned from glitters? I didn't get banned from glitters because I rolled all over it!
Hale Akerman -- Did they ban you from using glitter? What did you do this time?
Pauline Virelli -- -pats co-prefect- Yes, you're cursed. Glitters would heal you, but you have to smuggle me some so I can undo the curse.
Pauline Virelli -- -pats co-prefect- Yes, you're cursed. Glitters would heal you, but you have to smuggle me some so I can undo the curse.
Hale Akerman -- Well I siad this week couldn't possibly get worse and then it did.... are we cursed or something?
Headmistress Jessica Ashley -- Edmond's been a very long while
Edmond Gray -- Damn it's been a while...
Fae Lancaster -- -sb rules didn't change XD - *points at OOC sb in the sitebar*
Fae Lancaster -- -sb rules didn't change XD - *points at OOC sb in the sitebar*
Headmistress Jessica Ashley -- -snugs her RL because idk what cb/sb rules this has right now xD-
Headmistress Jessica Ashley -- Oh look...Leigh is still moping about...-rolls eyes-
Annabelle Leigh -- Oh look Fowl and Ashley are back....great
Vincent Stone -- *walks in and waves at people*
Antonia Donati -- *peeks in and waves to all the people*
Deputy HM Artemis Fowl -- ok listen up members. During the next couple of weeks we will be changing up the skin and such to reflect HSO's tenth anniversary.! Pardon our dust as we get things settled.
Professor Jessamina Frisk -- *Ice pack held to her head the purple wigged wonder takes her place at the professors table*
Lindi Oswald -- *walks in and takes a seat at the Claw table, rolling her eyes at Pauline*
Skylar Akerman -- (whoops, pretend that was Hale!)
Skylar Akerman -- Hey Pauline! Hi there *to the firstie*
Raven Forge -- *Wanders in like a proud little Claw*
Pauline Virelli -- -bounces in like a bunny- Hello everyone!
Hale Akerman -- *sits down at the Puff table next to a small firstie* Hi there! I'm Hale
Felix Kokkinos -- *Walks over to Puff table, sits near the edge of the table and says* Greetings guys! I'm really glad to meet you all.
Avalon Glass -- *gives death glare to Professor Frisk*
Professor Jessamina Frisk -- *eyes Gordon Knibbs with a slight smile*
Theresa Rubel -- *hears Hale's exclamation and snorts* Probably me...
Hale Akerman -- *flops down at the Gryffindor table* Who knew that 5th year would be THIS hard?!?
Avalon Glass -- *smiles and waves at Felix before asking Penny* Anything new happening to you, bestie?
Penelope James -- *gives Felix a friendly smile* Hello there.
Gordon Knibbs -- *waves to the enthusiastic first year*
Felix Kokkinos -- Hey everyone!!
Fox Crane -- *glances at Stella and rolls his eyes... of course she's there too...*
Stella Silvera -- *Looks up as Fox walks over and decides to say nothing*
Brandt Reid -- *observes Fox as he walks to the Sly table then refocuses on Cami and Luna*
Fox Crane -- *walks to the Sly table and sits down, scanning the room*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- *bites her lip to keep from laughing*
Camille Valois -- *flips out as she see's the fox* screaming* FOX EEEEKKKKK!!!! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!!!*panicks until she sees Enoch change back and glares at him* You are an idiot...
Lotta Falk -- *changes back, then forces a smile back to Brandt* Hi, Brandt.,... I totally meant Brandt...
Brandt Reid -- *sees Enoch and forcibly smile for Luna's sake* Hi
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- *giggles* Hey Enoch
Lotta Falk -- *Follows Camille in his cross fox animagus,sees Bellaluna and goes to lick her hand*
Camille Valois -- *Enters great hall running as she shouts* get away from me fox...
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- *smiles at seeing her brother and waves*
Kieran Mckenzie -- *walks to the staff table, sits down and observes the students, making sure they are behaving*
Meadow Rivera -- *smiles at Bella* Thank you!
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- *looks over at the Puff table and waves at Meadow* Happy birthday!
Samuel Hendricks -- *walks through the great hall towards the staff table, smiling at the students*
Avalon Glass -- *giggles and waves as she blushes* Here, Gordon!
Gordon Knibbs -- *walks towards the Puff table with a goofy smile* Where is my beautiful girl?
Kieran Mckenzie -- The previous sentence was meant as Kieran, not Bells, obviously XD Grins
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- *glares at Gabriel then smirks, winking at Ametrine* Hey Cherrypopper...
Professor Ametrine Rathmore -- *chuckles as she sees how Gabe wacks Kieran*
Professor Gabriel Bourgeois -- *walks in towards the staff table and wacks Prof. McKenzie behind the head before sitting down* Hey Ksmart... *grabs water pitcher and pours some water into a cup*
David Beaux -- *cringes slightly but attempts a smile at Theresa*
Kieran Mckenzie -- **Nods at the arriving Claw, looks around then returns to his archeology articles**
Lindi Oswald -- *Makes her way towards the Claw table, nodding towards Theresa*
Theresa Rubel -- *sits down at the Sly table, sending displeased glares towards the Puff table*
Susan Markington -- Hmm....
Avalon Glass -- *waves at Isaac* Over here! Puff's table is here...*smiles at*
Kieran Mckenzie -- **stifles a yawn yet continues to read**
Isaac Hardy -- *enters, looking around a little lost*
Stella Silvera -- *Sighs* Yeah she is crazy. I don't know if anything can be done there.
Violet Mereficus -- Just wondering what to do about a certain crazy Gryffindor. *gazes meaningfully at the Gryffindor table*
Stella Silvera -- What's wrong Vi?
Violet Mereficus -- *seats self at table and moodily picks at food*
David Beaux -- *sits down at the far end of the Puff table and stares resolutely at a bare spot on it unaware of his surroundings*
Stella Silvera -- *Watches the Professors heading to the Staff Table*
Professor Jessamina Frisk -- *Eyes the young pufflings with a slight smile*
Professor Gabriel Bourgeois -- *walks in a charming smile on his lips and heads towards the staff table* hello everyone!
Stella Silvera -- *Coughs*! Glad it's ovcer.
Theresa Rubel -- Oh... yes... I remember... it was a weird day! [oops xD]
Professor Ametrine Rathmore -- Oh... yes... I remember... it was a weird day!
Stella Silvera -- Stella. We briefly met in the common room before. *Shudders at the memory*
Theresa Rubel -- Yes. And you? * looks curiously to Stella*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **Hears Stella's voice and looks at her briefly, sighs then returns to her reading**
Stella Silvera -- Oh... thanks? Theresa right?
Theresa Rubel -- *walks next to Stella* Nice book! I loved it the past years! *winks*
Stella Silvera -- *Pulls out her Potions book as she eats her toast*
Professor Ametrine Rathmore -- *looks strictly at all the students near her way to the professors' table*
Roseanne Virelli -- -skips to the Gryffindor table-
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **looks at Enoch with a slight frown** You don't like that? And here I thought every animal, even animorphmagus, appreciated attention...
Lotta Falk -- *raises a brow* er... thanks, I guess? Good thing I changed back then.... that would have been awkward...*makes a face and gets a comics book out of the insides of his robes*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **offers a sly smirk after taking another bite of her roll* Nice animagus form. I was about to pet you but oh well... *giggles*
Lotta Falk -- *transforms back nd takes apple out of his mouth* hey there
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- **about to turn her page when she notices a cross fox hopping on the seat next to her; her eyes widen in surprise but she remains calm, eyeing the animal curiously** Hello little fox...
Lotta Falk -- *runs in his cross fox animagus and heads towards the ravenclaw table, hopping on a seat next to Bellaluna, grabbing an apple with his mouth*
Stella Silvera -- *Rolls eyes from the Slytherin Table*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- --raises an eyebrow at Gordon's antics and returns her attention back to her textbook, eating her roll gracefully while making sure no crumbs fall onto the table**
Avalon Glass -- *walks in and heads towards the puff table blushing as she sees Gordon* hi...
Lindi Oswald -- *sees professor Frisk and sighs before perking up at seeing Gordon*
Professor Jessamina Frisk -- *Eyes the young puffling with a slight smile*
Gordon Knibbs -- Hey girls! *wiggles eyebrows, then walsk towards the Puff table*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- Hello
Susan Markington -- hi
Oryn Yarwood -- *wanders into the Hall looking for food*
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- No no, you go ahead. I'll take that one! *eyes the one next to it and smiles*
Aria Shay Donavan -- *Looks up when some touches her hand* Oh! It's okay you can have the roll.
Bellaluna Mckenzie -- *walks to the table and sits down, engrossed in her History of Magic textbook; reaches for a roll too but her hand ends up colliding with Lindi's accidentally * Oops! Sorry!